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  • Hi Captain -

    I see you all over the place on these boards; and you are clearly highly regarded. I wonder if you would assist me in understanding the hidden nature of the man I am currently involved with? He's very aloof; and it's simplest to say, "he's just not that into you", "the connection wasn't real", etc. Yet, I feel in my heart that there is something else at play here - and I long to know with specificity what it is. I'm irked that I can't go straight to the source and communicate directly with him; as he's currently non-communicative. I am direct and have been straightforward and honest with him since our first date - I felt he was on the same level.

    I feel like a silly girl to ask: but have I been played - or what's going on with him??

    Let me know if you have time and/or any further details (names, etc.) to assist with a reading.



    PS - Sorry about posting on the other thread. I am new to these forums. Best, T.

  • Answered on other thread.

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