Shuabby - would love a reading

  • Hi Shuabby. I am kindly asking for a reading. A friend of mine told me your were fantastic and recommended I ask you personally. The past couple years have been difficult to say the least, but I feel a turning point emotionally, psychically, etc. and would welcome some added insight. My dob is 3/7/1974. A very sincere thank you in advance.

  • Hello Bttcup,

    I sense that love is on your mind these days and in the coming year you will laid your cards out on the table as to what you do want and no longer will tolerate in this area. I feel that you have had ups and downs with a love partner that would turn your hair gray if you let it. Spirit says to tell you that you have done a good job of holding it together and will be rewarded soon. You are correct in saying your at a turning point and you will want ot change most everything within reason about yourself and even your attitude will change in this new year. I see you happy and out socially with some new friends as well as old. You will distance yourself from some of your friends that no longer serve you well in the way they think.

    Your work life will be lighter too. Do u write? I see you at a typewriter or keyboard a lot . Change of residence coming in if you have not already made the move, lots of white and yellow in this new place a light blue comes in here to. You will like the freedom of this new

    residence, I sense a lake nearby or river. Peace is what you want and seek and will now find to a degree later in 2011. I see a dog rather shaggy and medium to large around you also, this dog is a delight. I hope it will belong to you. Physically you will heal ,do you have a problem with a knee or ankle as I feel pain there? You might want to consider acupunture as a healing tool. I feel a man by the name of Arnold here and a lot of love is coming in with him. You have a interesting and fast paced first half of the new year coming to you , than love and peace the second half.

    Blessings to you

  • Hello Shuabby,

    Thank you so much for the detailed reading and you are very correct! Love and peace are indeed on my mind a great deal these days. I have recently started seeing someone, quite a few years older than me and as he fulfills certain aspects there are some things I am hesitant about. Any thoughts on this particular relationship? His name is William.

    Most of the change comes from a death in my family that has made it very clear to me that life is short, meant to be lived to its fullest and enjoyed. I sense her saying hello by showing me the number 4 all the time.

    Writing is not something I have done in a long time. I get too nervous and my ego gets in the way. It's been a long time since I've really written and I'm not sure where I would start.

    I look forward to meeting this man by the name of Arnold! At this time I can't think of anyone I know by that name.

    I have most definitely distanced myself from some old friends and am working on making new ones. Also, I recently bought a condo and am loving my new place although my busy schedule keeps me from being here as much as I would like. As much as I enjoy my busy schedule, I also enjoy my time alone and am finding less and less of that lately. I do indeed have pain in my knees and ankle! And, I have been thinking of getting a pet even though dogs (big dogs) can make me nervous. All things that you pointed out are so correct!

    Thank you so much for the reading and the insight!!

    Blessings to you.

  • Bttrcup,

    Thank you for your feedback it makes me know that this is my pathway to walk.

    Wm is rather set in his ways, but a good chap as you have found out. He is a stepping stone (the choice is yours always) to another whom will be closer to your age and will have salt and pepper hair along with a wonderful sense of humor and feels good in his own skin. He is stocky build but in a good way they say, he will know how to cook and what a handy man he will be. Just a good match for you all around , and look for him to make an appearence around Jan 2011.

    Dance Like No One Is Watching and I keep hearing the name Hildagard coming in around you also.

  • Thank you, Shuabby! This all really strikes a chord with me. In particular Dance Like No One is Watching. It brought me tears of joy as I know exactly the importance of that statement and the spirits (plural) that may have told you that. I feel truly grateful to you for giving me this special gift/reading. It means the world to me. You are most definitely on the right pathway. This is certainly your calling and I thank you for letting me be a small part of it.

    I get a sense that I should know who Hildagard is but it almost feels like a past life??

    Thank you! Blessings to you.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I rather liked your reading for Bttrcup. I too have recently experienced a death in the family. He was my only sibling and always looked after me. Sometimes this leaves me feeling very alone in this world. I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. My DOB is 11/26/1962. Thank you in advance. . .


  • Dear Sharon62,

    Your brother is very much with you and will visit you in various ways, dreamtime will be one of them . He says to tell you he is at peace now and not to worry . You will soon find the need to change your life in serveral ways with the new year. If you never thought you would be and out there type of person you will be more so this year. If you want to change your location and live closer to loved ones or a family member you will have the chance to do so. I feel a house that has 2-3 bedrooms and a lovely sunroom that has your name on it and it feels that the air is cool where it is located. Are you married? If you are it feels rather lonely, does he travel?

