• Scorp - I was just coming here to post and I saw yours !! lol This is so weird but i can tell you at about 1:00pm I started feeling completely different. I can actually say it is as if the last few weeks have been shrugged off. I can feel my energy shifting. I have felt drained, mentally and physically.

    But, I have also had some pretty major stuff going on too. Illness and a death in the family. Not to mention all the personal stuff. It is supposed to be over tomorrow. So, I can only hope it is beginning to shift as we speak ! WHEW !! I have no desire to revisit that !! lol

  • Oh - I forgot to tell you, I feel like I have been on an emotional/thought roller coaster. One minute I am happy, the next in full blown tears. And the only thing that was changing my moods was my own personal thoughts. Not any outside influence.

  • Taurus---LOL!!!! For some reason, I have noticed that my Taurus and I have the same kind of psychic affect that you and I just had! LOL We finish each other's sentences alot! We also will say what the other one is about to say! REALLY WEIRD!! LOL The reason I asked about your energy level is because he's been really tired the past 2 weeks and his mood has been the same as yours! LOL Hence, last weeks events!! But his mood started turning around yesterday. He's been a tad more attentive. I even got a little tiffed at him yesterday morning because he had broke a promise that he made to me monday night plus he still won't answer me as to why he broke up with me Friday night but then turned around Saturday night and acted like Friday's events didn't even exist. WEIRD!!! So yesterday when I got mad at him via text, I told him that "I give up. I'm just drained"...well, he started the calling then! I couldn't answer because i was at work. So I finally text him back and explained to him that I meant that I was giving up on trying to get an answer out of him. Well, he kind of responded in a pouty way but I ignored it. So he started texting me early last night, which he hasn't done in a while. The conversation was good, lighthearted. It hasn't been like that for quite some time. He was even texting me this morning telling me how he's already went today and got "our" turkey, yes he said "our"! LOL It's a week away and he's already planning it. I've learned some valuable things about him the past couple of weeks:

    1. EXTREMELY POSSESSIVE!!! MY OH MY!!! When we were out Saturday night, a married guy friend of mine came to talk to my while Taurus was in the restroom. I had already introduced them earlier. Well, when Taurus came back, he told my guy friend "Hey man, don't be touching my woman!" but he was smiling when he said it, so we all laughed it off. But we all know he wasn't really joking! LOL

    2. EXTREMELY JEALOUS!!! As you all are aware, I am older than he is so I of course have had more time in life to get established. I'm divorced from a man who is also well established in life and career. So my ex has built a nice financially secure life, we share 2 kids, so there is no way of avoiding him. Well, my Taurus is aware of my ex's house because it is near Taurus's parent's house. So my Taurus is fully aware of the type of income my ex has. I've never intentionally flaunted that fact in front of my Taurus but have figured out that he is EXTREMELY jealous of my ex and me on some levels. I mean, what else does he expect from an older woman??? I've told him SOOO many times that it's not about money or materialistic items for me. He has NOOO idea that the ex and I were so broke for so long at the beginning but we stuck together no matter what. How do I tell Taurus this???

    3. EXTREMELY SENSITIVE!!! I can't even begin to start with this one!! I wouldn't say that I'm walking on eggshells with him but that I have to handle him with a velvet glove.

    4. TESTS!!! OH MY DOES HE EVER!!! He admitted last Thursday that he tests people but I didn't believe until Friday night just how bad he does it. I know now, through my own intuition, that he was testing me by breaking up with me. Yea, I know and agree that it was EXTREMELY childish but I know why he did it. I took the past couple of days to actually think about his behavior and try to match it up. He tests because he's so insecure. I honestly believe deep down that he's never been with someone of my nature, of my stature, of my sophistication, of my class, of my standing in my community, as well respected and loved by my family and peers, nor of my beauty(and no, I am in NO WAY conceited!! just saying!). I believe that he's just accustomed to, how should I put it......trash??? It amazes him so much as to how I can refrain from alcohol as much as I do, I'm just a light weight social drinker. He's only been with women who are basically, either hardcore drunks or alcoholics. Women who really didn't give a crap about him or his feelings, and I do and he KNOWS it but doesn't believe it, that's why he tests me constantly! But I have made it extremely clear to him that if he EVER pulls a stunt like he did last Friday night, to NEVER under any circumstances, contact me again!

    5. INSECURE...need I say more??? lol

    Thoughts, my friends???

  • Wow he is still back and forth. These taurus's drive me crazy, no offense Taurus 7.

    Yesterday was intresting for me. I got a email on my work email from my Taurus telling me that someone hacked into my personal email and I should change my password A.S.A.P.

