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  • HappyDoc,

    Thanks for the taurus insight. But when my Taurus decided to take a step back. He didn't do it in the best way. He sent me an email then texted me on my phone to check my email. When I did the subject line said "the Future" So in it he said he wanted to keep the relationship just on a more platonic level. That he couldn't give me the 110% I deserve in the relationship since he was so busy. But then this monday he texted me to say hi and when I was on my way to my spin class he told me to "Spin that cute little ass" And that doesn't sound very platonic to me. Then he made sure I was home from spin class so he could call me. Just getting some mixed messages.

  • Hi woodenmeow, e-mail uh?

    Still he text you to tell you to read it, granted it was better to say it in person but I have too been guilty of sending e-mails instead of saying things up front....

    I personally don't like drama... and if i'm cutting relationships with someone and I decided to sent an e-mail I would not bother with it afterwards, unless I sincerely care about the person even if it's just as a friend and want to keep that friendship...

    I still think is fair for you to approach the subject upfront in a very calm and open manner...

    did u ever replied to that first e-mail or say anything about it afterwards?

    Also if he said he didn't call because he might have thought you were upset that should tell you something about his personality... he doesn't like conflict or to feel the "bad" person in the situation?

    how long ago was this?

    Once in my life I also was broken with or explained his behavior with an e-mail, at the end he was saying he wanted us to continue to be friends after we had been dating... I was heart broken but I decided to wipe my tears and call him and said "fine we can be friends". And I still want that person in my life and I still have him around... we also both are busy with our careers and other things in our lives but I love him very much and think about him everyday.

    Remember right now also there's the Venus retrograde going on right now and the new moon today and I remember things we'll start settling down by November 8 and afterwards.... for Tauruses in the relationship sector because we are ruled by Venus... perhaps astrology can give some more clues...

    good luck! 🙂

  • I read your first post again... let's see if he contacts you again before November 8 and if he doesnt, I think is pretty safe just to contact him on a friendly note and go to the movies or some food or whatever, something fun and light so he starts to feel safe and remember how good things are between you too and how he feels with you....

    just that, no pressure no games... just normal...

    Good luck! sorry perhaps i'm not being too much help... but do follow your heart... and be honest with yourself...

  • Nope, actually what you said is a help. When he sent me the email about "the Future" he was very strong in saying that he didn't want me to vanish from his life. When I talked to him that night I did say that I would still be friends. Now I feel like I am in this compartment of his life that he is not sure what to do with. He doesn't want me going anywhere too far. My friend that works right next to me went over to have a birthday lunch with some friends and my taurus was there. He made a point to talk to her, and he kept saying how I was the best thing that ever happened to him. No one has ever treated him as good as me. And she said then why aren't you with her? And he said I just don't have the 110% she deserves. Later that night my same friend saw him again. And my poor friend is going through the beginning stages of a divorce. She was venting to my taurus and she was telling him how her husband was saying how wonderful she was but didn't want to be married anymore. And my taurus said that is because he is a Dumbass. God love my friend.. she turns to him and says how is that different than what your doing to Woodenmeow. The taurus then replied that "your right I am a dumbass too". Its a catch 22, I am damned if I do and damned if I don't. He was hoping to see me that night.

    I went to Chicago like 3 weeks ago and he sent me a text asking me if I was at a company golf outting. Of which I was not. But he just said I was hoping to see you.

    It was only last sunday that he saw me on a chance meeting. And that night he called, and the next day text. Asking about my day, and telling me that he would call me later. Then the flirt, then he did call that night. So I am not sure what to make of my confused taurus's actions.

    Any insight... with me giving you more information.

  • i dont really have more insight... it depends on what you want... and how long you are willing to wait... what sign are you?

    Like I said before someone two years ago told me sort of the same thing because he wanted to get better in his career... although he didnt say "I still want you in my life" not literally.... and with all its bad moments I have waited... sometimes I go impatient and I date other people but I always go back to him... I feel soon the waiting period will be over and both of us will be able to decide what it is we want from each other...

    by the way I'm like 5 hrs away from Chicago, where are you?

    what do you truly truly want and feel? do you feel he is the one? perhaps it wont hurt to go out with other man as friends a date here and there and see what he says... and if he ever ask a question like that "do you need attention from man?" do answer...

    is he sarcastic sometimes??

