• Scorp - I think it is very true that you could be just too good for him to grasp onto. Add to that his own insecurities...well.....i think i said something a few pages back like he prolly feels that he is not goo denough for you ?/ I think so.

    But, the key here is HE has to be willing to work out his personal issues. And untill he does that, I would just try to be his friend. he has to become strong inwardly first and foremost.

  • My Taurus keeps my head spinning too. He has confused me to no end sometimes. We sorta work together, sam company different locations. Anyway, he told mutual friends of mine how I treated him like a king, was the best thing that ever happened to him. I think I scared the bee-geezy out of him too. He came here for a job, and didn't expect to meet me. I put a monkey wrench in his plan. Then sends me an email and wants to keep it on a more platonic level. Then from time to time he send flirty emails. And two nights ago out of no-where wanted to know if I have moved yet. Then when I replied to him. Nothing.

    Go figure. So I understand you feeling confusion.

    And no his actions are not that of "just friends", which I really hate when men use that term anyway.

  • Yea, when they say the "just friends", I think that they use that from having to "commit". My advice to you, when he tries to contact you again, wait a few days to reply telling him that you've been busy.

  • Well I don't think I will wait that long. He and I have been very respectful about always quickly responding to each other. He really has a great heart, I think he has been very hurt in the past and is nervous about he and I. So he decided to bring it down a notch. Maybe his feelings for me were coming quick so he slowed it down. These taurus's take their time, that is for sure.

    Correct me if I'm wrong... Taurus 7?

  • Taurus7 - Let us know when you come out of your funk, please.

  • Scorp - ok !! lol I don't think the retrograde is over till like the 18th !! i thought I was out of it..but I got thrown back in it !! lol

  • Well, he broke up with me tonight. Told me he wasn't interested in me that way but wanted to be my friend. Happy friggin birthday to me!!

  • I'm confused even more now! He's called this morning wanting to take me out for my bday. Saying that we can do whatever I wanted to do. Now keep in mind that up until last night he kept saying that he didn't have any money to take me out but that he would cook me dinner tonight, this was said prior to last night. So he didn't have money before but he has money now??? But he's also said that he wants his stuff back and that he's not going back on his word of us not dating and for us to just be friends. And for us to go out tonight and just enjoy each other's company without any fighting or drama. I'm sooooo seriously confused right now friiends.

  • Scorpiosc, look, it is true about the retrograde, and yes tell him you can be his friend... no problem...

    but today for your birthday go with your female friends out and have a GREAT GREAT TIME!!

    if he's confused or/and feeling guilty, YOU do NOT need that kind of S h i t, right now... and NOT for your B-DAY.

    You have a life beside him, tell him that because of yesterday (breaking up) you made plans with your friends, that you'll see him later!....

    friendly, no drama kind of way... get some time for yourself...

    AND HAPPY B-DAY, have a great great day!! he has to understand how does he expects you to hang out with him on your b-day one day after he breaks up... NAHH not happening, show him you have a life besides of him and you can have a great time!!

    Sorry this is happening to you... and good luck!! let me know what you decide to do 🙂

  • I asked him how does he expect for me to even look at him after what he did to me and break my heart. He told me that he didn't break my heart. I said "don't tell me how i feel, you apparently have no idea what it's like to have your heartbroken. i would never in a million years do to someone what you did to me!" I'm so flippin confused. He started off about 7 this morning with "happy birthday sweety" to numerous other texts along with phone calls until i finally answered after 3 hours of avoiding his texts and phone calls. But not once has he said that he's sorry or apologized on any level for what he did. Guess he thinks by taking me out tonight that's his way of saying sorry??? nah, don't think so, it ain't happening for me!!! And on top of that, him basically demanding that if we went out that he didn't want any drama or fighting that he just wanted to enjoy each other's company. Ummmmm, what person tells "just a friend", "hey, i want us to enjoy each other's company."?!?!? What delusional world does he live in?????

  • I understand. We went out on a date and then the next day I got an email telling me that he he wanted us on a more plantonic level. Then two days later was sending me text messages saying " I hope you have a great day". I had to take the next day off of work just to try to get my head straight. So I truely understand what your going through. Maybe this is another test he is putting you through. I understand that he might have been hurt in the past, but then again haven't we all. I would tell him that your family wants to take you out of something. My taurus wanted to be friends too, said he didn't want me to vanish from his life. Just be careful, you are in a fragile and heartbroken state right now. Take it easy, don't rush to be out with him. Try to enjoy your birthday the best you can conisidering he didn't help it.