    So I responded and said "thanks, I am on it." He then respondes... "I am always looking out for you". I said thanks with a Smiley Face:" Well, long story short... I put in for a new job at work. I wanted to be the one to tell him that I did that. Didn't want hurt feelings. I found out that someone might have blabbed to him. So ... I sent him an email and told him "Cross your fingers and legs, I just put in for this new job. He wrote back .... "wow really, no kidding, that is awesome" I said yes really, no sure when the interview is. " He said let me know, then asked me if I was going to wear go-go boots and hot pants. Whatever that means...

    Can someone make sense? Is he just being nice?

  • LOL!!! He's being nice but flirty!! LOL My Taurus loves for me to keep my boots on, if you know what I mean! 😜 LOL!! And hot pants are REALLY short shorts! LOL He was being flirty/funny with you and testing at the same time!! LOL He wants to see how far you would go to get a job, by that I mean, he wants to see if you would seduce your way to the top. Understand that?? You could always respond to him and say "No, that outfit is for your eyes only." Don't put "lol" or a tounge out emoticon...just simply what I said.

  • I just emailed him and told him that 9 people put in for the same job I did. He said I know you will do well regardless. This man has alot of faith in me.

  • Don't read more into than what it is. We women can be really bad at overanalyzing every word and action that a man makes and all it does is get us in trouble and waste precious time and energy. I know that I do that with my Taurus guy but I'm really trying to tone it back and not think so much about it. It is what it is. If he asks me to hang out or do something and I'm available and feel like it, fine..if not, then that's fine too. I'm a scorpio and like any typical scorpio, we will give and give but if we feel at any point that we are not being appreciated or reciprication is not involved, then we become really resentful and that's where I'm getting to right now. Sad but true.

  • Scorp - lol !! This maybe my biggest advice to you. I really felt he was feeling very inferior to you. This will be a HUGE hang up for him. Remember, we are bulls, the biggest/baddest barnyard animal...;) lol

    If I put my Dr. Phil hat on, the reason he hung out with those "other" women, is b/c that as the type that made him feel superior !! Ya, we do have an ego. But tht is a huge teller.

    His insecurities are deep and they are what is dictating and ruling your relationship so far. I can see that clearly ..now. LOL Anyway, you need to be very crystal clear with him about what is truly important in life to you. If he responds and recives who you are, I think it will be a good thing.

  • Wooden - when your Taurus guy is flirting with you, you HAVE to flirt back. The better you flirt back, the more you will see from him. We are HUGE flirts. My cancer J asked me if there was anyone that I did NOT flirt with ?? lol I said not really...;) but, my flirting with YOU is different from all the rest, bc YOU are the only one who I care about and want to be WITH !! 😉

  • Taurus---How do I tell him what is important to me??? He is so insensitive to my feelings. I've tried many times to tell him how I feel about things that he does or doesn't do but he blows them off as if I'm paranoid and crazy. He NEvER accepts blame for ANYTHING!!!

  • Taurus 7,

    Do you consider what he asked flirting? He is so not-obvious sometimes. So I never know when he is flirting or just kidding around. I am just nervous to mis-read one of his funny comments for a flrit.

  • Well, we're at it AGAIN!! I'm just so frustrated because he claims he's too tired to spend time with me. This has been going on for the past few weeks. But of course he tries to flip it around on me. So this morning I asked him if he wanted me to walk away from us and he said "Do what you want to baby". Was he testing to see if I would or did he really mean it?

  • Scorp/wooden - I will comment tomorrow..i had the most incredible evening....:) :):).....my man rocks !! lol I can't focus...sorry..lol thank goodness this retrograde is OVER !!

  • Taurus---That's great!!! No problem, we totally understand!! I'm hoping that mine will be out of his funk real soon!!! He did tell me tonight that he's got something in mind to get me for Christmas if I'm a good girl! Ok, on a lighter note...is this retrograde being over having any effect on your sex drive?? Mine is through the roof!!!! lol He told me to keep my legs closed until he can see me!! lmao!!

  • Scorp !! lol..um ya....J was a VERY happy man..it has been like 2 weeks..which is unheard of for us...let me just say...his smile will last for days..;) lol ya...

  • Taurus--so it must be something about the retrograde with you Taurus's and s e x!!! lol We've only had it twice in the past two weeks, which is so unlike us!!! We are talking about s e x on here!! buahahahahaha Im actually thinking about getting him some Viagra, and he's only 28, so that he can last longer to make me smile longer!! lmao

  • Sounds like the funk is starting to lift. I hope that with the retrograde things might become more clear for my taurus. I have still been near but giving him his space. I put in for this job at work, and let him know before he heard from someone else other than me. So I am hoping he will contact me more to check to see how things are going....

