Please Help Me Interpret My Cards....

  • Hello to everyone!

    I'm new here so hopefully I am posting this correctly 🙂

    I recently did a Mirror Spread for myself and a guy that I am interested in.This was shortly after we started talking to each other. He is a Cancer and I am a Sagittarius (I know, not a good match but I'm not a typical Sagittarius so maybe there's hope!). I'm not a professional Tarot reader and basically just do readings for myself. I pulled some interesting cards but I would like someone who knows a little more than me to interpret the cards for me because I am a little confused and feel I may be bias in my reading. I hope someone can help 🙂

    So here is what I pulled:

    Card 1: The querent

    7 of Cups

    Card 2: The way I see him in the relationship

    The Chariot

    Card 3: They way he sees himself

    9 of Cups

    Card 4: What he represents to me


    Card 5: What I represent to him

    9 of Wands

    Card 6: Obstacles within the relationship

    1 of Wands

    Card 7: Strengths within the relationship

    The Sun

    Card 8: Probable result

    8 of Cups

    I thought it was interesting that out of all the zodiacs, I pulled exactly two: mine and his. I also loved that I pulled the Sun card in the strengths position however, the probable result is what bothered me the most. The other cards were a little confusing as well.

    Anyhow, I'm not sure if you need a background about me or him (if so, let me know) but I will start with that and cross my fingers that someone here can give me a fresh interpretation of the cards. Thanks so much for reading!

  • no one? 😞

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