  • I know it's very hard but do try to enjoy your day, just tell him "look I'm ok, i have plans i'm going out with other friends to have fun"

    take your time even to talk to him... if he feels guilty or whatever IT IS NOT your fault!!

    let him work his emotions out, i'm sure he hasn't realized what he did yesterday because you are still "around"

    hang in there!!

  • It's funny how from the moment he started last night telling me he wasn't interested, he kept saying "I'm probably going to regret this", "I know this will come back to bite me in the a s s", " you know i've never believed in karma but with what you've taught me, I believe that karma will show up". It's also funny how in just a measly3 hours of me not replying to him, that he was already panicking. how can anyone be so heartless????

  • Scorp - I am very sorry. Especially since this was on your birthday. But I really think you are better off. he had some serious issues. I know, we can't help who we like and love. But, look at the craziness he is still dishing out !! He is one of the most wishy washy people I have ever read about.

  • Let's add to the confusion folks!!!! He kept calling me Sat afternoon begging to take me out, but kept saying that he wasn't going back on his word of us just being friends. Well, I agreed because I'm too friggin nice!! lol Well, to make a long story short, we had a blast, I would say the best night we've ever had. There was no drama, no arguing, no fighting, just good fun. But he kept telling me how beautiful I am, how much he cares about me, how much he loves me. Here's the kicker though, I finally told him later that night that he was confusing me because people who are just friends don't tell each other those things. He said that he does want me and was interested in me. I said "How do you lose interest in someone one day and the very next day regain it???". He said that I was different that night. ???? I'm the same mostly every day, except when people rub me the wrong way. He said that I was so distant Friday night. I explained to him that I was distant because I was staying out of his way Friday night because I knew he was mad, hence the Taurus, and I didn't want to ruffle his feathers anymore than what they were already. He didn't realize that I knew him that well. I did tell him, however, that if he ever did what he did Friday night again that I would not answer his phone calls and to act like he never met me cause I had cried myself to sleep Friday night and I wouldn't do that again. He deeply apologized for his behavior and said he understood. So now we're back and he's already planning our Thanksgiving dinner! LOL But don't worry folks, I have withdrawn emotionally from him ALOT!!! I put my heart and feelings in a box and put the key away until he can be consistant, which we all know won't happen. 😞

  • Yep. That sure sounds like a Taurus man to me. I am so sorry you had to endure that, especially on your birthday. I understand feeling like I am on a roller coaster. Two days after I got that email from Taurus. He was texting me like everything was fine. I thought he was nuts, and in the process made me feel nuts too.

    He has since calmed down the communication. Wed he asked if I had moved yet, and when I answered. Nothing. What the heck was that all about? Was he taking a survey? Yesterday the bears won and I did text him a quick. How about dem Bears? He did respond about 30 mins later. I had a breakdown and cried.. I miss him so much, there is no reason for us not to be together. I am still going on with my life, moving, putting in for a different job at the same company. But I am still waiting for him to come around. I feel like he is my soul mate, and I have never thought that of anyone. Trust me I have dated alot of people being 36. So for me to say that is big....

  • I just don't know, I'm so confused. For me, right now, his behavior is beyond my view of Taurus's. This is bottom line of respect and ownership. He lacks respect for me because of the things he has done to me, especially what he did Friday night. He wants ownership of me, he even admitted that but he wants to be a free bird. And also, his lack of caring, anyone who would do that does not care about a person. These 2 guys are way too wishy washy and I'm about to wash my hands completely of mine.

  • I still have faith that my taurus will come around. It sounds like yours is wanting his cake and eating it too.

    I used to date another taurus long ago, and years after he and I stopped dating. Mind you I was dating someone else and he too. I told him I dated other guys while seeing him. He got mad at me and starting yelling at me on the phone. Yes... Really.

    For right now, I would keep a distance. Pull back. See what he is made of. If he wants you, he will come for you.

  • I get the same feeling that you do about wanting his cake and eat it too. It's like he doesn't want me (the responsibilities of being with me/or any other femaie) but he doesn't want anyone to have me either. He just makes too many empty promises! I've already made up my mind that I need to address this past weekend events with him. I have some serious questions and if he doesn't want to answer them in a justifiable/reasonable way, then I walk and never turn back!

  • Taurus7----How are you feeling????? Also, have you been extremely tired/fatigued the past couple of weeks???

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