• I'm a Libra/scorpion cusp born on Oct 23 and I'm dating a Pisces/Aries cusp born on March 22.. I'm terrified that the Aries side of him means we are doomed. Anyone know if this match is doomed. I want honest advice and i'm not afraid to hear the bad news. I would rather know then not know. Thanks guys

  • Dear Librascorp,

    Why would you think this match is doomed? The libra fans the fire of the Aries and the scorpion is a water sign that will be very compatable with the pisces. I would say a match made in heaven.

  • I'm worried because i'm on the first day of Scorpio and he's on the second day of Aries.. Even though we are cusps we have more traits of the opposite signs.. Aries and Scorpio don't get along very well

  • I think this is a good match too. As long as you both keep each other interested in one one another and have lots of debates lol.. because both Libra and Aries can get bored easily.

  • the scorpio side of me tells me the aries part of him wont commit. He's very exiting but I might be too serious for him 😕

  • Is he giving you any reason to feel he wont commit or are you feeling a little insecure about his independence?

  • I would have to say i'm feeling insecure about his independence

  • Do you have hobbies to keep you busy? Or maybe going out with friends on a regular basis? Aries are usually busy people, they are always on an adventure if not physically, mentally, and they prefer partners that are also busy with their own thing, they tend to pay attention then because they start thinking, "oh I wonder what she is up to" You know what I mean? They like to explore, so be mysterious if you want him to be more interested in you, to uplift that insecurity.

  • I would recommend that you have your charts done. Because you were born on the cusp does not mean that you float between one sign and another. You need to know the exact placements of the planets at your moments of birth. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong but the cusp means that the Sun was moving from one sign to another on a specific day and specific time. So if the sun left Libra at 11 am and you were born at 3 pm you are Scorpio. My guess is that your guy is Pisces and you are Scorp which is a great combination! Getting your charts done is important though because other planets come into play as well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I know his birthday and location but not the exact time. Can any of you recommend more sites to get the charts done? I don't have enough KC's for this one

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