• Well... Its been 3 months to the day that my Taurus sent me the email entitled "the future".

    I am just feeling a little bad. Taurus 7, is that a big thing that he took time out with this family to text me on Thanksgiving????

  • Wooden _ i think so. i mean he contacted you bc he is thinking about you !! 🙂

  • I can feel you on this. I've been in somewhat of a long distance relationship/on again-off again with a Taurus/Gemini Cusp man for 5 years. He broke my heart and dumped me for his Scorpio ex who treated him poorly. How can he tell me that he loves me but then leaves me out in the cold. I'm an Aquarius, and I still love him. I haven't been able to sleep at night, and sadly I stare at my phone hoping he'll call me. I feel like a wreck and I pray to God he'll come around again, but I just don't know. :*(

  • what is it with taurus men & scorpios's?!

  • ok Scorp & AquaLatina do you have a male friend you can go out with? If you do go with them and if you dont go out anyways smile at men to help rebuild what is left of you self esteem it helps and I did this and it really help with my self esteme & my man has taken notice even now when we go to the store and another man looks at me I smile & say hi & he doesn't like it but I do I love the feeling it is a quick ego boost and my man pays more attention to me

  • "what is it with taurus men & scorpios's?!"

    Both are very sexual signs. They like sex and sensuality A LOT.

  • "Thank you Dangala! I'm really trying to get myself in a place to let him go, it's just so hard."

    You are not trying to leave him, don't lie to yourself. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything but when I see women like you, who are smart, bright, and have wonderful personalities it just irks me to see how these fools are playing ladies like yourself. This is why I seldom read this thread. Anyway, I sincerely hope you leave the fool before he leaves you and shatters your heart. I might come across as an asshole for posting this, but at-least I am keeping it real instead of sugar-coating the situation... Peace out.

  • Taurus 7 and Scrop....

    Yesterday I got bad news that I didn't get the job I put in for. It really disappointed me, its not as if I wasn't qualified. I think they have someone in mind already for the position. Anyway, I texted my Taurus to let him know the news. He was so very sweet... told me "they didn't know what they were missing out on". Not sure if that wasn't a small reference to him as well. So, he spent the next 45 mins to an hour saying funny things to me to make me laugh. I love this man. Not sure how it turned this way, but he started to get very very flirty. This time I actually knew it. Sometimes I am a little dense in this dept. We did this for a while. I told him that he put a smile on my face, and he said that made him happy. After that I fell asleep.

    Should I text him today to tell him that... or wait til he comes my way...?

  • Dangala---I understand what you are saying and do not take offense to it. I actually like when people can be blunt because I am a blunt person myself and wish more people can be honest like you and I. And no you're not an a s s, I laughed at that actually! lol You're just trying to help. Honestly, I tried to break up with him Saturday night, even walked out on him and told him to f off. He will NOT let me go. He is just like my ex who is a narcissist. So I know exactly what I'm dealing with. You did a reading a while back for me. Do you see him leaving me for someone else or do you see him leaving me because he will grow tired of my intensity as a scorpio???

  • Scorp - um..I told you that it would be best to just be friends....lol But, I could tell you were going to pursue this. And, I don't think it was a bad idea. One never truly knows till they try !! That's my motto at least. 😉

    Wooden - go for it !! GO FOR IT !!

  • Let me just say, if anything happens to J & I ( which I hope it does not) but if it does....I am LOOKING for a SCORP !!!

  • I tried to go the friend route with him but he is so insistent on being more than friends. I was sick today and he came, on his on free will, and took care of me. He even actually said "I love you" several times today instead of the usual "I wuv you". He's already making plans for us for Christmas and taking me to Pittsburgh for a football game, he's from there. I have no idea what's going on with him.

  • Btw, us Scorps are the best!!!! lol We love and care so deeply. We always get a bad rap for being secretive but we're not! We are just like Taurus's, we just withhold to guard ourselves.

  • Scorp !! LOL just guard your heart babe. I have feared from he beginning he is just too unstable. Kinda his fault, but....circumstance and all. I know I came around, but I think I may be an abnormal....:) lol

    And, I have met so many cool scorps on here....we do connect. Powerfully. At least those of us that are evolved !! 😉

  • well I know of two kinds of scorpios - there are the ones that are very deep which is good cos I love getting into all kinds of discussions with them then there is the other kind that think they can take what ever they want from people without consequenses that is what I am dealing with right now with my man & his scorpio friend and when I decide to let loose on her look out!!! Its a shame cos I know her husband too and he is a nice guy!!

    Evidentely between her & his daughter they tried to ruin my early birthday dinner last night - I could tell when he got home something wasn't quite right & they were texting all thru dinner the only thing he said was "what did you say to cary the other night" I didn't say anything to her except for polite conversation on what she bought her kids for christmas and if it was ok for the little one to have a graham cracker & what is she allowed to drink (I always check with the parents just to make sure) and now she is so pissed off she is threating her dad about seeing the grandkids which is wrong but when I got up this AM my man left me 2 birthday cards!!! What a nice way to start my birthday!! now if I can just keep from getting sick it will be a wonderful day!!!

  • I am sorry you didn't get the job woodenmeow - but it happen for a reason & something better is in store for you early next year

  • Shadow---I will say that I am the first type of Scorpio that you described. Plus to add that I'm codependent as all get out! LOL Good luck with your Scorp that seems to have the stinger out ALL the time!

  • the stinger is going to be yanked if she doesn't stop- I can't understand why people do what they do. And his daughter is really laying it on thick threating him (I learned dont threaten a taurus) because of our relationship she wants to be the center of attention and she has been trying for years to break us up but he is slowly realizing how she really is and what his daughter fails to remember is that I know things about her & it will really hurt her father if he ever found out

    the worst is she wont let him see his grandkids which is wrong!!!! what ever your beef with your parents it doesnt invole the kids but karma has a way of coming around so both of these women will get theirs in the end

    My sister is co dependent but she is good natured even if she doesnt accept others beliefs

  • Ok, so I'm going to go by his place to get my things and break up with him. How do you all see him reacting? I mean, do you see him letting me go or try to sweet talking me into staying???

  • He will probably say go ahead and then in a few days he will contact you, I noticed when taurus get mad they say things they do not mean (I think it is because they feel hurt) & it can get ugly so just stay calm - once they work it out themselves they come around for instance my son & I got into it and he stayed mad at me for several days now he is back to normal well as normal as a teenager can be lol

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