• rcdreamer

    thanks for being open to new information, it is confusing now, because this is a part of information that our altered DNA does not make it possible for us to receive and so many cosmic messages can confuse or be ignored

    I felt the need to write it down, in accordance to the attunement to the moon and the closest planet and star to Earth

    about your experience, any attunement to the cosmos will align you to the cosmic energy

    attunement to the Moon, will align you to her vibration, and because she rules emotions and water surfaces == our blood is almost 90% water

    you may feel excessive emotional response or slight physical response, this comes from life lessons from the past you have not yet learned

    the more you stay attuned (follow the new and full moon phases) you will someday be able to 'see' your own past lifes and understand the lessons within these lives

    these may come in dreams, and if you meditate, they will come that way too

    if you have ongoing emotional or physical problem you can't explain, or medical world can't explain, the Moon will show you the past life event that caused it

    it is meant as a learning process, to help you evolve

    if you dwell in the emotions, you will be hurt, so you wil need to accept the lessons and let go

    be very careful dwelling in emotions, or letting emotions drain you

    the wicked god I mentioned at the above, operates on emotional level too

    learn, accept and move forward = that's the best way to go

    attuning to Gaia can help you ground the energy and so you don't suffer too much because instead of letting the moon's vibration accumulates in your body, grounding will allow Gaia take some of this vibration and you don't have to bear it all

    grounding is easy. I do it by sleeping on the soil, I have a small cushion and a thin blanket (when it's cold outside) I will breathe slowly and just close my eyes clear the mind chatter

    first experience can be a shock, and it can hurt a joint or two,

    but the next time you do it you will get used to Gaia

    patriarchal religion makes you think an altar has to be somewhere holy

    NO. an altar is anywhere you feel 'home'. because you have to 'ground' yourself before you can reach the cosmos or else you will be disoriented and the message you receive is 'distorted'

    it's like you reach for the faraway star, if you don't have anything to bind you to Earth, you will be lost in the atmosphere = this is fine if you don't have a physical body on Earth, but you do

    make an altar the way you want to make it

    mine is 8x8 ft with 4 markers east west north south

    everything I do for healing, for attunement, for communicating with the world I can't see

    I do it at the center of this altar

    everything is a ritual, if it is for the higher purpose and it is done regularly

    every creation, including us humans, carry a portion of Light, a portion of the Prime Creator

    all we have to do, is reach out to this portion of Light and utilize it

    I hope everyone have a good week and have fun attuning to the cosmos

  • Nice message.

  • You won't believe this but this morning, I spoke to Gaia and asked her to show me my past lifes as she is the record keeper. Wow! Thanks Leo/Scorpion, I didn't see your message yesterday we must have posted at the same time. Today is better than yesterday for sure.

  • Gaia is not the actual record keeper, the Moon is : )

    Gaia is a school as I said above. She can show you some things but not the actual past lifes

    it's your past lifes according to the elements on her surface

  • Leoscorpion, thanks for the information. That makes sense since the body is made up primarily of water we would be off balance. Like I said I don't have an altar but consider my room my sanctuary so I'll have to see what I might be able to do to tweek things in there and make it work better for me. I do need to ground. I feel a bit off kilter, even literally off balance, like when you have an ear infection and can fall toward one side once in a while.

    Poetic, I'm really proud of you for talking with Gaia. The concept of knowing my past lives I must admit is a bit frightening but I do believe that knowledge will prove fruitful in this lifetime. Sounds like I better get busy.

  • I know in the last few days since the full moon and even several days prior I felt very out of whack. Then when my dad's message came through a bit multidimensional for lack of a better term it made sense. I know the other day I tried something, which oddly enough for me is difficult. I stood in front of my mirror and did my best to just continuously look into my own eyes. I didn't pray or say anything, just took in the experience.I felt a very weird. I wondered if for that instance if I was looking into the eyes of my past self on some level, it was oddly empowering. Weird part is because my eye sight is messed up, especially one eye from the infection years ago, it was an extremely difficult undertaking. Perhaps it was some connection to myself, my higher self or just to see inside the me I've hidden from the world for so long, the real me that never felt good enough. I know now how wrong that was and how much those thoughts limited me. So here's to empowerment and learning through every process of this journey.

