• I am needing some insight to my Taurus. We dated for 3 months and then after a very nice date the next day he sent me an email telling me that he needed to focus on his career but didn't want me to vanish from his life. I was the best thing that has ever happened to him, I treated him the best of anyone. We kept in touch just through some texts here and there, but with the help of some friends they advised me not to contact him. I have been keeping myself busy, working out and working on myself. Anway, for a while he was trying to bump into me at company functions. This last weekend I bumped into him. And he called me that night, and Because of a new phone I didn't hear him call. Which was better anyway. He texted me tha next day to say hi. And then even flirted with me. So I told him I was on my way to the gym, and later on the evening he texted me to make sure I was home from the gym. The taurus called that night and we talked for about 30 mins. He asked a ton of questions since I hadn't really talked to him for about a month. He told me that he would drop me a line later on my new fancy phone. I said fine. Talk to you soon.

    Any insight would be great????

  • He told you the truth - he only wants a part-time grilfriend - someone who will be there when he wants her to be and not when he is busy with other things like his work. He is not in love with you but he does enjoy your company part-time. He doesn't want a lot of responsiblity at present in his love life as he has too much of it professionally. I also feel he wants to see other women. The question is - can you put up with this situation, because I don't see it changing anytime soon? Why would it change when it is just what he wants? Maybe you only want a part-time boyfriend and would like to see other men as well?

  • Hi, I would never expect Taurus to cheat. I spend over 5 years with Taurus (I am Virgo, he Taurus, he unexpectedly passed away 3 months ago and he was the best thing ever happened to me). They are slow to start relationship (I mean real close relationship), in my opinion it takes time for them to decide/see/feel that this one for me. But once it happens there is no way back for them. It can be that he just needed time for himself after 3 months to understand where things are going. It can be that at this time of his life he did not plane to get into serious relation due to his career but when things was going much closer then he anticipated he backed off, but him trying to bump into you, calling you, being interested what you do shows that he is still very much interested in you. My relationship started slowly as well (and years later he admitted that he felt I am for him straight away but he was not sure if I will commit to him back) and only when there was very laud "I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE" he realized that that there is no talks about me being able to commit but that I committed long time ago, he drop everything (work, friends) and moved with me (over 250 miles). I wish you luck, Tauruses are worth to wait for and fight for

  • Wooden - Update on what's going on with your Taurus???

  • I haven't heard anything from him as of yet. I am getting a crash course in Taurus's. I really don't think he is seeing other women. I agree with Missameno. I don't think his career plan included him meeting me. But he has. And now we are in a gray area.

    When he flirted with me on the text, I was on my way to the gym to spin class. He told me to spin that cute little ass to death. He hasn't done that in a very long time.

    I was pleasantly surpised. So I haven't texted him or anything. I think taurus's like to come back on their own. No pressure to him. Seems to work better this way.

    I miss him so much.

  • I know the feeling!!! They are soo friggin confusing!! I'm a Scorp, so you can imagine the intensity between us! lol We've been seeing each other for about 2 months but it seems like I've known him for 2 years! haha He told me within the first week that he loved me but then retracted it when I looked at him with a surprised look on my face, but it was a pleasant surprise look. We have some major trust issues because of our signs. We are both insecure! He's made comments from day one of hanging out about me seeing other guys, like "who you texting? your boyfriend?" "i better not catch you looking at any other *********** guys!" but then he says he's joking? Whatever! lol I'm completely devoted to him! I tell him every single time a guy hits on me or if an ex contacts me. But yet I've caught him talking to other girls when we've been out a couple of times. He says it's just "friendly"???? He's 10 years younger than me, so that plays a big part in maturity. But he does bring out the kid in me! lol He wants to spend almost every day with me when it's convenient for him, not me. The other day he told me like 10 times that he loves me but hasn't said it since???? And this week he's laying it on heavy with "baby" "my baby" "your baby", almost every text contains that. I'm thinking it's time for me to back off of him, I know it sounds like a game, but I'm not playing one,, I think it's just time to let him know that I'm not at his convenience and if he wants to spend time with me then he needs to start making more effort on his part. What you think?

  • My taurus didn't lay it on that heavy. He did do the baby baby thing. But saying he loves you so quickly would concern me. I think that being in love takes a little longer. He might be feeling like he is starting to fall in love. Not to scare you but my taurus and me were blissfully happy. He is a bit of a loner and didn't spend every waking moment with me. My taurus is 39, so I am sure that had something to do with it. I still miss him and hope that he is coming back around for me.

  • Just love us and let us come around. It can really be that simple.....

  • I just feel that he's been laying it on "heavy" this week because he may be trying to divert my attention away from figuring out exactly what's going on, him talking to another girl. He knows I'm paranoid but ONLY because of the shady stuff that he does!

