• Hi Admin

    1st off your email to report to directly doesnt work. I got all i sent back in box undeliverable. Felt u needed to know to fix i.

    2nd the list under my topix cant it be extended to my posts instead so all ones post one has made throughout time is found easily? or u can make a place list for the posts one has anticipated in bc under My Topics all I find are the ones i STARTED. Not the one ive posted in.

    The one ive posted in i miss also bc i´d like to reread n mayb rejoin them, but i cant since well hello all threads has now a few million pages lol. Who has time for searching which ones posted in when one cant recall the thread name. It would be SOOOO neat to have a Topics Ive anticipated in, or an extended My Topics list to have those there as well.

    Dunno which is easier. I think u ought REALLY consider this.

    Thank you for listening.


    ps U STILL do a BANG of job!!!!

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