• My birthday is march 20, 1990. I need to decide if I should keep seeing this new man in my life (February 14, 1988) or should I go back to my ex (november 14, 1989)

    i need to know what the stars say and which one is better in my favor..

    theres a lot about my life with my ex that i miss, but this new guy attracts me highly...


  • The relationship with the new man is better for friendship in later life and not at all good for love. You may get fed-up with all the attention that this guy craves. You need to be free and may come to find his neediness stifling.

    The relationship with your ex was good for a love affair but was complicated and would struggle in marriage. A deep commitment here is unlikely since serious problems, when they arise, tend to stress the relationship. When things are good, this relationship is good but when things turn bad in life as they inevitably do, the relationship crumbles.

    I would suggest you keep looking and don't look at this as an either/or situation. Keep your love options open.

  • yes i believe either one of them,is not,the one....:(

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