Shuabby can I bug you a bit - please:)

  • Hi Shuabby

    Been reading your posts and wondered if you could please help me.

    I just completed my final Exams and am now looking for a new job. I strongly feel like I need a feeling stuck in my current position and looking for something new and refreshing and exciting (hope that's not asking for too much).

    I've sent applications out but no responses as yet and I strongly believe that if something is meant for you it will come to you. I'm hoping that after all this studying something good will surely come through.

    Do you feel a change coming my way in career and love - My D.O.B is 28/01/75.



  • Dear Gamby,

    I do feel you will be rewarded for all the studying and effort, just not as soon as you want it to happen . I feel six months down the road you will walk into a light brown brick bld and go to the third floor to talk with a man named Randy or Randall about a new job not to far from where you are 10-12 miles away. He will be a stepping stone to help you progress in your career.

    In love I sense that you like change and action to some point and than like your quiet moments also. Next year you will be wanting to stay closer to home and almost like a hermit , start to ask yourself what it really is you want in a man, when you begin to do this you will manifest him before your eyes, he will be met through a friend or in a group setting. He is a wonderful Sag or Aries man and will have a great energy about him that you will tap into and just flurrish from. Please keep us posted on this up coming event.

  • Hi Shuabby, thank you for my reading. Am looking forward to that job opportunity.......I really need a change and have been in my current job for 8yrs.

    As for the hermit part....I have been staying home this year very much like a hermit, mostly studying and exams.

    Will definitely keep you posted.



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