• wow Taurus7 I agree with almost everything in your last post!! sometimes it seemed I was reading about myself, lol... I'm 32... about falling in love, needing people/friends, sorting through emotions... fear of rejection and loss... hate to be smothered... cover up, avoidance, partial disclosure... guilty of that too...

  • happy..we have a Taurus thread in the anything goes forum..it is called here goes anything goes.....just a few of tauruses jelling...i think you would like it !! that is why I posted..I thought it reigned true...

  • Taurus-I SOOOOO get what you are saying on so many levels!! You and I must share some kind of astrological sign or something because I am the SAME way when it comes to being needed, being in love with love, fear of rejection and loss, devastated by loss of life, etc! I like to be alone too but hate feeling lonely!

    I sooo understand what you are saying about my taurus as well! Its funny that you say that because one of my friends told me from the beginning that my taurus feels like I'm out of his league. I am a 38 year old who's been divorced and has had several unsuccesful relationships but they were long term. I have a well established job with alot of people who look up to me. And I can so see where he would feel inferior to me. But I bend over backwards to not make him feel that way. I'm constantly complimenting him and supporting him no matter what he wants to do. A while back he mentioned that he wanted to go back to college. I've told him on many occasions, including tonight, that I totally support him and would do anything that was within my power to get him there and through it! I do believe that my life, career, experience and education level does intimidate him but I so totally don't throw that in his face, he just knows that it exists. I do refrain on alot that I want to say to him and tell him so that he doesn't feel anymore inferior that what he already does. And I know alot of the controlling things that he does, he does to try and put me below his level, if you know what I mean. I've told him that I know that I can go overboard on some things and that I can be intense, hey i'm a scorpio, but i do it because I'm such a passionate person about what I believe in and the people that I care about. I tried to talk to him tonight about what he said the other night about being just friends and keeping our options open. I asked him if he really wanted me to talk to and see other men, he said no. But when I asked him if he wanted to see others he said "yeano", yes people read that again. What the heck is yea-no??? I told him that it would be a good idea for him to make up his mind what he wanted because it wouldn't be fair to me nor respectful if I were being completely devoted to him if he wasn't being completely devoted to me. He just shrugged me off and told me "I don't want to fight with you!!!". How was that fighting???? I was just trying to clear the air and get us on the same page. But he always does that, blows me off and says he doesn't want to argue/fight with me when it's a subject that he doesn't want to talk about or a question that he doesn't want to answer. I refuse to be an option or a backup person! I told him that I wasn't giving him an ultimatum but that he needed to make up his mind and stick with it. And, of course, he throws the "I love you" out there about 3 times. I just don't know how to talk to him about issues that concern me! He's always changing the subject BUT when he wants to talk about issues, you better believe we're gona discuss it right then and there!!!!

  • Scorp good for you for putting your cards on the table. I do think that some of what Taurus 7 rings true with my taurus. He thinks he is doing me a favor because he can't give me the time he thinks I deserve. My taurus also mentioned to a mutual friend that I since I haven't ever been married that I haven't been down the same road he has. He almost made it seem like a bad thing that I haven't ever been divorced. I have never heard that from anyone.

    I went last night and bought him a funny halloween card, and actually are making him some fresh cookies. Should I not give this to him?

    I wanted to do it since he likes cookies, but i was also hoping that he can start to truely trust me that I won't hurt him. No fear of rejection.

    When I go over to where he works all his friends tell me how "he loves me". That is news to me. They said that when he talks about me, he smiles and lights up.

    This man confuses me to no end.

    As for the psychic reading... not sure that there was anyone in the room like that... let me know if their is.

  • Wooden - My own personal opinion, I wouldn't give him anything. That's nothing to do with astrological signs, that's just male/female stuff. Make him miss you, and by giving him anything makes him think that YOU think of him all the time. I know that what you're doing, you're doing because of out of the goodness of your heart. But trust me that can backfire on you quickly. By the things you've done so far, he knows you're interested and that you care. And that's all you need him to know for now. You're not giving him anything to go on to be lonely, but what you're doing is trying to keep you in his head so that he hopefully doesn't forget about you. I may be totally wrong, but I've done the same stuff you're doing now, which is overcompensating. And trust me, I'm so good at dishing out advice but I can't take my own! LOL

  • Wooden - I agree with Scorp. he knows how you feel, knows how to get a hold of you. I say, let go and see what happens.