  • My experience with dating a taurus was fairly negative. While he was passionate and there was a chemistry between us, generally he was controlling while demanding his own freedom, jealous and verbally abusive to me. As a mutable virgo, the level of control he displayed was shocking. Sometimes he was even psychologically abusive to me in front of his own children. I am a virgo and although taurus and virgo are supposed to be compatible this definitely wasn't the case. He also had a moon in gemini causing him a fair degree of mental instability. Neptunian features were strong in his chart while they were weak in mine. (Often his thinking seemed to be devoid of concrete reality) I found out later that he only had two planets in 'earth' and that he would not be a good choice for a long term partnership in my case. Typically taurus can be a good sign but its important to look at the other aspects in your charts. Taurus can be a loving sign but also a vindictive one if they feel they have been mistreated in some way. He had cancer rising which made him appear caring but an astrologer informed me this was not his true makeup, expecially with venus in aries. If you are interested in him, just be nice but don't pursue him.

  • Taurus 7, Scorp 72, Virgogirl -

    I am just leaving him be. I just found it interesting that he texted me last week saying that he was going to call me. But didn't. When I bumped into him he explained to me why, as if he thought I would be upset. I was very cool about it. Then he said to me alot how he was going to call me. He did call me twice and texted me to make sure I was home for him to call. Even though its a cell phone. So now I wait patiently for his next move? Yes, No?

    Scorp72, How old is this taurus?

    Virgogirl, I didn't see any signs of that. There were a few times that some of the guys at work would be flirty. And he did ask me " Do you need attention from men". When I was about to answer he said you don't need to answer me. But I did anyway.

  • Virgo - This is our charts...

    Him - 28 yrs old - May 6 ,1982 - Sun in Taurus, Venus in Aries, Mars in Libra, Moon in Scorpio

    Me - 37 yrs old - November 13, 1972 - Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Libra, Mars in Libra, Moon in Aquarius

    Wood - I would just wait but not put my life on hold for him.

  • Oh, we were texting last night but I fell asleep before he sent his last text. I replied to it at 8 this morning. He works 3rd shift. I told him that I fell asleep and replied to his text. It's been almost 3 hrs and no response to me. I even tried to call him cause I need to get a movie back of mine to take back to the store, no answer!

  • I am still keeping busy with my life, but I am not dating anyone else. I know it sounds silly but I am hoping and waiting for him to come around. After seeing him, and having him squeeze on me when he saw me. And the flirty text. These Taurus's don't say things like that they don't mean. I also know not to push a taurus. So I am laying low, and letting him come back to me. I miss him so much. He has kept a line of communication open with me for a reason. Taurus's are not known for being friends after lovers. They usually make a clean break. Am I right Taurus 7?

  • Dear Woodenmeow,

    I agree with the thoughts of Missameno. I must tell you that the thread tells me that the Tarus is younger one in the relationship.

    I am a Cancer that was married to a Scorpio but my husband had suddenly passed away from surgical complications. I went through the saddness and pain of losing my best friend, lover, and hsuband. I climbed out of the pits of grief and my heart was restored by a special person.

    Yes it is possible. The special person is a Taurus.

    He is older than me but I think that what makes the difference because he knows what he wants in a relationship.

    My advise is that aTaurus wants a partner to actually care for him from A-Z. Do not pretend in this relationship.Be homest and open. You must give your total self to them.

    I know he loves me because of the verbal and non-verbal actions. I think we both found a gem in the sand.

    Love the second time around,


  • only meant to keep busy with things, not necessarily dating. lol I know what you mean by laying low though. He finally text me about an hr ago saying that he fell asleep and that phone was on vibrate. Hes back to calling me his baby again! lol Mr. Moody!! lol

  • Rooster 5 sorry to hear about your loss. That must be a very hard thing to go through. But it sounds like you have found someone very special.

    Scorpiosc... he sounds like he is courting you pretty good. Sorry for the old fashioned term.

    In my situation with my Taurus. I think he got scared and needed to take a step back. He is a very career driven taurus. I am just standing on the side-lines for him. He is really worth waiting for.

  • Wooden - I don't know if it's called courting! lol We've actually only been out to dinner 2 times and out to the clubs about 3 times, but we have gone on 2 trips to the beach and we've only been seeing each other 2 months! lol

  • I was seeing my taurus for about 2 and half months when he decided to take a step back from everything. And I was crushed. I have never clicked with someone like I do with the Taurus.

  • I'm a taurus too, and although they are a lot of things in common with what Missameno and Rooster5 are saying, I would still not generalize...

    for example...

    things I agree with...

    it's true I don't like to waist my time with someone I'm not into for something more...

    and yes we do take things slow... but true once I decide in one interest then I pursue it or at least make sure he stays in my life

    very honest as well... I'm also career oriented and yes I enjoy my time and freedom... but we are faithful... at least I try (oops)...

    I do have a temper and yes I'm jealous, personally I have some trust issues, not sure if its because "I'm a taurus", but more about my upbringing and experiences in life...

    possessive?? not sure... but I do like to know where I stand with the other person so there are not surprises...

    we are sweet and romantic, passionate people 🙂

    I believe its true and fair what he told you about his career and wanting you in his life... that's a good thing to say 🙂

    perhaps next time he contacts you, you can ask him, "you mentioned you wanted me in your life but didn't say if as a friend or as a romantic relationship and it'll help me to know what your thoughts are" then he might be honest and say something...

    but beware when asking a question like that we have to be prepared for all kinds of answers...

    but talking about it might also help him know where you stand and how you feel towards him... and give him time to think about the answer if he needs time...

    good luck wish you the best!!

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