Will this Pisces forgive me

  • I met a Pisces man a few years ago. We dated briefly and remained friends on and off. Í knew from the first night I met him we had a strong connection. Its been years and weve tried to date a few times - dated other people in between -- but cant seem to forget about each other. Unfortunately, neither of us let our guard down each time and played it too cool so it fizzled out each time. Many times, Id reject him or hed reject me -- its like we got into this groove of trying to beat each other to reject ion. We never seemed to be on the same page at the same time.. Ego got in the way. However, we have a lot in common and I believe if the walls came down it would be very special.

    A friend confronted me and said we are the same person and that someone has to get vulnerable and take a risk. I realized I blamed him for everything but that I had said and done a lot of not--so-nice things to him, due to pride and competition. I realized that I cant believe he wouldve wanted to try again with me so many times after some of the not nice things I had said and that maybe he really had feelings for me. Ive finally realized my part in this problem and am ready to open my heart. Im so sad though because it may be too late. Ive tried to reach out and do things I normally wouldnt do such as call and suggest meeting up (I NEVER make the first move and I finally am). When I asked him if he wanted to do dinner, he said yes, but when I tried to book it, he hasn`t returned my call or my text.

    Is it too late? Is he punishing me? How will I know where he stands?

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