Tarot reader told me not to get a reading done for 2 months why?

  • i have read on the interneat i can get how many readings i want that nothing is going to happen

  • Maybe the tarot reader meant to say that nothing will change no matter how many times you get a reading in the coming months unless you change your path/ free will?

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  • I have heard this as well. I think you can do different readings, like if you did one for a relationship, you can do another for a work related situation or maybe a weekly forecast but doing the same type of reading over and over within a small period of time will only produce mixed results and confusion. I don't know why that is... maybe it's for the same reason why Tarot cards work in the first place. 🙂

  • Different people interpret the energies of the universe in different ways. It's like looking at a painting from different angles, with different people who have different opinions. If you keep asking the same question over and over then yes:

    a) nothing will change

    b) most likely you will hear different INTERPRETATIONS, and you will take them as different opinions and get confused

    c) You'll just be wasting your energy

    You also have the problem of pushing your will onto the cards, and maybe end up getting what you want instead of whats true, which will just mislead you.

    So, if you ask someone "what will happen to me in 2 months?" there's really no need to ask that question again., right?

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