Today begins Dasara

  • I just want to let everybody read this. I got this email on Sunday I do apologize for being late with it but I thought it would be something good for all of us too read.

    Today begins Dasara, an Eastern festival that commemorates the victory of the gods over the demon, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Dasara, also called Navaratri, is among the most important festivals celebrated in India, as that culture holds the vision that the forces of good will overcome any forces trying to prevent mankind's progress towards spiritual light. There are many popular rituals associated with Dasara, with most of them thousands of years old. One of these rituals calls for a complete cleaning of the house, inside and out, during these ten holy days. Once done, the celebrants often decorate the entrance of their homes with torans and flower-studded strings. This proactive step welcomes the light of knowledge into the home and closely resembles the Feng Shui cure of putting a red flowering plant outside the front entryway of your house in order to invite fortune to your door. Placing any flowers or flowering plant outside the front entryway, at the left of the door as you look at it from the street, is also believed to usher in Health, Happiness and Prosperity, the Three Great Blessings according to Feng Shui. So assess your own front door area and make it come alive with potential, possibility and, of course, Divine light!

    Hope you get something out of it. I have been cleaning my house since Monday and will keep on till next Wednesday. Illona

  • Hey that's funny, blackladydriver. I have been cleaning up the house here and there for a few days now... but it also may be my need to have it so clean because of some upcoming social gatherings I'm holding. I also have made my porch more livelier with a pumpkin and some Halloween decorations. That's not exactly flowery, but there is a vase with flowers of all kinds of colors on the front porch all year anyway. Hm, I'll be cleaning up until the 31st. Thanks for posting this. Very educational and insightful. šŸ™‚

  • Thank You for this blackladydiver, šŸ™‚

    A very fitting message and reminder at these times we live in that "Victory over Darkness with The Light"......I have always believed this!....

    The "Light" will never be dimmed if we all live in it with love and fearlessness in our Hearts!

    blessings to you


  • Here Here.

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