• Scorp - I do. tell me..how was the thanksgiving ???

  • Good morning ladies I have just found & read all the postings thank you for your insights on the taurus men... whew!! I am so glad I found this thread I have been with mine for 13.5 yrs living to gether fo 12.5 and it has been a roller coaster ride.

    I do know they are insecure, narcistic & narrow minded & yes they cheat I found out mine is still seeing his"friend" still whether he has been physical in the last couple of months I do not know cos he refuses to discuss it thinks he has done nothing wrong so I have been being patient & developing my own interest and yes it includes talking to other men. I also use feeling words when I talk to him which has helped to bring our relationship even close than it was in the beginning. By feeling words I mean ex: I feel hurt & disrespected when you text or call @#$

    and I will not tolerate this" then I walk away Which is very hard for me being a sag - since i started doing this he has started to call & text me just to check on me or let me know if he is going to be late which is helping me to start to trust him again

    I have noticed there are 2 different taurus's and I have been around them all my life my father & youngest son are taurus and let me tell you the do make life interesting

    and taurus 7 is right they never forget especially if they have been hurt!!

  • Thanksgiving was pretty good. His parents and brother absolutely adore me. I actually did most of the cooking there because they wanted me to and I certainly didn't mind. I do detect a little jealousy from C because his dad actually showed me more respect and admiration than he shows C. And I can tell that C yearns for that from his dad. He's actually been pretty good this week and especially the past few days. But this morning he was sort of an a s s, don't know whether it was because he was tired or because it started to hit him how much he wants from his dad what his dad gives to me. I also think he was astonished of how much his brother bonded with me because before they got there he told me that his brother would probably be really nervous the whole time. But it was the complete opposite! His brother was joking around with me and hugging me goodbye. I just don't think C expected for his family to bod with me that well. Also, his dad and brother practically stayed in the kitchen with me asking how I was making certain things and what certain items did to certain recipes. lol I felt like I had my own cooking show on FoodNetwork!!! lol But it was fine because I love doing things like that. It just seemed like this morning that he couldn't wait for me to leave. MOODY!!!

  • Oh, another thing.....his dad jumped on C several times as to how C talks to me and being disrespectful to me. His dad took up for me the whole day telling C he needs to watch how he talks to me, telling me to pop C in the mouth (lmao) and just basically correcting C about me. You know his dad is a good man and I don't see how hard it would be for C to have with his dad the relationship and respect that he yearns from him.

    Oh, and why would he keep pics of exgf's on his phone? Plus a pair of thongs buried in the bottom of his closet? I found them, not snooping, when I was organizing his closet the other day. He said it was no big deal. What he's yet to understand/learn is that what matters is this...if it's a big deal to me, then it needs to be a big deal to him.

  • Also, is it in a Taurus guy's nature to criticize? He's constantly criticizing me about even the smallest of things. I've asked him to stop but he always says he's just joking.

  • I am so glad your day went well, as for the panties I would of pitched them!! I find taurus will criticize the person they care about because they are very insecure mine used to until I spoke to him very softly to tell him to stop - I used feeling words you might want to try something like this

    "I feel very hurt that you critized me for fill in the blank please do not do that and it is not a joke to me" mine used to yell and demand things be done his way and once I figured it out & used that technique he has been very attentive and caring of my feelings

    now if he would totally get rid of his "friend" I would be a lot more secure I heard thru the grape vine that their is trouble there and she is pushing for a more permenant relationship which he doesn't want to do. I hope she doesn't hurt her husband cos he is a nice guy

  • Scorp - I used to be bad about critiquing everyone and everything. I am worried a little though. With the wonderful reception you received from his family, I think that could alienate him more.

    Shadowmist - Hi !! So, I am gathering you are married to a Taurus and he is having an affair ?

  • Taurus---Why do you think that could alienate him more?

  • Scorp - I just have this gut feeling that instead of propelling him beyond it will push him deeper. Remember when I talked about most of what we believe in our minds is usually not accurate ? Well, with his feelings of inadequacy towards his dad and you. I just fear this will make him feel that he is right and justified to continue in his self made pity party.

  • Taurus----Yea, we had a great time this weekend until last night when we got into it about something and he's ignoring me. He's never ignored me this long.

  • Scorp - I think he is sulking about thanksgiving....I do. Yes. it is sad and pathetic, but to us Tauruses..it is very real. As soon as I read about his dad liking you and getting on him..I was like...uh-oh...

  • Hi Taurus - not yet been together 12.5 yrs he ask me twice but we never made it yet to the alter,

    but my dad was a taurus & my youngest son is a taurus & boy do they sulk!!! I have my hands full when they perceive they have been hurt or slighted in anyway & boy when they get mad they get mad!!! lol I usually just go to another room or ignore them until they are calm enough to talk to. He says no but I already busted him several times about the affair - but I do believe he is putting an end to it & he is slowly reliezing that the last 2 years about my job loss & not being able to find a full time job was not my fault

    Hang in there scorpiosc - just remember to give him praise to boost that self estem tauruses for being the bull I have found are very insecure but don't over do it you have to mean it

  • Ok, I've got a dilema, well it's been a dilema for a while now. He has a habit of going to bars/restaurants like 2 nights a week but never asks me to go and when I ask if I can go he tells me no. I've expressed to him before that it just makes him look shady. I've never dated a guy who didn't want me at a bar with him. To me it looks like he's wanting to go to bars by himself so that he can look for some other girl. Would you all feel the same way??? I don't feel that I'm being paranoid nor crazy. It's like I've told him, it would be different if I went with him every once in a while but he NEVER invites me to go and always tells me that I can't. I'm thinking that it's time to stop telling him how it makes me feel and show him how it feels by me going and sitting at a bar by myself.

  • It saddens me to see you still hanging on to this man, Scorp. All the best to you.

  • Dangala----Me too 😞

  • Big hugs to you. Don't beat yourself up.

  • Thank you Dangala! I'm really trying to get myself in a place to let him go, it's just so hard.

  • Sorry I have been away... I moved apartments and life has been crazy. I was caughting up on what has been going on with you Scorpiosc. Wow, you met his parents, but him going out doesn't seem to be right. What is he out looking for?

    I had a boyfriend, not a taurus and he would go out like that. I didn't want to crowd him so I let him be. He ended up cheating on me with a stripper. Just be careful.

    I was so busy with my move I didn't have much time to think about if I was going to contact my taurus. Thanksgiving day, to my surprise I got a text from my taurus. Saying Happy Thanksgiving day Steph. Hope you and PReston (my Cat) are throwing down. Stay warm.

    I did respond and let him know that my Mom came into town and that we were cooking.

    I am so confused with this taurus... is that a good sign that he contacted me on Thanksgiving?

  • Wooden---Yea, like I've always said "shady is shady"!! As far your Taurus, I think it's a good sign that he thought of you on a holiday. I've learned that Taurus's won't contact you at all if they aren't interested. So just sit back and be patient.

  • I am working on being patient. I thought I was really good in that dept. but not so much. My Taurus actually went back home to visit his Mom and family so my guess is that he got a little meloncolly. Can't say I didn't feel that way too.

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