• Hey I have read about the so called "Angels mating with Humans and birthing Giants, I think that was in the book of Enoch. Do you think the Evil God is Satan or who believe is Satan, this stuff is so fantastical really. I've also read that we have good stuff encoded in our DNA that will awaken or something by 12/12/12 and we will REMEMBER who we are. I have also read about what happened in Atlantis and the "Evil One" started experimenting with Animals and souls and making "Weird creatures" and wanting to control the Powerful Crystals to use if for EVIL, I'm gonna find it and post it. I love this stuff, fascinating.

  • was going to write about Atlantis but will wait for your post so it's not double post

    have a good weekend

  • Well didn't have time, I think I posted it before my brain is scrambled eggs today, won't be back until Monday, well let me see if I can find it.

  • This was the Atlantis posted two weeks ago.

  • interesting description of Atlantis

    some things do coincide with other messages channeled from different beings

    I'll read it more thoroughly and post in more details

    you'll sure see it on Monday

    for now I will do hiddendiamond's chart

  • Okay.

  • will look t it poetic

    didn't have time monday and tomorrow I have to get some thngs done

    /sigh work work work

    but I won't forget this week for sure I will also do the last chart for someone here

  • K. 🙂

  • Hi poetic

    Satan means adversary, to be adversary it has to be a 'match' to Light

    if the Light's number is 777 then the adversary's number has to be close, such as 776

    the number 666 is signifying DNA, not the # of adversary

    there is NO body and NO thing is the equivalent of Prime Creator

    and so there is no Satan, no one is considerable adversary to It

    there are of course those with evil intention, some of them are powerful creatures

    but none of them can be classified as Satan since they are no match to the Prime Creator, hardly anything with capital E or S LOL

  • by the way I forgot to mention yes it is written in the book of Enoch, but more of the lost one

    not the one included in the Bible.

    This is interesting. Never heard so much of Atlantis before. They are not the only advanced ancient civilization, but they are probably the most popular. A certain ancient belief mentioned two deluges, but only now I found another cosmic being mentioned it. These were global deluges, not small inter continent ones.

    Poseidon was the most beloved deity in Atlantis. In western astrology, he is called Neptune, God of the Sea. No wonder the most potent vortex portal complex was named Poseida, housing the most advanced and complex crystals. The lore said it, Poseidon had an Earth woman captured and from she gave birth of 10 Atlantean kings.

    Belial, in certain ancient belief, is the leader of the Fallen Angels. Not surprising Hitler and Himmler were reincarnation of his sons. Hitler wasn’t even a bright student, but he was charismatic, he knew how and when to stir people. Himmler was the actual power behind the throne. Metatron mentioned genetic engineering, which is also the wicked god’s specialty. So Belial must have been the name the Atlanteans called the wicked god. He is no angel, therefore he can reproduce. His children, are just like any fallen angel’s children, very tall and huge in form. The giants. They might be gentle then, until the war happened.

    == If all happened for highest good, you would not reincarnate

    Exactly. Life on Earth is to learn and move forward. If we learned everything in one life time, then there is no need to reincarnate at all.

    It’s not possible to learn everything in one life time anyway.

    It is interesting Metatron mentioned crystals and crystalline energy. The very core of Gaia is iron crystal. Bible might say humans are created of clay. It didn’t mention we are created of clay and crystals. This is why we respond so intimately with crystals.

  • LeoScorpion,

    If you are still reading these posts, I am catching up on them while grounded with some earth energy. I would love to speak to you and hear more. I am very openminded and absorb things such as this information even while under the weather to some degree. It typically comes back later and the understanding comes.


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