Aren’t Your Compatibility Readings Just Fortune Telling?

  • After all, they are done with Tarot Cards.

    These looming questions were never voiced. Clients never asked those questions, but it sometimes became the background theme music when a desperate lover came for a reading on his or her compatibility with a new lover. Especially so, when they learned that their star struck love affair turned out to have less than average or low compatibility / evaluation results.

    New relationships often take two to three years for the giddy lovers to settle into the not so pretend world of everyday living and the complex interactions of living together.

    To answer the initial question- no. Fortune telling is a prediction for the future that is usually vague and not verifiable. If one attempts to document the future predictions from their fortuneteller, it soon becomes clear that only a tiny percentage of the reading will come to fruition, if any at all. On the other hand, my compatibility reports (The McDonald Method) are done with an initial Tarot card reading. The cards values are then put through several layers of mathematical and analytical processes to produce the letter grades and ratings. The resulting compatibility prediction is around 90% reliable and accurate, hardly in the category of fortune telling. Unless you consider medical professionals to be fortunetellers when they tell you that if you continue to eat large amounts of high fat foods, you will have a 90% chance of developing heart issues. The difference is dependability of the prediction.

    When I first began to develop the McDonald Method of Tarot Card Reading, I found that my readings were only accurate for a few subjects and completely inaccurate in other areas. I knew this because I followed up on my readings, broke them down point by point, and measured their accuracy against the actual events that occurred. That 90% reliability gradually developed as I tested different systems, formulas and approaches over a 30-year span.

    To the general public however, my compatibility readings are classified as only amusement, in the category of fortune telling. Generally speaking folks do not pay attention to compatibility until they have been married and divorced or in and out of several incense relationships. Divorced and over 40, seems to be the profile. By then, the ego-stroking attitude that all of those past lovers and spouses were Horse’s Asses begins to fade into a more mature attitude. That is when searchers begin to look for something reliable that can actually help select a compatible life partner.

  • RichardMcDonald

    Interesting Thread, I completely agree..

    I understand what your saying.. that if these indiviuals had checked

    and analyzed thier compatibility before their commitment and marriage

    the results would have been more accurate to choose from other potential spouses or whatever, because things change,it it takes time for a prediction of change to come about ?

    But if these changes are Predicted.. ? Cant they be avoided ? assuming so with cards...

    because it provides more logically information for the person recieving the reading then to

    make a logical change...

    Very Interesting..I am now interested in the greater accuracy between cards and insightful intution.. which is striking my mind, its clear to me that cards maybe be faster to give a more accurate prediction because that information is already half way given and the reader just provide thier insight based on that card, but im pondering what about those who use no tools..

    the accuracy then ?

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