• Shadow - ummmmm yep!! We are notorious for hanging on long after we should have let go......I have been working on that. It is not easy...lol

  • Tauru 7,

    I see from my experience, some tureens do play game with your head, when they don't get what the want, they throw the dummy out, and when you ask em to clarify for you , just say leave it alone, completes ass holes.

    i know im pissed.

    Why am im still bothering

  • hey scully tell him he he wont claify to not say anything at all - i had to keep remininding my taurus that he needed to stop acting childish and eventually it sinks in. you are still pissed because he knows how to push your buttons

    yes you are so right both of my tauruses do not let go they hang on to everything 🙂 and they never say I am sorry what is up with that?

  • My daughter is being that way shadowmist, Captain gave some good advice about her bottling up her feelings and I have been encouraging her to tell me, but wow she get get things really misconstrued, and emotionally tortures the whole household lol! I wonder if they can't see when you love them and are trying your best for them

  • I probably don't have that much room to say, being a cancer, but she and I should be fine from that prespective, but we just fight constantly, and she refuses to give up, or loose and arguments, even she has to stop making sense she won't let go, exhausting

  • This is what happened. Yesterday I was praying and decided to send him a text about how his son is doing since the surgery. It was very short.

    He responded about an hour later or so.

    This is the text converstation... Let me know what you think?

    Me: Hey... how is Michael Doing?

    My Taurus: Hey There. HIs crazy lil A** is back to 100%. Thanks for asking. Oh, to be young again. How are you?

    My Taurus: And do you realize that it was a year agao today that we went to the Rangers-Red sox game in Arlington?

    Me: Good News about Michael. Right about being young again! Ive been busy as a bee, working where it's hot as Heck. I do remember the game and the fun we had. Then we hit the IHOP.

    Please explain why he brought that up. And he was right. It has been a year since we went to the game. Wow, he totally stunned me.

  • Hey dint look to much in to it.

    . its good, he remembered a special event , with you included all good. just take it easy.

  • hey bluecat yes they know everything & you know nothing lol I ask my son "you think I was born this age" and he looked at me like I was crazy!! teenage girls are worse to many hormones!!!! sometimes I think it is worse than menopause!!! but they grow out of it but I would give my daughter pamprin to help control her mood swings as well as the cramps & headaches that she used to get. she was worse than her brothers

  • remember wooden mercury retro is about letting go of old hurts, useless things in life & facing past demons he needs to continue to release the old fears before he can move forward. In the meantime go out and have fun your taurus has a long journey of painful healing ahead of him which only he can do

  • I was wondering, what it might mean if they keep using the don't judge me cards?

  • hey scully usually they have or will do/done something they know is wrong and they are making excuses

  • It feels like such a long time since I have chatted with all of you on the forum. Life has been crazy as I am sure it has been for all of you as well.

    Things with my taurus are bumping along pretty well. Next month we are going to a Bears game, because I got free tickets. He was offering up his credit card number to me to pay for the hotel room. Never thought I would hear that come out of his mouth.

    The other day he texted me... and I responded in a cheerful way back.

    This week my taurus is on vacation and of course didn't tell me. I heard from some people at work. What is wrong with him... Seriously... This last friday he called me at my desk to see what I was up to and then texted me later. Guess I shouldn't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

    Let me know what you think?

  • Hey wooden I was just thinking about you!!! It has been awhile I am happy for you. Its been rough the last few weeks my taurus got bit by a spider & they had to lance his hand boy did it swell & was nasty. my other taurus (my son) got his lerners permit & I am teaching him to drive

  • I hope you are doing better taurus7 I am sorry about you & j

  • Thank you! I am doing ok. he is making it difficult, he is refusing to let me go.....honestly, not sure if I want him too...I just cannot continue like we were going..only time will tell.

    I hate it BC I am not trying to play games with him. i do not do that. I don't. But, I also cannot nor will not force someone to be who they are not. I just need more and better.