    I am and if I ask something like that it would be in a sarcastic way...

    and if someone ask me that.... maybe I'll answer something flirty and sarcastic like "no, but I get it anyway" and give a cute smile... so he doesnt ask that kind of questions again... 🙂

    good luck!!

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  • I just wanted to say that when I have no guts to say something really important to people I care about I use email. Its somehow easier, I can get off from my chest everything I want to say just because I feel I may be not able to tell that in face. But I am Virgo... and its hard for me to share my feelings sometimes.

    Now my opinion about your Taurus (it can be wrong or totally unappropriated, but thats what my womans intuition tells me) - he still wants you and probably more then he shows. If he wanted just to break up he would not show any interest in you after that email. Or just check that you OK if he cares for you, but he would not flirt and he would not say what he said to your friend. In my opinion he somehow testing you. I explain, we woman sometimes try to find something more between lines of what man tells us. But Tauruses are quiet straight forward and if there is nothing more between lines in that email (and conversation with your friend) and all what he feels is that he does not deserve you. You see my Taurus always was seeking reassurance of how I feel towards him and always was saying that he can believe/understand how he deserve my love. And in 99% of times when I told him "I love you" he would tell me "Are you sure?" (not the sweet "I love you too" that any womans expect but I knew him well and that answer would mean for me he cares, his heart is open for me). And even after 5 happy years of our relationship (and child together, no one argument ever through out all relationship) he would still tell me "Are you sure?" and then we both would have a good laugh about it. He told me "I love you" 1000s of times but in his own moments

    I would follow advise of HappyDoc and talk to your Taurus openly, may be even reply to his original email.

    Good luck

  • Question - He looked through my phone and found where I was texting a friend of mine about us. There is no threat of my friend, he lives on the other side of the states and he's been my best friend for over a year. Anyways, he was "livid", saying he doesn't understand why I felt the need to tell some guy that he doesn't even know about him, etc etc. I admitted that I was wrong and apologized. Within 5 min of him seeing the texts, he said "I'll tell you what, let's just be friends and keep our options open" meaning see other people. I was like "wth?". Of course that convo went on for a while. He told me that I could spend the night there if I wanted to but I could leave if I wanted to. I ended up staying but this morning when I woke up, I was sick. He took care of me all day, calling me baby, his baby, cutie, etc., kissing me, trying to snuggle me, and here's the clincher, he said "I wuv you". WTH????? I even asked him if we were just friends still and that we were able to talk to other people, just to clarify. He said yes.

    Now, I'm confused. I understand what I did was wrong and I admitted and apologized for it but how is putting us in the just friends with our options open a justifiable reaction to what I did??? I could understand him breaking up with me completely more than that! Then the whole way he treated me today, taking care of me, snuggling, kissing me, telling me "I wuv you" out of the blue, etc. And he's even said that "we" can go to places like haunted house, etc. plus him wanting me to continue coming over just like it has been???? Somebody please explain to me what the heck is going on with him.

  • Scorpiosc, first thing no one guy will like his girl to chat/talk/in any way discuss certain things about their relationship with anyone else especially man. Seeing you be open with someone other man more then him gone hurt. And here sorry will not fix it. And now you talking about Taurus man! They want all or nothing. And by your texts you showed that you are unable to offer all what he needs. Sorry girl, I do not think you ever can fix this unless you change yourself to great extend and thats maybe not what you want in life. Tauruses have big hearth and they are able to forgive lots of things but they most feel its worth of letting go. So unless you able get down to your earthed Taurus and understand his values of right/wrong and be devoted to him ("devoted" in his understandings and values, not yours) I can not see how this relationship will work. Sorry - its probably all sounds hard, but I hope it will help you understand your man

    P.S, even the way you said "There is no threat of my friend, he lives on the other side of the states" but if he or some other friend would live close to you? You definitely not giving your Taurus right signals

  • Miss - I totallly agree with you, I was not thinking with that. The only reason I talk to my friend like that is because we met in Codependency group and he is my sponsor. I just don't understand the whole incident of him saying to just be friends but his actions today show differently like him saying he "wuvs" me, holding me, caressing me, etc.