  • Well I read somewhere I have to find it that somewhere on this planet that our past lives info is stored sort of the Akashic Records so that we retain that info when we pass thru to come back again, we don't lose what lessons we learned previously. Now that sounds cool RC.

  • Sure does. I'd like to think once you learn the lesson you don't have to repeat the grade so to speak. However after the trauma of the last few years I have to wonder if I ever learned a darn thing.....LOL

  • The Akashic records has always caught my interest but I must admit I haven't done much research to really understand what they are all about or how to access them or what have you.

  • The Omni-Earth

    The separation of your 'lifetimes', in your vernacular, are anchored to the Omni Earth in hologramic inserts or 'Time-Separation' programs. Through various mechanisms, the advanced human can enter into these and through Mer-Ka-Na enter the center of the over-soul where each time sequenced 'lifetime' is anchored like fiber-optic spokes. From this center point, you indeed are at the control panel to explore and change any aspect of any and all lifetimes in the nonlinear NOW.

    While these time-programs are anchored to the Omni-Earth at specific points which often display multi-dimensional anomalies, one does not need to visit such earthen nodes to enter. Rather they are entered via Quantum Consciousness. This process is taught in the Metatronic Keys.

  • I've heard them described as a file cabinet, book of life, yada, yada. Maybe more than one reality is possible. I confess I'm not the expert, I share what I learn and everyone has to find their own truth! 🙂 And So it is!

  • akashic records can only be accessed by astral body, a very high energy level

    only very few people can do that, one that is famous is Sylvia Browne

    even she has help from her guide

    different people will call it different names,

    akashic records is the name given by those working with spirits

    even if you do access it, akashic records contain ALL past lives

    you have to know what you're looking for, it's a huge library, coded by birth dates and name

    the ones that I am talking about are Unlearned past life

    if you already learned it, then they are already out in the cosmos, you don't even need to read them anymore

  • k.

  • I just read the whole Metatron message and his message does go with everyone else's in the cosmos. he just speaks from Time and Space point of view. because all creations carry the portion of Creator, we have the ability to Create. This includes creating everything, including our future, our past if we choose to do so. A Russian scientist discovered that our brain works like a hologram, a principle of projection. Metatron confirms it : hologramic. It's in your previous post. The cosmos doesn't work on linear time, linear time is just what humans (due to our altered DNA) can conceive as for now. This is why to the cosmos there is no past, because time doesn't stop just because we die. and Gaia' s schooling keeps going no matter how many life times we have lived. As long as there is something to learn, school has to go on. Metatron also says : the advanced humans can enter (something). Advanced = able to work at a higher energy level, higher dimension of consciousness.

    There are 26 dimensions overall. the higher the larger the number. the lower the numbe, the denser. But only 9 dimensions are accessible by humans DNA ( the current and altered DNA we have now) . 3D is Gaia, the physical plane we are living now, with our 4 bodies. This is how we can live on different places and time simultaneously, because we have 4 bodies. 4D (where the wicked god plays) is feelings. 5D is love and creativity. 6D and so on and so on.

    To fully understand Metatron, is to understand messages from the dimensions below his. Like a tree, you have to climb the bottom up. Now the Bible doesn't tell us the whole truth, it doesn't even consist all the books it should consist. Christ is Child of Light, sent down from 9D Galactic Center. I would guess Metatron speaks from 9D, if he speaks from 25 D nobody in 3D Gaia will be able to channel him (not YET) because with the altered DNA, there is only so much a human being can absorb, let alone channel. As for now, the highest information we can receive is from 9 D, maybe we can go as far as 13 D because beings from the Sun lives in 13D and the Sun is center of our galaxy. So either Metatron steps down a whole lot of levels to speak to us, or he is not that far up.