  • Taurus - Let me guess, you're gona get back to me? HAHAHA

  • Scorp !! You crazy girl....I do have to process things and yes....we connect very well.....lol

  • Taurus - I'm gona start a new thread about unevolved taurus males, see what folks have to say. But continue to post on this thread. 🙂

  • Ok - except...simple unevolved males is normal ...isn't it ?? lol Except for a few.....

  • Taurus - I agree with that but just wanting to see if there are any similarities between an unevolved Taurus male and controlling boyfriend. hmmmm

  • I hope everyone had a good Halloween. On Friday my Company does a big deal with Halloween. I dressed up like the girl on Flashdance. Anway, I went over to the other location and bumped into my taurus. We (bunch of people) and he & me ate lunch together. I was making him and the others laugh. When I get nervous that is what I do, it breaks the ice. He thanked me for his treats on his desk. I told him he was welcome. A few times at the table he looked over at me and locked eyes, and smiled. As I was about to leave he thanked me again, I said No biggie, I thought the card was funny. Then later that same evening he sent me a text message on his way home from work. It said " Thanks for the sweets, It was great seeing you. I think you left Larry with a black eye". Larry is a mutual friend of ours, I was picking on him at the lunch table.

    Any thoughts...

  • Wooden - I think you should let him pursue you from this point forward. No more treats, no more initiating contact. Let him come to you. He knows you're interested, so let it fall where it's supposed to. 🙂

    Here's my dilema! I'm SOOOO flippin confused by mine!!! Remember how he told me the other wknd that we should just be friends and keep our options open?? Well, we went out Sat night by his request. BTW, he was TWO hours late and I had text him and told him that he had crossed THE line with me. Well, he's done a 180 since then. The whole night he kept saying he loved me, how much of a good woman I was, kissing me, carresing me, etc etc. Well, we stayed up til 9 am Sunday morning talking about us. He flip flops...one minute he says that we should just be friends when I call him out on his extreme affectionate behavior, to just turn around 10 min later being affectionate AGAIN!. He calls me frequently ALONG with his usual texting. We stayed up ALL night last night after going to the movies. We talked AGAIN. He told me that he doesn't like labels, I told him that I never tried to put a label on us, only trying to see where we stand because his actions were not meeting up with his words. He said that he's commited to me but that we are just friends with our options. ???? WTH???? We did have a GREAT time, he's even asked me to spend Thanksgiving with him and asked me what I wanted for my bday and that he's going to make plans (it's next Saturday). Whether he follows through is another story. I just don't get it. How can you sit there and tell someone that you love them 20 times in one day, be affectionate (no sex) with them, make future plans with them, etc to say "we're just friends but we're commited"????? Someone PLEASE explain!! My head is SPINNING!

  • Wow. That would be confusing to anyone. My taurus didn't really do that. When we were together he never said girlfriend, but I always knew it was just us.

    He sounds like he is confused, but he does LIKE you or he wouldn't be spending as much time with you. By some of things he is doing he sounds young. I used to date another Taurus and he was a little like that. Always said we were just friends, but everyone else knew otherwise. Never really wanted a committment. We went very fast and furious in the begining and then three months in he started to distance himself. So just be careful. Make sure your still doing stuff for yourself. Don't wrap your life up so quickly for him.

    My older Taurus is more mature. He just can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

  • I just am so lost right now. I am backing off from him. Hope that Taurus7 can give insight.

  • So I haven't heard anything from him for about a week and half. I sometimes don't like the silence between my taurus and I. I have conflicting answers. Do Taurus's like to be pursued or do the pursuing?

  • woodenmeow... just in casa a male had a different perspective than me a female, I asked a Taurus friend of mine his point of view in general and here I copy paste our talk...

    HappyDoc says:

    one question... before you were in a comitted relationship with Monica... were you the pursuer if you liked someone? or did you like when the girls came to you straightforward??

    Friend says:

    LOL Random question, eh? Probably has nothing to do with anything.

    HappyDoc says:

    it's random

    but i need your insight

    Friend says:

    I was generally the pursuer (and the one being rejected) because I've never been a "hunk" that chicks go after. But it was nice when it was the other way around. Flattering (and ego healing) even if I wasn't interested in the pursuer. It didn't happen very often, though.

    OK that was all... hope it helps... he doesn't believe in astrology... though...

  • :-(( I'm sorry Wooden. Hopefully, Taurus7 or someone can give you insight. Mine has done a complete 180 on me and is being EXTREMELY good and attentive to my needs/wants. I don't want to rock the boat! LOL

  • Girls, i am here, but I am in such a funk, I can't even pay attention to thoroughly read, much less answer......I will try. But I can guarantee ou...it will be slow.

  • Taurus7 - Are you in a funk because of something personal or astrological?

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