• Taurus - For instance, yesterday he told me we would hang out tonight. Well, I haven't heard from him since around lunch time and he never even mentioned tonight. That's just typical behavior for him.

  • Taurus - Ok, now keep in mind that I am a Scorpio and a codependent! lol hmmmm, making lists aren't easy cause I can be so ADD! lol

    1. We have a blast when we are together. Whether it's just hanging out at home or out on the town.

    2. He can have an adventurous side to him

    3. He makes me feel young.

    4. We joke and kid around ALOT!!

    5. His affection can be intoxicating!

    6. He's a caregiver when he wants to be, but when he is I love it!

    7. He's hot! lol

    8. When he's open, he's OPEN! Within the first few weeks of seeing each other, he had already gave me the phone to talk to his parents. lol

    9. Being and looking at him, I see so many traits in him that I have. It's like looking in a mirror.

    10. Did I mention he's hot?? lol No, that's not what I'm about but it does help! lol

    11. When he's on with me, I'm walking on cloud 15, yea not 9! lol

    12. The physical attraction is completely undeniable for both of us.

    So now you want the dislikes? lol

  • Not yet on the dislikes..ok..so I completely understand the HOT !! J is so damn sexy !! lol Hey...it matters to a girl...lol

    Ok, so it sounds like to me that you can see into who he truly is. Right ?

    That's what we want. We can be such messes sometimes. But we need to be seen and understood for that which is in us that we want to come to the fron. Does that makes sense.

    i do not now about any other Taurus, but I can say for myself, i have lost myself in my thoughts....they can go so deep. Many times through the day I have to make myself come to the surface. i do. I have often been told that I am as confusing as all get out. And I can understand that. We are so multi-dimensional.

  • Taurus - Its funny because the times that I've tried to tell him that I know him better than he knows himself, he just blows me off like I don't know what I'm talking about. I am a Scorpio and you know how we are! lol We are the direct opposites of you all, we have a sixth sense. I also have so much life experience. I know him so well because he is so me inside and out, but it's his motives that I question ALOT!! And that's what we Scorps do, always questioning peoples motives! lol And I can TOTALLY understand what you mean by getting so deep in thought!! I STAY in my head, my head is always in overdrive. People tell me to relax, I can't and they don't understand that it's just the astrological symptom. They laugh at me about astrology. 😞

  • Oh, he looks just like Robert Pattinson!! lol! I'm Bella!! hahahaha

  • Scorp !! Too funny !! So, here is what you have to do. I can tell you care for him. I still think friendship is the best route right now. I do. But you have to figure out how to get him to understand himself. Not for any potential future for you both. But bc he needs help. He will either receive it or reject it. I say if he rejects it, don't waste too much time.

  • It's funny you say that because he has an alcohol problem and he's made the comment several times that he wants me to help him but when I tell him that I can't help him that I can only support him, he tries to blow it off like he was just joking when he asked for my help. But it's funny what you say about being just friends because he's not treating me as just a friend the past 2 days, you know?

  • after reading some of the advice. I am wondering where I stand with my taurus. Last week he texted me a few time to make sure we talked. Now I am waiting to hear from him again. He said he would text me, but who knows when that will be in taurus time.

    I am just wondering where I stand with my taurus.

    My friends keep telling me alot of taurus's have fear of rejection. Is that why he is dragging his feet. I should probably also mention that he has been married 2 times before. Once when he was too young, and the other he rushed into quickly. Since he moves like a snail I found it strange that his second marriage he got married after 6 months.

    So my big question is where do I stand with my taurus? Does he want more than friendship?

  • Wooden - have you guys been intimate ?

    Scorp - I have to think on yours for awhile. I will post later tonight.

  • I would like to throw this question out there. How would a Taurus test you and your faithfulness? Would they hold back on s*x to see if you would stray???

  • We have been intimate but it's been a while. And I guess when he was thinking about what he wanted to do with me. The last month of our relationship he didn't initicate anything too physical. Just kissing and hand holding. I'm not sure I mentioned his birthday is 5/15/1971, and mine is 3-19-1974.

    I haven't done anything to make him go away. No cheating, or lying. I still am holding on to hope he will come back to me.

    His favorite Holiday is Halloween, so I am making some goodies and getting him a Funny Halloween card. Do you think that is ok? I am just leaving it on his desk. No communication needed....

    Taurus insight?

  • Wooden - Yea, what's up with the physical part??? I'm in the same boat! At first, he couldn't get enough of me! And in the past month, he'll only initiate like MAYBE 2 times a week. He said that he wants me to initiate, so when I do he either tells me "maybe" or that he's tired or he'll blow me off. WTH???? I thought Taurus's loved s*x!