    Right now, he is trying to woo me back.....I have not caved as of yet..

  • and you have told him you are not going to settle? I hope he wakes up so to speak it can be hard blending families and throw in the problem ex sometimes I wonder if I would do it all over again

  • No, I am not going to settle. He knows that.

  • Taurus 7.. I am sorry your going through all of this. I will keep you in my thoughts in Prayers.

    I am glad your not going to settle. No one should. Especially you.

    Two weeks ago my boss went to my taurus's city for a visit. On Friday they called me on the speakerphone and played a little joke. I went along with it. And my taurus said I will talk to you soon. Later that day he sent me a text message to tell me that my boss was good to him and that they had a good visit. And then said "I hope you have a good weekend." First off I was so happy to see a text from him. And he called me first too. WOW.

    Shadowmist.. last week I did text my taurus. I was about to post a job he has been eyeing in jacksonville. He responded quickly and said it was really tempting. So it's still not a answer and I sorta wish he would take the job. He would be much more busy and less playtime with his friends.

  • Sorry it's been even longer since I have written.

    Even more stuff has happened. He came into town for work and I wasn't quite sure if I was even going to see him. As soon as he landed he was texting me to meet him for a bite. I did and we went out to our "old place" had a really good time. Ended up at Starbucks sitting, chatting together, then he told me not to move and he took a pic of me and sent it to his friends. So I took him back to his hotel to drop him off. He told me get out of the car and he hugged and kissed on me. We had an early next day. Next day he was texting me to see what I was up to, I went down to his meeting at lunch and we snuck away to have lunch together. That night I didn't see him, and the next day after his meeting I picked him up for a snack and to take him to the airport. So we go and eat bagels and I love bagels. We sat and chatted... he told me a story about his friends wife and how she left him. Then he turns to me and said if you came home and told me you wanted a divorce I would be very upset. I couldn't believe he was putting me in that spot. He was thinking of me in a wife way. At least that is what I got from that story. Let me know what you think. So as I take him to the airport he is checking out my car to make sure the tires are in shape. WHen he gets out of the car he kisses me and we tell each other that we will see each other soon since we are going to the bears game or so I thought. He leaves and a few days later I get a text from him telling me he has a meeting he has to prepare for and cant go to the meeting. We work for the same company so I find out that it really is the case. I went to the game anyway with my Mom. All the time he was texting me to see how things were. I did't blow up at him. Told him we would have other chances to go to a game. Most girls would have been pretty pissed but I played it cool. Since then, I got more bears tickets. Texted him about them and he didn't respond, couple of days later I texted him to call me. He texted me and said he would call me soon and asked if everything was ok? I said fine. Everyday for about a week something came up. He would text me at some point in the night and tell me he would call me tommorrow. Finally he called me at work and we chatted and he admitted to me about getting the text about the tickets. He said " you will have to forgive me" I think I did see that. So we didn't go to that. Since then I have been playing it cool. No periodic texts to him. I thought I would hear from him on Thanksgiving and nothing. I was pretty disappointed. After thanksgiving on a sunday I texted him about our bears and he bantered back with me on text. That was Nov 20 and then when I was out of town on Dec 4th he texts me like old times. What's up Sweet cheeks? I responded but couldnt believe that he was acting if he had heard from each other the day before. So we went back and forth with texts for hours until 10:30pm at night. The next moring he sent me a pic of bagels with a caption that said "thought of you". I told him that the pic made me go get some too. He said they are so good I at mine and yours. So now I lay quiet not knowing what to think. I plan on sending him soemthing small for christmas. Let me know what you think.... My roller coaster ride isn't over.

  • Awe wooden!! I think, at this point in time, this is totally up to you.....if you want to keep your life in limbo, then continue.

    However, there is a part of me, that I honestly believe if you put it all out there..you might be surprised about what you get in return!!

    You see, when a man is challenged and challenged WELL....(key word well) a man who is worthy of you would respond to that challenge rightly.

    Do you see what I am saying???

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