Shuabby - Have You Any Time For Me, Too?

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I am very interested in a reading from you. Your clairvoyance gives you the gift of clear details, which is exactly what I am looking for. I would like to know what the next three months holds for me in my love life, career life, and home life. Also, I've recently experienced a profound spiritual message - and would like to know if I will retain this message going forth in my spiritual path.

    My name is Tara, my birthdate is 2/7/1979.

    Thank you for any time and insights,


  • Hello WildPlaces,

    You will wonder no more in 2011 as you will clearly see what it is you are to do with your spiritual ability. Do u want to open a shop as I see you are quite capable of doing so in 2011, or forming a partnership and doing something in a business sense with a woman but she feels she has a lot of male energy to her. You will want to read and learn and study all of 2011 and really put yourself in the number one spot that you choose to persue.

    Your home life should be kept peaceful and rather quiet this new year for you to study.

    Your love life seems to feel wide open as I see and open door and you will choose how and with whom you will close it with for special connecting quiet time.Who is the man with reddish hair and medium height and feels like a beard and moustach, he is of a gental nature and likes to read? I feel him around you a lot in 2011.

    One of your best year yet . So Enjoy!

  • thank you! i do not know who the man is. i've not met him yet. sounds like he's not my type though...the universe does work in mysterious ways!

  • Dear WildPlaces,

    Your love life seems to feel wide open as I see and open door and you will choose how and with whom you will close it with for special connecting quiet time.

    The man I got does not have to be a love interest as he may become a teacher to you or a friend, Keep an open mind to meeting new and different people in this coming year , you will be very entertained and even educated if you do.

  • Can you see anything about the man I've got a current interest in? I want to know if his feelings for me are real - or if he's being false? I do in fact have an open mind about relationships, and the gray area between friends and lovers, whereas in the past I did not. So I think you're definitely right about the open door. I don't doubt anything you see - I hope you don't mind me asking you another question -- I'm a bit obsessed with this man because I grow to care for people quickly.



  • Dear WildPlaces,

    Your sign in name tells a bit about you. The man you are attached to may find you at times a bit to much for him emotionally, so he withdraws to think about your relationship and if he can handle the overload of your esense if you understand what I mean. He does care about you , he just can't seem to handle the force in which you elude. You should enjoy him while you can and unless he can become stronger within to handle emotions that he does not know how to express himself. i would say that you need to keep your door of romance open for new opts.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    It's been a while since this thread has come up - and I have some news; and some more questions...I hope that is all okay.

    News: I followed my gut, rather than all of the conventional wisdom about the man I was feeling attached to. I do not regret it in the least. We discussed openly why we had a communication breakdown, and where things stand between us now. You were right, a) I was too confusing/intense for him; b) he is now involved with someone else. We will pursue a friendship as we agree the connection between us is strong; but he will direct the pace for a while as he was very uncomfortable with what he viewed as my withdrawal of romantic interest, and then constant contact to try and spend time together. I really confused him - and he pursued this other woman. When I told him that I had been inauthentic with him when I told him I wanted to take a step backwards to a place of friendship (from dating), he almost seemed disappointed. But I no longer worry about this relationship as I feel in the end, friendship really is the best way for the two of us to connect in a lasting way. You were very insightful and intuitive regarding this man.

    My current question is regarding my family - my split family: it is my daughter, myself, and my ex, who has moved 3 hours away, on the other side of a mountain range. This week, he terrified me by driving in very dangerous and in fact, government advised against driving, weather conditions to bring my daughter home. He did this despite my concerns, pleading, begging, etc. that this was completely unsafe and I was terrified for her safety. Fortunately, the Universe looked after her, and provided a break in the horrible first storm of the season, so that they were able to pass. He had the nerve to take pictures of how clear the road was while driving on black ice!! At this point, I don't know what to do anymore regarding custody. I have never ever wanted to deny my daughter or him from a relationship; but the fact that he chose to move a mountain range away puts a definite limit on the time he can spend with her in winter. Also, now I do not trust him at all. My family is pushing me to take him to court, as he picks and chooses when he will be responsible for her, and when he will pay support. I have felt against this for so long. Only now am I starting to see perhaps they were right...But I don't want my daughter to suffer.

    I guess I am asking you, can you see which path will have her suffer more? A life where her father is in/out every 6 months? Or a life without him? Does it have to be black and white? Is there another way? What path will I take, what outcome do you see? This is the darkest time of my life - and I am emotionally torn in so many different directions I can't see clearly. I would love the gift of your clarity, insight, and foresight if you've the time. I really want to do the right thing - not the angry thing.

    All the Best,

    Tara aka WildPlaces

  • Just bumping up for you Shuabby.



  • Dear Tara,

    I have to conmend you on your insight where your ex is concerned. His energy is immature at this time. He moved for a reason and that was to put space between you and him and your daughter. You need to make the deceision to ask for full custody, as your daughter has a father in heaven (God) also to lend on and believe me he will be there. Him taking pictures on the trip he choose to make bringing her home, makes me sense that he does not like to be told what to do and will butt heads with those that make the attemp in the personal area of his life.

    You and your daughter will be far better off without his influence which is negative. Ask your daughter if she wants her father to be in her life, if she does than you need to ask for supervised visititations for him so that he will learn to respect you more if he can or will.

    You will soon meet another man that is more mature than you have ever known, he will love to travel and also likes your daughter and she him almost imed. He comes in with a cowboy hat so that means he likes the country life. Peace and quiet yet he likes entertainment too. Chad is a name I hear coming in around you. I can not make life deceisions for you, I can only guide you. Please keep me posted on what you deceide and the outcome.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thank you for your commendation - but it's not just insight, his immaturity and irresponsibility were the key factors for MY unhappiness with our relationship. I definitely behaved in ways that I have had to accept, acknowledge, and make amends for during our relationship; as they were unkind to both of us, and the source of HIS unhappiness. It's really amazing how you can love someone so much and then one day it just clicks: "it shouldn't be this hard". You are right, he hates being told what to do (even though he loves to have others make defining choices for him) - and so when I told him it was time for us to get counselling or move on with our lives to pursue the happiness we always wanted in a marriage - he split.

    For now, I have found the gray area that I struggled to see when I contacted you. It is clear that he and I can not agree on anything; but he has assured me he always has and always will have our daughter's safety and well-being as his top priority. Seeing as how we cannot agree, but I know all too well from watching my parents spend countless years and fortunes in courthouses and on lawyers; I have suggested we get a court-appointed mediator to help us define the best custody and child support plan for our daughter. It has to be about what is best for her - not what I think is right, or what he thinks is right. And it needs to be set in stone, enforceable by law. I know we will both make compromises we are uncomfortable with; but feel this is the best solution for my daughter. She is too young to answer a question as profound as whether or not she would want to see him; and she loves him more than the sun, the moon, and the earth.

    I have suggested the mediation to him - and sent him all of the same internet/information that I have found and will use. He says he will have to think about it; but there's not much to think about - it's this or just more fighting and ugliness; plus a waste of resources we don't have.

    I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

    Thanks for your care,


    PS - What is up with these red-headed, beard/moustache, cowboys you see me with?? ; )

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