• Scorp - I really think this guy is just not sure where he is. Therefore, he can't even begin to think where you both are at this time. it's like, you know you want something or someone, but due to all the life circumstances, is that the RIGHT thing to do. And usually, it is us that have the problems, we get far to introspective (just look at this post and the previous ones of mine,lol) and you can see that.

    When a Taurus is a mess everything around them is a mess. Just look at our namesake the bull......when they are out of control..they are fierce beasts, yet, when they are calm, all is well.

    I can tell you from my own experience, I have ALWAYS been my own worst enemy. it has taken me many years of thinking, faith, prayer and soul searching to become comfortable with who I am, what I have done ( and not done). It is not an easy process.

    I really think the best thing you can do for this guy, is help him figure himself out. help him heal, then see what comes out of that. It sounds like to me, what he needs more than anything is a really, really, really good friend. That's just my opinion.

  • Yeah I agree with Taurus7, besides I also appreciate friendship, REAL friendship above romantic relationships.

    I mean the person I love I want them to be my friends above all so I know I can trust them and they can trust me no matter what... after that once we figure out whoever is the person we want in our lives forever then we make a decision...

    of course, might be easy for me to say this... I'm not married...

    So for scorpiosc and for woodenmeow, I'd say dont be afraid of your taurus man and enjoy their friendship/ company and talk openly or if you dont want to bring the subject up, just play it by ear...

    I'm still confused by donnamae92's husband...

    Taurus7 hahaha it's so true what you said that when we are a mess everything around us is a mess... so true...

  • Happy - I agree about friendship and at least for me now, I will NEVER date someone unless I know we are friends and compatabile 1st.

    The only thing I can think of regarding Donna's husband is, he had to be feeling very unhappy for a VERY long time and never once communicated it. I feel sorry for her, but if that is the best he can do after such a lengthy marriage, I don't think he was ever the man she thought he was.

  • Taurus and Happy - I totally see where you are coming from. We Scorps tend to be our own worst enemies as well. LOL I will say that during the whole "relationship", I have been totally supportive of anything that he does or wants to do. After what you all have said and some deep thought, I have come to the conclusion that I will just kind of take a step back and let him come to me. I've been letting him initiate contact the past few days. I'm just going to go with the flow and continue to support him as a friend and see where it goes. Let me throw this in here though, as Tauruses, why would he ask me how much money I make? He asked me that the day before but said that I didn't have to tell him if I didn't want to.

  • Dear Scorp72,

    I can answer that question. The Taurus predominate house is number 2 which concerns finances, possessions, ethical principles, gains or losses. I agree with the statements from HappyDoc and Taurus7.

    In a relationship with a Taurus it is very important to be a loyal friend first then a romantic partner. I agree with Taurus 7 that compatability is important in tthe equation. In fact, when my Taurus husband met through a dating service our compatability was almost identical.

    I agree with both Taurus7 and HappyDoc that both trust and frienship are very important in a relationship with your Taurus.

    I myself am a Cancer and the Taurus loves the nurturing and caring that comes from this sign.I give my Taurus advice and step back to let them make the final decision. You must give them room... remember who they are in the relationship.

    Loving a Taurus,


  • I was told that after you date a taurus and they are really done with you, then they cut all ties.

    Mine hasn't cut ties and Scorp72 doesn't sound like he has done the same. My Taurus was very strong in saying that he didn't want me to vanish from his life. I feel like since he doesn't know where I "fit it" his life. He has stuck me in a box, like a toy he likes but just cant play with right now. I am very loyal to him even though our relationship is on a purely platonic level.

    I am still waiting for him to come around for me.

  • Wooden - 😞 I sooo feel you on the part about being a toy. I am NOT one to ever play games in a relationship and I know Tauruses don't like games either, but when he pulls away it makes me want to pull away as well. I just kind of feel like he's using me and playing with my emotions because this isn't the first time he's thrown us back into the "just friends" category, but he's also the one that continues to put us back in the "relationship gf/bf" category. Ok, Tauruses, should I make him chase me a little bit? Not be so available to him when HE wants to see me?

  • I am not a taurus but in my opinion you should be not available to him always. I always jumped when my taurus would ask me to meet up. Now, I wished I wouldn't. When you tell him you have plans don't make it like your going out to meet with other guys, just going to starbucks with the girls. Something non-threating.

    When I saw my Taurus last Sunday and I was with one of my girlfriends he said to both of us. What are you girls up to? I said we are going out and he replied "Oh, for Drinks" I said nope, just to Starbucks to hang out. I know when i said that, it put his mind at ease.