    Angels are not the highest level of Creation. The highest rank in the angelic realm is either Cherubim or Seraphim I forgot which one. They are also the only ones who have wings. Everyone else below them : Archangels and Angels do not necessarily have wings, although they can always create a pair if they want to. Lucifer, the Rising star, is the most powerful angel. Angels do not have free will, they are created for the sole purpose of serving the Creator. This Prime Creator is not mentioned in the Bible. Another truth hidden from you. Without free will, Angels can not 'fall'. Imagine you have 2 doors, you can choose which door to go. If you only have 1 door, how can you choose the wrong door ?? Even if Lucifer chooses the wrong door, which is not happening, the action of not forgiving him, is already against the very essence of Creation therefore the Prime Creator will NOT throw him out. The fallen angels the Bible speak of, are the gods who have helped the wicked god altered our DNA. The wicked god himself, of course, called him self the big G'od, big C'reator. The ancients called them another name, I won't mention it here for it may invoke the fallen ones. There is no heaven or hell. As the Prime Creator said, all creation returns to the Creator. There is no need for he ll, because we all get back what we send out anyway. He ll or heaven, is our own making. I am sure life on earth is he ll already to many of us : ) That's why there is no such a thing as Sin. there is only mistakes that we should make amends and learn from. The concept of Sin is a concept of fear. Fearful humans are easier to control, to be enslaved, this is the wicked god's agenda. If the concept of Sin is real, He ll will be full with all kinds of humans and alien beings sin-ners : ) not forgiven and I surely would be sent there after writing all this : )

    Sorry if this is another long post. I really didn't plan it. I just feel it's time for everyone to wake up.

    Many people out there already know this. It's time that more people know. The age of Aquarius is the age of Light. Light is Informed, Dark is Uninformed. I hope you all have fun learning the Unlearned. I'll stop here before people start throwing stones at the Blasphemous heretic-me : )

  • Actually no, interesting reading, I've read a lot of this already and have an open enough mind to realize there are many potentials? I knew we live in 3D reality and that Angels and different spirits, souls what have you live on different planes/vibrations. I knew religion is a dogma used to control people and even have read that Jesus/Jeshua was misunderstood even by his own disciples. I know that God/The Creator/ I AM/ All there Is/ loves everyone unconditionally and we humans are here to experience lives that we choose to experience for whatever reason and that we have "Free Will." I know that God is about Love and not about Fear. I know that also many will be fooled and many false prophets have been fooling people through out history.

    I believe the Kingdom of God is inside of each one of us, the Angels tell us that "WE" are powerful beings and don't realize the power that we have because we don't REMEMBER.

    I agree with you that sin is a concept of FEAR and keeps us from realizing our own potentials and dreams as a man thinkith so is he. I've read some of the books of the Bilble that were not included as well such as Enoch.

    I know that we speak things into existence in our lives, "Good or Bad." I also know that there is real evil in the world but that all of us have the potential for good or evil because a part of all is dark also. I believe right now there is a battle of Good or Evil going on and we each have to choose what side we are on. We create our realities, I also know the most powerful thing we have to offer freely is LOVE AND we have the power with even just a positive thought to raise the Vibration of Humanity.

    Listen I wouldn't care if you were an athiest, I have a co-worker who is an Athiest I respect her right to believe what she wants, and hey she is not a bad person, underneath. We are not supposed to judge others but we can share our ideals, some of us are more advanced than others, I'm going thru my own awakening at the moment, i was raised as a traditional Baptist but have lately decided I don't care for organized religion, doesn't mean I'm wrong or right, looking for my own truths like millions of others right now and as I learn I share and If my brother or sister needs my help I'll be there as much as I can and Pray they will do the same for me.

