• I think it is both. But remember, it is all only based in his fears and thoughts. it has nothing to do with you. he just needs to work it out. I think for him specifically, he is already feeling inadequate with you, he would hate any encounter with any family member that would embarrass farther in your eyes.

    I know you don't feel that way towards him, but he does.

  • Taurus---I agree with that. From the conversations we've had in the past, he always says things like I would love his parents and insinuates that they would love me. His also has a brother who is schizo but is on medicine. Do you think he feels that his parents would love me more than they love him? Just asking that because I know we've stated on here before that he may have some issues with trying to gain his father's love.

  • Scorp - it could be. But all that stems from is feelings of inadequacy. Trust me, I have dealt with those feelings for years. I think it is just a really bad flaw in our nature. I cannot find any actual proof in my past as to why I felt that way. Just assumptions in my head.

  • Taurus--I'm finally getting to the point of not taking it personal when he does things that he does. Have you found that most Taurus's are narcissistic? Not saying that you are but he seems to have some narcissistic qualities.

  • Scorp - well...kinda...lol I can be the worlds best martyr...........just ask J. He reminds me all the time.....keep it simple babe...keep it simple. Hard for me to do since I am such a complex creature..lol

  • Taurus---lol!!! I totally understand about being complex! lol He and I actually talked Friday about how well I know him better than he will admit! lol I'm Scorpio and he has a Scorpio moon. So he is so much like me that it's scary. The only thing that he lacks that I have is the ability to really read people and their minds. I actually let my guard down and explained to him about the reading of minds, etc. We Scorpios are what I call the "witchcraft" of the zodiac. lol We Scorpios are extremely selective of people that we let into that part of our minds/world. We have such complex minds and extremely intuitive minds. We, somehow, know what others are thinking. Trust me, it's not a gift I like to have sometimes! lol At first he was like "you're full of

    " but then as I told him little quirks about me that he also has, he totally changed his perspective of me. I've tried to tell him so many times that I am a simple person with simple needs/wants but I do have a complex mind! Now he understands and I believe that he is beginning to appreciate it. Thank you Taurus for being such a big help and for all your wonderful advice! Keep it coming and please keep us informed of when you are having mood swings so that we can be prepared! lol

  • Scorp - LOl Mood swings !! nah..I just charge..LMAO !! Just ask J.....I charged him saturday..and well.....he deserved it..;) Actually i think the problem is, we scare the holy shamoly out of one another, only bc we get each other so well.

    I am so happy for you and your Taurus..he needs you. He does. So tell me...are you Scorps more intuitive than cancers ?? BC J always knows what I am feeling way before I do. And, let me just say, that our connection...if I am ever single again, I am looking for a scorp !! lol 🙂

  • Taurus---I think we scare the bejeesus out of each other as well! LOL He charged me Saturday as well but immediately apologized, NEVER done that before, especially the way he apologized! LOL I know that he needs me and that's why I've hung in there for so long no matter what he's done to me. We are soooooo much more intuitive than Cancers! LOL Google it! LOL We had such an amazing weekend and hope that it continues, but I've got my guard up and just being patient with him.

  • Sorry I haven't written I had some family in town and have been running around. I haven't heard from my Taurus as of yet. I have wanted to text him from time to time, but I don't want to pester him. Last week I was the one who told him about me applying for another job within our company. Taurus 7, for whatever reason he does have an odd way of flirting with me on text and email. I am just not one of those people that thinks everyone wants me. And with the back and forth of the relationship, I didn't want to see something that might not really be there.

    Is there anything I should be doing that I am not?

    I really thought I was a paticent person, but its hard to stay away from him. I miss him so much.

  • Taurus---did you leave us?? LOL

  • Nope ! lol just busy..sorry.

    Wooden - I say reach out to him. really. Get your flirt on and go for it !!

    Scorp - J and I are the exact same way. We just can't stay mad at each other or stay apart. 🙂 It will be 11 months tomorrow for us.

  • Taurus---Congratulations!!!! We can't stay mad at each other for more than a few hours! lol I'm actually excited about meeting his family on Thursday. His dad asked today what kind of wine I wanted, red or white! 🙂 He does hold on to grudges though. Meaning anytime we get into an argument/disagreement, he always finds a way to bring up a past situation between us. Why are Taurus's that way? I can be that way too though! lol But he's much worse at bringing it up!! lol

  • Scorp !! That is a really cool question. Here is my best answer. It really isn't a grudge. We can forgive almost anything, even multiple times. But we DO NOT forget a thing. Unfortunately, we can be very one sighted in our versions of the hurt. meaning, we can forget our part of the equation. But remember, we keep so much hidden, that it is very hard for us to strip ourselves bare and be vulnerable. I imagine for a Taurus male it is even harder. Just bc they ARE male.

    I have found for myself that what i should be saying instead is this..look, don't go there. I have forgiven X, when I think Y is actually the problem. Now, if you wanna talk about Y then let's...however....Don't go to Z or I will go to X when we need to really be talking about Y.

    Did that make any sense ? lol

  • Makes plenty of sense!!! Example on in my instance, when we get into a disagreement about him talking to other girls while HE is out with his friends, he says that it's just friendly conversation and then always brings up the time we were out with my friends and they pulled him away from talking to a strange girl and embarrassed him by calling him out on his disrespect to me. But he always twists it around so that it makes it look like he was mr. innocent and my friends were totally in the wrong! X is my friends calling him out and Y is him talking to other girls while he is with me while I'm not around him but heaven forbid that I even look at another guy!!! Does that make sense????

  • Scorp - Perfect sense !! lol Especially since he is a guy. Do you think it was innocent. BC most tauruses I know are not very good liars. Now, perception is a whole nother beast. We can perceive something to be true when it isn't. Very, very, very bad trait.

  • I've actually caught him a couple of times talking to other women in bars. There was this one time that he went out with the guys then text me later to come up to the bar, which was fine. So I went up there and as I walked in there was hardly anyone there. As I walked closer to him, I saw him sitting by a female and as I got closer she was putting a plate of wings in a styrofoam container and handed it to him. I played it cool. I sat on the other side of him and he turned to me, didn't even introduce me to the girl but didn't turn back to her either. So later, before we left, he turned to her and shook her hand saying that it was nice to meet her. Then he did the strangest thing. He slid a piece of paper/napkin to her, she just looked at him and me really odd. I asked him what that was about and he said it was nothing, just a piece of trash. I didn't say anything til we got in the car. I told him "Do I look stupid???!!!" He tried to act all innocent saying that it was a piece of trash. WHATEVER!!!! I am not stupid!! He was drunk and gave her his number! I told him that if he ever did that crap again that he would be left by himself and to never call me again!!!!

  • We Tauruses normally don't cheat if we are really committed to and serious with someone but it doesn't sound like you two are very committed - at least he isn't. I think you are more serious than he is.

  • Denise--So what do you suggest that I do. We've been seeing each other for a little over 3 months. Have you read all of my posts about this guy?

  • Scorp - I think he is changing. Especially over the last week. maybe not so much changing as calming down and realizing things.

  • Taurus---I think he is changing too but Denise's words really struck me last night, you know?

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