Can somebody explain this online reading to me

  • Hi,

    I have done a tarot reading online - celtic cross:

    and it seems so acurate and very clear, yet I am not a reader and want one to read it for me.

    I got the pictures of the cards in layout and the meaning also in jpeg.

    I am in a very depressed situation, financially, socially and romantically (5 cups!) first card!

    I am in love with my past girlfriend and I am searching for her. My question was just what the future holds - everything, love and money, but really, the love side 70%.

    The Cross:


    the five cups - most salient features of present

    page of cups - hidden influences

    the sun - the highest that may be achieved

    the emperor - past causes of present

    wheel of fortune - outcome if events remain unchanged

    The straight line on the right:


    the star - events over 2 years

    seven of wands - events over 18 months

    the nine of pentacles (coins) - hopes and fears

    judgement - events over 6 months


  • I'll have a crack at this ... lol

    I feel the cards are saying that you have great potential in reaching your goals in the future if you get past your feelings of regret and disillusionment. There is great potential for growth spiritually and in general. You will enter a new phase where you will be more in tune with yourself and be more kind to yourself, in turn attracting more balanced people in your life.

    You got some great cards. All the best 🙂

  • ok thanks

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