Karma!!! Love it...on my Cancer Male..all welcome...please read and comment!!!

  • Ok so get this guys....If you dont know drama with a Cancer Male for 9 months....so I was feeling horrible on Monday...text him "thinking of you, hope all is well".....got a call today at work...."well what were you thinkin'???"....I said "jusss about you"...but I was so bussy at work...I really couldnt talk...so I told him I would call him later...so get this crap....I work with alot of males and female vendors...which my Cancer has always been jealous and accused me of having affairs with the men....(if you know my story my Cancer is very verbally abusive)...so anyways there is this super hot vendor who is separated from his wife...hes cute but not my type...well I have an employee female...blonde...perfect body....makes you sick..lol...well the hot vendor who is separated came in last week...I introduced him...and the hot blonde employee...love at first sight...well my Cancer male is inferior of this "hot male vendor" and accused me of having an affair with him many times...which I havent...(gosh I wish)....so anyways...my cancer jerk text me...."set me up with the girl at work"...seriously how freakin' rude...so instead of reacting with my emotions...I said 'who"...and he said the girl with the big chest...(hot blonde girl)...I said "Oh god...sorry she is into "vendor Man".....he was so pissed because he wanted to make me mad and it backfired on him...the head games Cancer Man makes...really is not making me interested anymore....how dare he....was this to set me off??? what's your opinion??? I hate these games....he thinks he all that and then some...and as soon as someone "better looking" than him..cant get the girl he wants...he crawled into his shell....thank god...hope he stays there...what a jerk...would you ever do that???? I don't think I can take the games much more...

  • I hope you leave this insignificant waste of space. I can't even begin to fathom why he does what he does, it is so childish I wouldn't even waste time thinking why he does what he does. I don't know why you do. All the best xoxo

  • Tattoo gemini ,

    that is too funny haha i bet his ego is crushed i think me and you both are on the same page i just dont think i can take this anymore im starting to lose interest finally!Go girl forget him thats what he get i think your cancer is a jerk he obviously has some issues im curious was it always like this him calling you names or what started it is he saying these things playfully because i call my call my cancer guy crazy now he cals me weird but i take offence anyway i think we need to get over these assh@les!

  • I can't figure out why any woman with self respect would put up with a jerk off like this one. he is definitely abusive for sure, but why in the world would you put up with his abusive behavior for 9 months?

    good grief...

  • as long as you put up with bad behavior from men all you will ever get will be. chaos , turmoil, and lots of emotional pain.

    women who put up with this bad behavior must love high drama and pain...

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