The captain, important lost object?

  • i lost my two retainers. my teeth are shifting rapidly and i've desperately tried to find my there any way to locate them by excersising my subconscious? could you by using any of your psychic abilities help me locate them? thank you very much.


  • Well, first you have to convince your subconscious that you want to find them because I sense that part of you hates wearing them. You won't find your retainers until you fully accept you need to wear them. Until then, no one can help you find them because your rebellious subconscious mind will refuse to properly look for them.

  • thanks captain. i'm telling my mind over and over that i must find these retainers. youre totally right; i hate wearing them. but theyre extremely expensive to replace and my teeth are shifting and i hate it. i NEED to find them.

    also, last night i was in the emergency room. i had a fainting spell and a fever and it was a traumatic, scary experience. they took multiple tests and said that i just responded to my fever poorly. i believe there was something more. i have purged before, and i am on zoloft for depression and anxiety. i have had a lot of complications with my health. do you think there was something more than what they said they found? i'm worried. thank you captain.

  • Danielle, it is fear and stress that is making you ill. Look into relaxation techniques like meditation and breathing exercises. And make sure you get plenty of active physical exercise because it helps to deal with stress.

  • Aos i feel you stuffed your retainer down into the back of a chair or seat or sofa type thing.

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