    You will get out and be more of a joiner and find new friends that will be really entertaining, I see the theather and you enjoying yourself watching various types of acts and shows.A new friend with the letter A is coming in around you and what a firecracker she will be, really a lot of fun to be around for you. You will not be alone or lonely feeling at all this new year. You will be blessed with more than most, the love of many new friends as well as old ones. I see a cruise coming in here also for you , lush, green, area. Enjoy! PS. A new car is here also a blue one that has a rather unique inside on it in some way.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you so much for the comforting words. . . I have dreamt of my brother on several occasions. These dreams have always left me with the feeling that he is never too far at any time.

    I currently live in a house with a sunroom out back near my gardens. The wind is cool and mixed with the aroma of night jasmine in the evening. I feel that this is my sanctuary. I am currently not working so my husband is gone most of the time trying to keep us afloat financially.

    I hope to return to work soon either teaching a college course or something to do with gardening in some way. I have always loved the theatre but have not attended in years. I look forward to meeting this new friend with the letter A. She sounds like a blast! Also, the cruise sounds wonderful. And the new car, well that will be a treat also. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. This was a great reading. I look forward to the new year with much anticipation and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

    God Bless,


  • Good Morning Shuabby

    Hello Illona here wow you are just so awesome. I have a question. I have been having a lot of

    dreams about homes, me being in them and some of them like they are mind but no sure. And I had a funny dream about a friend of mind. I dreamt that I called this person on the phone and when the person answered I got scare like a little kid and then I put the phone back too my ear and I said too that person go back too sleep. And in my dream I could see that he was wondering why did I tell him that and I hung up the phone real quick and then I would wake up. I have had this dream a couple times last week and I like this person so can you help me with this dream and the dreams about the homes.

    Thanks You so much Illona

    Have a wonderful bless week.

  • Happy Monday Shuabby,

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts for bttrcup as well as sharon62. Your words are very kind and moving.

    I have a question for you. I have recently dealt with skin cancer and luckily everything came back okay, but now I live my life in constant worry about leaving my husband behind and my future children (that I have yet to have because of this same fear). What are your thoughts on this?

    Also, I am pursuing my passion and am currently writing a novel. My last attempt failed and it was hard to pick up the pieces and try again, but I am hopeful for different results this time. What do you see in my future as a writer?

    Lastly, I have a very strained relationship with one of my siblings. We don't get along at all because of several things, mostly because of the decisions that he has made, but I want him to know that I love him. Any suggestions or thoughts on our relationship?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my questions. I really look forward to hearing your responses and hope that you can possibly put my soul to ease.

    Thank you,


  • Dearest Shuabby,

    I am not sure if you need this or not, but my birthday is 12-19-84.



  • Hello Sara,

    The skin cancer has put your emotions a bit off balance and really upset you with fear. I feel there is no need to worry as skin cancer is rather common dear, just take the precautions that you need to and go on with your life.

    A writer is what you are meant to be and do not let one refusal defer you from your given path. Are you writing children books? A love novel would do well at this time for you, if you have not attempted this , than please go in that direction and give it a try as I feel that area is where you just may excell and go into print. I see Boarders Book Store in your furture, the end of the new year you should have a book in print.

    Your brother has to walk his path just as you do. We all would love to have brothers and sisters that really connect to us making loving relationships. Your brother and you are quite different in your thinking patterns, he is the lower thoughts(negative) you think higher more postive ones. You can only help him so much than have to let him go to find his way and when he does , he will return much better for the ware of experience that no one can seem to save him from. Give him to God and release yourself from any feelings of not doing enough where he is concerned. You will someday have a wonderful relationship with him. I feel five yrs down the road.

    You have a wonderful future to look forward to, your children will fare well and I feel one has a gift of healing with animals, horses come in here around your child feels female energy with a tomboy attitude. LOL

    You Are Loved Enjoy Your Life

  • lllona,

    Good to hear from you again.

    Homes in dreams are a desire to have a stable home of your own. Sometimes they also give you insight as to what is coming like walking through a door, so pay close attention to them. The phone call is simply your desire again to know this person better, yet you do not want to disturb them, so you say go back to sleep.

  • Hello Shuabby

    Thank You so much. I will pay more attention when I dream about another home again. And that is so true, I am so nerve when it comes too him and I don't know why because when I hear his voice I am just at peace and can talk about anything with him. So I don't know why I was so scare in my dream. Thanks so much. Illona aka lustylavendar69

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