    The world is big enough for everyone and every type, I understand there are Blue aliens living under the Earth in Arkansas? Also the Pledians are aliens if I'm correct? Anything is possible, we earthlings are not so special there are millions of planets and stars not even discovered yet. I'm not saying whats true or not, who am I??? When I see for myself or remember for myself things will be clearer. 🙂 I understand I'm on the right path for now and as things are revealed to me I will share my truth's too. I think you are a kind soul, I remember you as being helpful and hey put it out there and who wants to see or believe thats up to them! Take Care. 🙂

  • poetic

    I am a kind soul because you are an open and kind soul yourself

    everything starts within, I see that you have been helping many with your posts also

    Enoch ascended to be Metatron. the first human to ascend to the angelic dimension.

    yes the Pleaidians rule 5D Love and Creativity. Thanks to the interference (partially) of beings from the Sun 13 D, communications from Pleaidians finally went through. The Sun has been emanating larger amount of heat for the last 2 decades. This increasing heat is meant to dismantle highly advanced technological piece (built by the wicked god's children on Earth) that is scrambling cosmic messages sent to Earth since 0 AD. But since 1980s, the Pleaidians communications have been received and channeled.

    The gods and angels can be confused with each other because they are all more powerful than humans. The gods however have free will, and angels don't. Destruction is not allowed in the cosmos, so other gods and angels do not destroy the wicked god and his people. But they do interfere : sending Christ down for example. He came to teach us the power of creation, that we carry inside us a portion of Creator. The Bible does not tell it all of course.

    Yes, the ancients believe in the power of words. That words are seeds. We create as we speak, as Sandra Ingerman said. This is true, because all creations carry a portion of the Creator. All gods, angels, humans, can create. but not in the same degree. All creation, will come back to the Prime Creator, because we all come from it.

    Gaia is very female, fertile and attractive. She welcomes everyone to her field. Many cosmic beings have visited us, unfortunately some do not have the best of intentions. Some stay under the radar to avoid the wicked god’s people on Earth. I don’t know where exactly they are, but where UFOs are sighted mostly, that’s where they are most likely sent down. These are either agents of destruction or agents of peace. I noticed a few times that some sightings are followed by destructions, be it war or natural disaster. It would be hard to be sure, because many of these cosmic beings are highly evolved, they can look like us. The ones that my friend see, fit the description of fallen angels : tall, light skin, shining aura, narrow face human like. No wonder they are mistaken as angels, angels also carry a shining aura of the Prime Creator , only theirs are a lot brighter.

    Interesting isn’t it. The age of Aquarius is the new beginning. Spirituality takes a huge leap in this age. Because everything is interconnected in the cosmos, we will finally see this connection as we merge with our cosmic family from this galaxy and beyond.

    Thanks for being open and kind. The age of Aquarius only benefits those open minded and open hearted. Limits such as dogmas and authoritarian figures are not favored in this age. Pluto the destroyer in Capricorn (structures and limitations) will stay until 2020 approx. He was there since 2007. We already saw the first destruction : financial structure. Not sure what he will hit next. He destroys what we don’t need. We don’t need a corrupt financial structure, we need a healthy one. I hope that we all live to see Gaia flourishes again, back to the time when Gaia was Eden. This is the last long post : ) thanks for letting me write so much on your thread : ) and I love the butterfly : ) keep posting and have fun accumulating and sharing knowledge !

  • Thank you for sharing, I remember you from long ago and you were sweet and kind might of been early this year! Have a wonderful, blessed day and i love learning something new! 🙂

  • Let me ask you a question this stuff is fascinating, I've read the Government is very aware of ET but as we know they want to keep the General Public dumb, what do you think about the Cow Mutalations and the people who claim to have been abducted?

    This stuff is so, so, deep. I Believe good will prevail. I understand we ALL will have to make choices soon!

    Keep talking girlfriend! I love it and thanks again for sharing. I don't own any posts we all learn and grow together! I only know for me it the most beautiful thing I can remember ever experiencing and I can't go back now!

  • Hi poetic

    Yeah I read an author said that too : once we enter the metaphysical world we just don’t want to leave : ) same here !

