Question for Shuabby

  • Dear Shuabby

    Hope you are well.

    I would greatly appreciate if you are able to give me an insight into a question I have.

    Do you see any connection/development between me and a guy named Daniel (ard 34 years old or so). I am a 28 year old single female.

    Many thanks


  • hello Mia1982,

    I do feel that Daniel is a good match for you. He seems to have a steady almost soft flowing energy, does he sit at a desk or teach as I feel he is a teacher of sorts. He does like you and will show it in romantic ways. Do not expect love verses from him at a fast speed , as I feel he will want to move slow and steady. He is a stand up type of man and you will respect him in the long run for his standards. Does he have a son? As I feel a son around him. He will be a very good father and seems to just flow with children here. Take that camping trip with him and let him light the fire of your love that just may last a lifetime.

  • Hi Shuabby

    Thanks for your reading.

    The only issue is that it seems he is with someone else and am pretty gutted about it. So not like I can do anything about it. So not sure how we would end up together if at all even.

  • Hello Mia1982,

    So Daniel is married?

  • Nope he is not. If he was I would not even go there.

    He does not have a son, I think what you saw is his flatmates son. He lives with a couple who has one I think.

    The person he is seeing, not sure what the story is but it seems they are dating.

  • Dear Mia1982

    Have you let Daniel know that you are interested in him?

    I feel that for you dear that you need to go out more and socialize and find a man that will be drawn to you with an A in his first name I sense and hear the name of Adam coming in here. He will be a fun social man , yet he does have a good heart underneth this front he sets up. He will be quite attractive in appeareance and I feel he can even dance. Look for him to give you Valentine candy, and you will be very happy with him.

  • Whats the point in telling him if he is with someone? :(. I really have strong feelings for him for a long time now. He is always on my mind.

  • Hi Shuabby

    Should I let him know? How does he feel about me on his end?


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  • bump 🙂

  • Hi Shuabby,

    can i ask a quick question please, it for a lady at work for her son. her son nathan is finishing uni in a weeks time and has been since he got his teaching number has been doing some causal work but she was wondering if hed get an actual postion

    Nathan Charles Wolter DOB 19/09/1986

    Will he get a teaching job in 2011 ?

    Many thanks in advance for your time and effort in undertaking this request

    Em 🙂

  • Mai1982,

    I see your point of not wanting to Bump into someone elses relationship. Why do you think of him all of the time?You are not allowing yourself the pleasure to meet someone else, that could just be more than (the desired one could ever be to you)

    I sense he feels that you are a good friend to his girlfriend and that you are cute and fun to be around, he is not at this time thinking romantic thoughts of you dear. Sorry , but this tells you that you need to open the door of your heart and start seeking a man that will fullfill your romantic wants and needs. I feel a football player coming in and around you soon here, his goal will be to win your heart.

  • I dont even know the girlfriend, let alone friend.

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