Gyspydreams may I please have a reading

  • Hi i would like a love reading for me and my guy just would like insight on our relationship. My name is Clara Murillo dob 5/17/1987 and his name is Angel Quintana his dob is 8/30/1983. thank you so much in advance.

  • This union is very secure and has great potential. At the moment it seems one is doing more work than the other emotionally? Maybe some time alone and some deep conversation is in order. Delays that are out of your control are near or at present, this will pass. Only a setback.

    A secure and happy relationship in the love realm and in the ,material. One thing I would advice is to honor each other more in the mental realm. You are both practical sorts and need to open up a bit more, more communication will be needed in future.

    Hope this made sense to you. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This totally makes sense to me because right now he is in prison so that maybe the delay you see. Thank you so much for the reading I really do appreciate it

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