I want my cancer man back can you help me??

  • I want him back he has been distant every since i rejected him but i im not sure how serious he was since the next day when i told him i wanted to be with him too and he said no he was over it but anyway he continued to see me it has been awkward since then but then he said i just want to be in your life anyhoo the last time we were together was great but he didnt call me the next day and i blew up on him so now he is distant i talked to him friday he said he missed me but was out with friends anyway he never called me or text me since then and i miss him should i just wait i dont care what you think if you are thinking i should get over him because i cant so either you are going to help me or get lost .........ok so heres the thing im thinking i will give him until monday and if he does not call me by then i will block him out my mind i know i can but i just dont want to yet so im still getting these urges to text him like wtf can i get a phone call you said you missed me but i dont think he will like that so much what do you think?Btw please dont say he is just using me for sex because im pretty sure he could find someone else plus he does not even hound me about it any advice should i play it cool should i text him to pop me back in his mind or should i just wait for him ?What should insay when he comes back should i say where have you been should i ask has someone taken my spot ?

  • hotvirgorising...I am just going to give you my opinion...I have been going thru h*** with my cancer male for 9 months now....I get the same thing....spend time together...the next day poof gone...I know it is hard but what I learned from my Cancer...the more I push, callin' and textin' beggin' pleadin'...the more he didn't want me...and the sad part is they want reassurance that you "love them, and cant live without them"...my situation was different because he was verbally abusive....and I kept putting up with it....I am not telling you to play head games, because from my experience that's the Cancer Male's job...the more you can hold out to text him....the better you will be....my cancer used to tell me...I know you like a book, I know every move you are going to make...when you don't do that...and change the way you do things...it gets them thinking....Give him some time to contact you...he sounds like he is hiding out in his shell...so typical....hold out for a week if you can...I know its tough but we are all routing for you!!! Keep us posted and much luck..trust me he will be back...they always do....

  • Have known this Cancer guy for years.We were involved many years ago but it wasnt right for either of us then.We just recently reconnected however he keeps jumping back into his shell.I understand that part because I have cancer rising but its still so frustrating.We have tremendous chemistry and I can tell he likes me.He goes out of his way to be sweet and attentive when we are together.But then he does the pulling back thing for no reason.The last time we saw eachother he said I was bad for him because he enjoyed being with me too much.It is soooo frustrating !!!! Does anyone have advice for me? would appreciate it very much

  • Capcan this Cancer will drive you up the wall. You need someone grounded, who knows what they want. Someone who is more emotionally secure and mature and not scared of their own shadow.

    You are a giver and you can be extremely loyal to your loved ones you are also very grounded, you need someone more similar to you.

    All the best 🙂

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  • hotvirgorising and capcan-I too am dating a Cancer. I am Pisces and I love him to death. He is a handful for sure and loves to play games. I just refuse to play back. Do not chase your man. They are intrigued by women who have their own thing going on. Do not carry on other relationships while dating him, but do set aside time for yourself. It relieves the pressure that men often feel and since a Cancer is so emotional and caretaking it alleviates stress for them that you will be OK without their help. Cancers need to be needed so don't take it too far. Mine makes sure the oil in my car is changed and fixes problems around my house but knows that I do not need him to get by.

    What I love about my man is that he is who he is. Nothing more and nothing less. He crawls into that shell of his and I let him go because it's what he needs. He comes out pretty quickly and starts talking. Cancers are wonderful, yet guarded people that need to be loved. When they know that they are loved unconditionally they will treat you like a princess.

    Do you both love your guys unconditionally?

  • Yes i think i do love him unconditionally because i keep taking him back btw he texted me tonight he wants to see me ...............im scared what should i say i get nervous around him .Oops this is really to everyone hehe (keeping you guys posted ) lol i hope it goes well tonight i will try to express to him FACE TO FACE that i too need little more reassurance hmm this should be interesting wish me luck i wish all of us have a beautiful ending SMILE!STAY TUNED I WILL TELL YOU WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED ALSO PLEASE UPDATE ME TOO THANX

  • Everyone i think this is really it i dont like him anymore everyone was right he is not right for me not worth my energy i dont care if he ever calls again we just cant communicate and im used to a man that listens and this cancer guy does not omg plus i didnt like his hair this time what a turnoff the list of things that annoy me about him can go on and on the kicker for this time was i tryed to get him to talk and he wouldnt then he got frustrated and said what do yoi want to talk about you watch any football lately yeah he actually asked me that ughhhh he is a sarcastic assh@hole i got up and left after that i cant keep this going im not getting what i want from him and not getting what i want is something i am not used to and i dont like the feeling who does he think he is i will show him whos boss !DONEEEEEEEEE (in my kristen voice)

  • Wow how old are you? You seem to lack alot of maturity. Lol knew it wasn't love, was clearly infatuation with a hint of obsession.

  • i am 23 yes clearly wasnt love i thought it was but i didnt get anything outta loving him or thinking i loved him but heartache i like to think the reason i come across as immature is my gemini sun i mean what makes me immature the fact that i changed my mind

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