    The wicked god operating in 4D is master of genetics. Actually he is master of all kinds of science, from medical to engineering, but genetics is his specialty. This is why he can play around with our DNA. To be truthful, ancient civilizations did owe a large part of their development to him. When he first landed on Gaia, attracted to her fertile and welcoming field, he shared much of his knowledge to humans at the time. He is a very powerful being, very evolved, that he created more gods in his own planet and when his planet orbits close to Gaia, he always comes to visit. He fell in love, Gaia at the time was Eden, carefully maintained and loved by ancient humans. The wicked god decided to create a few civilizations on Earth. Because he is coming and going, he is not staying on Earth, so these civilizations were meant to be his ‘people’ on Earth. Like a second home. At first his ‘people’ who were gods that he created, didn’t mingle with humans. They were too advanced and too ‘different’.

    But things changed after millenias of coming back and forth. The wicked god and his people started to mingle and found Earth women attractive as Gaia is. So the mating began, this is the origin of the Fallen Angels story. Remember the story of Eve being seduced by a serpent? Eve=earth woman, Eden=Gaia at the time. Angels do not have free will and reproductive ability. But the gods do. They look like angels, because they “come down from the sky” and their skins “shine like the sun” sounds very much like a divine messenger, doesn’t it ? The very embodiment of these gods is reptilian, serpent to be specific. There it is, the complete story. Reptiles on Earth has nothing to do with this action. They are pure Earth beings, occupying Earth long before we did.

    Unfortunately for the Earth women, this type of mating is highly incompatible. Imagine a huge serpent (with arms and legs) and an Earth woman mate. Earth women suffered from mating and from delivering the babies. Because the children are bigger than Earth babies and they grew to giants. The Bible did mention about these giants. I won’t be surprised if the mating still continues, only this time the women are also abducted and experimented on. There are those who are proud being this god’s descendants, so there must be some earth women willing to mate with them despite of the pain. Rumours are those in powerful position or wealthy and famous, are descendants of the wicked god and his people. Maybe some of these are true. Imagine you are a powerful being, and you have to leave your children in some primitive place, you will give the children everything they need to survive. I won’t be surprised if some of his children are prominent figures in political, religious and financial field. These are the best areas to control humans after all.

    Being master of genetics, these gods are constantly experimenting on us. This is why I feel the abductions do happen. If you read the stories: they all mentioned being cut open, drilled, insertion, injection etc. All these stories are under hypnosis. Can’t be the work of predator aliens, because abduction victims are returned alive. If it were predator aliens, they would have been eaten. It’s like steps of experiments. First DNA, then brain function and the rest of anatomy of each generation, gender, race, blood type etc. It’s continuous work, there are 6 billions humans on Earth, they are experimenting on those who are not their descendants (maybe about 80%). Cattle mutilation, from what I read, couldn’t have been done by humans or animals. Unless there is some crazed surgeon roaming loose, there is no way and no reason someone makes such precise cut on a cattle. It’s beyond animal abuse, more like a lab work, some kind of organ donor. That’s why the organ has to be removed carefully, the cut has to be precise, the timing has to be correct (I hope the cattle is not alive when it happens !) Not sure if the wicked god is the only one doing experiments, though. I read about something called chupacabra, a certain predator. This one is just ripping the animals apart, there is no precise cut whatsoever.

    Government only exists in 3D, so they don’t matter in higher dimensions. Therefore they can’t dumb people for long. The age of Light brings with it more interference from the cosmos. Christ was the biggest eye opening in 0 AD. More and more people are awake, probably Christ’s descendants play important role in it. Message from the Pleiaides is for us to make peace with the wicked god. He is leaving 4D soon, his genetic skills are needed in higher dimension. That must be hard, knowing all this. But until all humans can alter our DNA back to its original structure, I don’t think it’s wise to challenge the wicked god and his children. There is enough destruction already, if this war happens, Earth will be destroyed beyond belief. I think it’s better to just let them go and return to our purpose Keepers of the Earth. Like an abusive marriage. It started all lovey dovey, ended with manipulation and control. It’s better to pick up the pieces and move on. Just my opinion.

  • I'm gonna respond in a minute, be back soon.

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