    We are in our third month of seperation and I am still holding on.

  • Scorp - so, I thought long and hard about how you can get through to your taurus. Wooden - I think this will help you too.

    We are so hardheaded. I know this about myself. We have our OWN ways about everything we do, think, feel and say. All while feeling so vulnerable. For such a strong,confident sign, we are very fearful of getting hurt. I think that is why we charge. We come to all kinds of conclusions(all on our own) in our heads that instead of us getting hurt, we charge and would rather hurt others. Not nice or pleasant, but factual.

    During this retro period, I was a self proclaimed mess. J was telling me things point blank, and they were for our strength as a couple, yet, I was doubting and sabotaging everything he was telling me in my own mind. I realized that. Thank goodness. I am not sure if your men can or will. It is a choice. And the 1st place it has to start is with looking at yourself. We Tauruses do NOT do that well, and then men...well...need I say more ! lol

    yesterday, being with J, it was like everything clicked into place for me. He even said to me..' THERE'S my baby.." He knew without knowing what was going on with me. But when he said it, that was when I realized how much i need and want him in my life and that he will always be there in spite of me !! And he knows I feel the same back. All of this really transpired without the use of many words.

    So..here's my best advice...I think I said a few pages back we need action not words.....so..

    Scorp - I would keep the words simple and the emphasis on the actions. I would go even so far as to say......I love you, I believe in you and us and to prove it, i am going to SHOW you. I want you to pay close attention to all my words but more importantly my actions and I am going to show you how wonderful love can be......then I would throw something in like.... ready ?? Buckle your seatbelt b/c this is going to be a ride that you will never forget !! lol But that is just me !! lol

  • Wooden - YES he was flirting with you !! Sweetie, let me tell you this....we are intellectuals....we flirt in odd ways..but I suggest you get a book on body language and flirting bc it is VERY important to us !!

    I am NOT bragging..but I can turn J on with a look !! Granted we are connected some how, some way. He knows what I am feeling just by looking at me and I vice a versa. But...when I shoot him a playful smile..with my sexy eyes and raise one eyebrow..the man is toast !! Sometimes, it is as easy as just twisting my mouth and wiggling my eyebrows.... LOL And to be fair.....he can put on this swagger......that dang......by the time he is finished walking up to me..I am ready to faint !! lol We joke about it !! i am like Ok buddy..back off with the walk....you KNOW what it does to me and I told you i had kid stuff today this evening....he smiles, our eyes lock and it usually ends up with a swift pat on my butt....jerk !! lol But I love it...

  • Taurus----I believe you are right about the whole retrograde thing! He has been totally different since Thursday night! In a great way! We spent all day Friday, that night, all day Saturday and last night together. He even took me shopping too, even though I insisted that he not buy me anything. He didn't because I wouldn't let him. He's already making statements like he knows what to get me for Christmas, and here's the CLINCHER, he asked me to bring over my toiletries to leave at his house for me cause he has all kinds of mens soap and shampoo. Sooo, I did and he hasn't complained at all. I've had my toothbrush over there for the past 2 months and it's been in his toothbrush holder the whole time! lol He even took care of me last night because my iron got all weird and I became jaundice. He was so worried about me and was 2 seconds away from taking me to the doctor. All I needed was an iron shot (I have to keep those handy) and to go to sleep. He was there with me the whole time being so affectionate.

    Ok, so here's the advice I need at the moment. He mentioned a few weeks ago about he and I cooking Thanksgiving dinner together for just he and I, even though I knew that his parents would be over earlier that day for dinner as well but he wanted me to come at a different time when they weren't there. I was fine with that. So Friday, he asks me if I wanted to come to eat when his parents were there. I said that I would love to. So then he says "We'll see". I'm like "what?". I think he's one of those guys that it sounds good in his head but then when the words leave his mouth it sounds different, so it might have scared him. I explained to him that I'm not one of those girls that think that once you meet the parents that it means the relationship is moving to the next level and that I just look at it as "I get to put a voice with a face" since I've spoken to them on the phone before per his request. So I just told him that it was up to him but that I would love to meet them and that it was up to him. But he did take me to his parents house last night so that he could pick something up but I didn't go in because 1. I was a hot mess 2. He said he didn't want us intruding on whatever they were doing. That was fine with me. He did bring his dog out to meet me and that was a good sign. When we left he told me that his parents wanted me to come inside but he told them we only had a few minutes and had to leave. They are just as anxious as I am to meet them, he's just holding us back. Why does he do the whole "dangling a carrot in front of my face" routine??? Is it a Taurus thing or an individual thing???

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