Captain, can you de a compatibility reading for me?

  • Hi Captain,

    I you have time, could you please do a compatibility reading for me. The thing is that I'm considering starting a business with 2 of my current friends/colleagues. Nothing certain yet, but I'd still like to know if the three of us would make a good team and could make it work. I'd also appreciate any insight you have about the strengths and weaknesses of each one of us has that could influence us working together.

    DOB-s are following:

    Me: 17.04.1981

    Friend 1: 05.06.1985

    Friend 2: 28.09.1984

    Thank you.

  • You and friend 1: you both try to keep your feelings under control and to appear cool and composed. Relationships can be strained by mutual misunderstandings here which can lead to estrangement, so be very clear and straight with one another. Emotional honesty is vital between you, but cultivate kindness and respect also. You may find your friend's highly personal language hard to fathom at times and maybe the clients will too. Your friend needs to ventilate his/her thoughts, often in a critical or sarcastic way which may discomfit you, as you think people should stay quiet if they don't have anything positive to say. Though your friend may well be able to glibly charm the clients or customers, you will have to watch that he/she also doesn't frighten them off with an occasional acidic tongue, if he/she becomes impatient or irritable. You are both generally fun-loving types however - the main problem might be that you must discipline yourselves to focus on the business at hand.

    You and friend 2: you two are very different and form an unusual, even rare partnership together and, though you may each strive to be conventional, or even just to be understood, it may be to no avail. Nothing about this relationship is typical. Your friend is very attractive but is rarely satisfied with him/herself. He/she puts up a perfectionistic and difficult facade and your iconoclastic streak may be pushed to tear it down. Yet each person's shredding of the other can become the unconventional glue that binds you together. This relationship fares best then as an impersonal and unemotional one in business.Your friend will earn kudos from you for his/her technical expertise and efficiency and you will be praised by your friend for your energy and drive. Your teaming up has a lot to offer a company or business as long as you fight the tendency to dominate each other.

    Friend 1 and friend 2: there is a strong mental connection here which makes the sharing of ideas and concepts primary in their relationship. The relationship can be extremely easy-going and may in fact have to be - dealing with difficult people or situations may not be possible for these two together. There is humor and intelligence and an ease of interaction here more than intensity or enthusiasm or passion. You as a fire sign should be able to provide that. Friend 2 can find some of friend 1's ideas border on the flaky sometimes and can see friend 1 as rather disorganised, while friend 1 can feel friend 2 is a bit shallow emotionally. But mostly this will be a comfortable and stimulating relationship on the whole. Tendencies toward selfishness must be watched on both sides and a working relationship may not be quite productive or innovative enough between them so perhaps you can provide the fire that is needed here to stir these two airy mental types. Make sure they get the ideas out of their heads and into practical reality. You have the drive and dynamism to get this done. These two can also be rather self-defeating in matters of career and work so take care to be conscious in this regard.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough reading. I found it very interesting.

    I just have one more question, can you see what would be the most suitable areas to deal with for each one of us? I mean in terms of selling work, dealing with clients, finances, solving problems etc.

    Kind regards

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  • Friend 1 is good for bringing in and dealing with new people but maybe not with keeping up with old clients or mediating.

    You have the drive and enthusiam to be good at selling but won't want to be tied to a desk.

    Friend 2 is the efficiency expert and organiser and can also be charming to the clients in a more social than selling way.

    And together you should all contribute to problem-solving. Your friends have the clever ideas but you must provide the practical follow-through.

    You might even look to an earth sign like Taurus or Virgo to help you deal with the finances.

  • Thank you, Captain, I'm very grateful for your insight!

    Kind regards

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