  • I think they do, but remember my Taurus is 39 and it's not as big of a priority as younger taurus's. I don't think S*x is everything to them. Its more about the emotions and they think about things ALOT. At least from what I can gather.

    Mine told me he didn't want to just use me for physical pleasure. So that is why we had stopped. I didn't try initicate things with him, but I still wonder if I did would he have stopped me or not.

    Now I live in a state of Limbo with my Taurus, who I think really still likes me. Since he can't give me 110% of him, he will basically give me Nothing.

  • well, folks the lightbulb finally came on. He's a controlling boyfriend. All the classic symptoms. 😞 We all know what that means....

  • Your Taurus is controlling?

    I dont think mine is...?

  • http://mentalhealthedce.com/courses/contentCR/secCR16.html

    2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 19, and especially 10.

  • I see that he is unsure, though wants to have an established career. We Taureans know we can't have everything all at once, but we also have to provide comfort and stability to ourselves and whomever we want to spend a significant and intimate part of or lives with. Perhaps your Taurus isn't there yet in the career department. However, he needs to be forthright with you in terms of where you stand. Good luck!

  • Scorp72, I read the link that you posted and all those things are serious... you cannot be with someone that is THAT controlling...

    woodenmeow and you are in different situations...

    woodenmeow, you have nothing to fear in giving him that Halloween gift in person, just be light and fun, as a friend, you can even call him, is not a big deal to do it once in a while... can you be his friend?

    unfortunately knowing who can treat us very well and really loving that person are completely different things... I'm not saying anything about his feelings for you... you need to find that out either by being close to him as a friend... or by starting going out with other people...

    Maybe you should let him miss you very very much...

    I also think that when Tauruses get hurt (like divorce) it takes a long long time to recover, have you tried asking a psychic in here for advice??

  • I agree, wooden and I are in different situations. I was just putting my info on here.

  • Scorp & Wooden - I am leaning towards Happy's comments. I have been thinking about this all day. I am going to be honest. Please remember that everything I say is from past experiences where I can relate to the situations that you have posted.

    When it comes to falling in love, even though I have been really,, really, really hurt, I cannot keep myself from experiencing it. I love to be in love, if that makes sense. i will say, for a taurus, bc of my life experience I do think maybe I am a little more evolved than your Tauruses, but I think being in love is a common trait in us. I fall in love with almost everyone and everything. Whether it be an animal, a friend, a pice of art work my kids created just for me, an injured bird, etc.

    I NEED people, things, animals, plants to thrive. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. When something dies, it devastates me. I like to be alone, but I hate to be lonely. I love people, but I cannot stand to be smothered. I love multi tasking. The more chaos to right, the better I am. I love to help people. Help them get what they need.

    Now, with all that said, here is why I do that and feel that way. I fear rejection, i fear betrayl, I fear being hurt, I fear loss. However, I can rebound. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard, but I always land on my feet.

    I often appear neurotic, depressed, hyper, but I truly am not. It is just me sorting through the emotions. Figuring out what my next step should be, for the benefit of all parties concerned. Always, my feelings are last on the list. I am ok with that. I am. It makes me, me.

    Now, with that said...wooden, I think your guy likes you, but not enough to commit. Probably bc you are young and have not been where he has been, so in his mind, he is sparing you and giving you a gift. But, if he was truly honest with himself, and could be completely honest with you, there is something just not working for him. This does not mean there is anything wrong with you at all. We do not like to hurt feelings, bc we do not like ours hurt, so we will do things that we sometimes do not want to do to spare feelings. My advice, leave him alone, see what he does and there is your answer.

    If he cannot see how amazing you are...totally his loss.

    Scorp - your situation is totally different. I think your guy totally cares about you, but is feeling so inferior to you. Almost embarrassed and that is why the constant back and forth. Like no matter what he does he cannot measure up to what HE wants to be for YOU !! Not you wanting it, but him. we can be so hot and cold like that. I can bet you that he knows you are great for him, but the fear of failure ( that is a big one too) can over ride many of our actions. I have actually lied before, bc I did not want to disappoint a loved one. Crazy huh ? But true. Thankfully, I am over that. It is so hard for me to disappoint or hurt. That is how deep our emotions run. But I can guarantee you that being a user is really not something a Taurus does. At least not from my experience. Now, admittance, cover up, avoidance, partial disclosure...ya...guilty of that.

    Girls, I hope I have helped. I am sorry if any feelings are hurt. i truly am. I am worried about that right now. But, in the end, I decided it was only fair to be has honest as I could based on my own personal 42 years of being a Taurus.

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