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  • Hello Shuabby, hope you doing well ? Hope you remember me ?Around a month ago , I had asked for some insight in your 'Doing one question readings ....' thread . I feel like I'm healing little by little. And have finally realized that my mom just wants me to be happy and seeing me with a man who cares for me is part of that. I too feel that I deserve to be with someone who loves me for who I am .Still wondering if this could really happen but I want to believe from now on and try to leave the past behind .It would still take a lot for me to trust a guy . In addition to this , I'm not the type to go out so as to meet new people or to have fun ..Could I still meet someone by going on with my life as usual and would anyone want to be with me ?

    Blessings .

  • Hello Toughlady,

    I first of all want to send you a big hug. Thanks for the update and I'm proud of your growth and better understanding with your Mother. Why are you not going out to meet new people and to have fun? Are you a hermit? That just will not do ! From me to you the angels will sing your praises if you will do some volenteer work. I feel it could be with animals or choose a field where you want to help others . Take your mind off of you and go out there and get busy with life and finding love like we all have to do. The question you ask: Would anyone want to be with me? How will you ever find out if you do not try? If there are issues than work on them for yourself and no one else. You do not feel happy about you, but you are a valuable person in more ways than one and I want an update next week about how you have gone out and meet one new friend with an R in their name. Until than.

    God Loves You

  • Hello again Shuabby,

    Hugs you too 🙂 Thank you .My job takes most of my time during the week days and during the weekend I have other important things to do .. There's no time left for other activities. I go out but mostly for shopping and work. I would love to help others if given the opportunity. I know for sure that I am worthy of love . I asked if anyone wants to be with me is because I've often wondered if that's the reason I've been single for so long ... I consider myself a bit weird and a bit out of the norms..I love my alone time ,love being quiet sometimes, not like being in crowds that much ...Most men might not find that appealing , I don't know. Maybe I could meet that new friend when I go out for work ??


  • Dear Toughlady,

    I consider myself a bit weird and a bit out of the norms..I love my alone time ,love being quiet sometimes, not like being in crowds that much ...Most men might not find that appealing , I don't know.

    You just discribed me and how I was , than I changed and put myself out there more and found my husband who taught me how to be brave and just do it. Find a single's dance near you or go and learn a line dance where no partner is needed, go learn to do the Zumba it is great for the waistline. Don't waste time as it does pass you by dear, and you don't want to look back in regret when you do not have beautiful memories in which you will I'm sure. I 'm even going to ask you to join as I want you to get out there NOW and find some love and happiness in your life. Look for love to find you , but not buried six feet under. We all have to make life worth living for ourselves. Please go and get the book: Always Looking Up by Michael Fox, it will give you some wonderful insight.

    I want to hear back from you as to how you are progressing in this school we call Life.

  • Hi Shuabby,I just wanted to update that I've listened to your advice and taking baby steps to enjoy my life. I had a great weekend and went out even if I was accompanied by family. In fact yesterday, I went to a fair and locked eyes with a very handsome guy . And a second time caught him staring at me while I was walking around . This made me smile . We didn't talk to each other or exchange numbers though , maybe because we were both accompanied by other people. I don't know.But I felt like he was a respectful guy and if the universe made us cross paths again, I'd be glad , otherwise it was nice.


  • Hi Toughlady,

    Always good to hear feedback. I'm happy right along with you in the fact that you are getting stronger in seeking out happiness out there that you have every right to along with the rest of us. Please keep in touch and let me know when that special someone enters into your life and unlocks the door to your heart , and fills it with music and flowers and love.

  • Hi Shuabby,I'm just trying to be happy with my life as it is right now and have a good time when I get the opportunity to go out .This feels good and hope I continue on this track even if it's not easy sometimes. It feels really great to be noticed by guys .As for that special someone, I really don't know because things don't always happen in our lives when we want them . Will surely let you know if there's anything new .Thank you for your kindness .


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