  • I am going to jump in with my two cents worth! I am a taurus, married to a taurus for 31 year. NOW, he wants a divorce for a girlfriend, who is divorcing her husband of 33 years. Long story short, her husband called me and said she is after my husband because he makes a good living (Money). I have not given up hope that he will come to his senses, but I have had to turn this Ugly mess over to God. If anyone would want to give their comments, I am open and appreciate your time. My birthday, 5/7/55, His, 5/19/55....other woman is Sept.


  • donnamae92, I'm aorry to hear you are going through this... have you had any problems in your relationship (marriage)? trust issues, intimacy issues? like I say we can't really generalize about tauruses....

    it's interesting i'm also from the 19th...

  • donna - I'm sorry as well for what you are going through. It's heart wrenching to know that anyone could ever treat you as an option when you've treated them like a priority.

    Which leads me to....I hung out with him last night and this morning, per his request. He's still calling me nicknames like baby, my baby, sweetie, honey, etc. He had even bought me some drinks that I like to keep at his house, it's been 2 months and he's never kept any drinks that I like at his house!! lol I've always had to bring my own. I did tell him this morning that I can not be an option for anyone when I've treated them like a priority. I apologized again about the incident the other night and told him that I understand where he's coming from. He just said "baby, you're ok, you're fine." WTH? lol Even after that he seemed to be a little more open with me, more affectionate and more nicknames than before. He begged me to eat last night, even offering to go get me something. He knew that I hadn't eaten hardly anything in the past few days because I hadn't felt good. But I just said "no but thank you" because I still was not hungry. He even told me that we would spend time together tomorrow night and the rest of the week.

    So did he just need time to get over it? Or are we still in the "just friends" area?

  • Scorpiosc... that question he's the only one that can answer it...

    but I do know that most taurus when truly love someone even though they might feel hurt they might decide to forgive.... don't know if its so much for the other person sake that we choose to do that but because we cant be without that person...

    most tauruses are noble for a while unless we get really really tired of always giving in or feel really betrayed...

    but then again it's hard to generalize about zodiac signs... if he's honest he'll answer that question...

  • Happy - I agree he's the only one who can answer that. He's just always had a problem with matching his words up with his actions, you know? He even told me this morning that I'm his "special friend", and no we didn't have s*x yesterday nor today. He's done this before about a month ago by putting us into the "just friends" category but then he turned around the next morning and said we were ok, so everything seemed cool. Do Taurus's tell you that they've forgiven you or do they just show you that they've forgiven you? For instance, him being affectionate with holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, calling his baby, buying me drinks for his house, etc.

  • donnamae92,

    I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I am no taurus expert, but from what I have encountered with them. I thought they were extermely loyal. So this makes me say wow. Maybe this is just a phase and he will snap out of it.

    Nothing from my Taurus as of yet. I do feel like without him even knowing it, he is testing me.

    Even though he has taken a step back, I am still letting him know that I still around but not being too much in contact. Leaving the cookies on his desk a few weeks ago, then leaving a small gift on his desk 2 weeks. Last Sunday is the first time I saw him in a long time, and he callled me that night. Left a message, the next day sent me a text and called.

    He ended the call by saying "I will text you on your new fancy phone" and he hasn't texted me as of yet. So i am waiting to hear from him....

  • Scorp - for me, I do not always say I'm sorry or I forgive you, I guess sometimes I just figure it is a given b/c if I am upset or hurt, MY actions show it. Like I could not be romantic with someone and mean it if I were angry, hurt or upset. Generally, with me, I think for many Tauruses, you can actually feel our emotions in our touch, see them in our eyes and hear them in our words.

    With my children, say we have been in a discussion about their behavior and I am not pleased. My tone will show it, then after we have reached an understanding, they can feel it in my embrace and see it in my eyes. Does that make sense ?

  • Wooden - we are very loyal. It takes a lot , I mean a lot to make us close up and walk away.

  • Taurus - That makes total sense. It's just that today, he called me his "special friend". I just don't know how to approach him about the whole situation to see if he's still got us in the "just friends with our options open" category OR if he said what he did the other night out of hurt/knee jerk reaction. He's even saying "we" again. CONFUSING!

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