    I never played games with my Taurus. They don't like that, plus I am not that kind of girl.

  • Wooden - It's funny you say that because even if I did that, I would STILL get accused!! LOL!!! One time, a girlfriend of mine that he's met before and is even on his FB, via me, was coming through town and asked me to meet her at a restaurant (fast food) for like 30 min so that she could eat and we could catch up. Well, I told him where I was going while I was en route to meet her. I even text back and forth with him while I was with her. But a little later when I got to his place, he accused me of being on a date with another guy, he said he was joking but we ALL know there was no joke in that! LOL I absolutely DESPISE games!!!

  • Sounds like he was only saying he was joking as to not look like a possive type of guy. My Taurus isn't that possive. What do you think about the situation with my taurus?

  • Wooden - MOST DEFINATELY trying to play off the "joking"! LOL I think mine, and yours too, wants the benefits of a gf (us giving them attention, conversation, company, affection, sx) without having to actually commit to us. Maybe they are stringing us along until they find someone better. I don't necessarily think that our Taurus's are seeing someone else, but MAYBE talking to other women. And by not being actually commited to us, then that eases their concience (or do they have one??). But they want us when it's convenient for THEM, not us. It's a tad narcissistic. I should've seen all the signs because my exbf, who I dated for 4 years, was a narcissist. He and Mr. Taurus have some of the same qualities. I know that I should run but it's just hard right now. As far as yours is concerned, I would say this...go get the book "Why Men Love Bt*hes" and keep it with you at ALL times! lol I would say back off from him and let him come to you but ALWAYS keep your eyes open because I have learned this so far, it's about their actions NOT what comes out of their mouths, unfortunately! 😞

  • I have gotten that book before, and it didn't do me much good. Being like that just isnt' me. I just miss my Taurus. I keep hoping he will come around.

  • Wooden - you are right. When we are done, we are DONE. Let me just say though, it takes A LOT, I mean A LOT for that to happen. However, there are certain things that speed the process, like betrayl. One of my 1st boyfriends cheated on me. broke my heart. We broke up, I grieved hard, but when he tried to come back..I was like NOPE ! I just couldn't. It was broken beyond repair.

  • Scorp - we Tauruses are curious. I ask the most random questions, with no motive except I just want to know. Like my crab J took his youngest son paint balling for his birthday this past weekend. I texted him and asked..."is there a purpose to paint balling other than shooting other people with pain ?" his reply..NO...lol I thought abuot it for like 20 minutes..I texted this back..." if I were to ever go paint balling.....there would be teams with matching shirts and a winner..." His response....lol See.....weird, we are weird and crazy and fun !! lol

    But I can promise you that myself, I am not a game player at all and stringing someone along is not even something that I think I know how to do.

  • Taurus - I understand random questions but wasn't that a little personal for him to ask seeing as how he did break up with me the night before he asked that. lol I know that you aren't a game player but with him, I'm still not quite sure because of things that he has done. Like I said before, his words really don't match up with his actions. And he's still referring to me as his by saying "my baby", etc. My head is spinning! lol

  • I agree with Taurus 7, when we are done, we are DONE! once decided that IS NOT the person I want to be romantically involved, I make sure they know about it...

    Me too don't like games, so I don't hug or caress someone without a reason for it...

    and the random questions!! lol

    I like to read about similarities, I don't feel so "odd" anymore...

    Although guys are different... I wish there was a taurus guy here in the forum... to hear their advice...

  • Scorp - I do see what you are saying. This guy is in what I will refer to as a tail spin. He really needs to get it together. remember what i said if I am a mess so is everything around me ? Well, that is his reality right now.

    But I get it. You like him. Genuinely. We are very likable people. I have never met a stranger. I love and adore people.

    The best way you can help him match his actions to his words...be precise in thought with him. Not condescending, not superior, but real.

  • happy - so funny.....someone once told me the only stupid question is the one that was NOT asked....ya..they should've thought about that before saying that to me !! lol

  • Happy - I had to laugh when I read your post!!! lol I've already determined that he's weird along with wishy washy. Unevolved Taurus? Probably! lol I just feel like he treats me at HIS convenience, I'm so done with that but don't know how to tell him that. We need to seek an unevolved and evolved Taurus guy on here!!! lol

  • Scorp - at least we know our weirdo selves !! lol

    i have a question for you...would you list what you like about him ?

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