Please wisdom/support! Captain? Shuabby? Twinsoul? Anyone? Dont need2be psychic!

  • I am going to do something extremely stupid tomorrow, but my guides think it's a good idea.

    But then again I am not causing harm to anyone but myself if I mess up...

    And it's not like I'm not happy that I'm going to do it.

    There's a bit of anxiety, but I have to find out for sure about some things.

    This long-time good friend of mine in RL apparently can communicate with guides/higher selves, so I asked him to ask some questions for me.

    I supposedly already have a good degree of soul development.

    I'm on my 3rd Lifetime, it seems.

    The other 2 lifetimes were not here, and we assume they must have been very long ones, for me to get to the degree of soul development I am at with only 2 other lifetimes.

    My color, it seems, is apparently Crystal.

    We were just talking about our lives, and the topic came up, about Ines(Captain, if you're reading this, she is that Libra/Scorpio cusp girl I mentioned on 2 occasions).

    Q: Why did she stop talking to me?

    A: Something that happened between us.

    Q: Did she want me to kiss her the last time we met?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does she know that I went to her university to know if she was OK?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What did she think of me having gone to her university?

    A: She thought it was a pity she did not meet me.

    Q: Would it be good if I try to contact her again now?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Would it be good for her also?

    A: Yes.

    Yesterday I tried to call, but cellphone is off. She must have changed number 6months ago, after the last time we met... since we met thursday, and from that Sunday onwards, her cell phone was off.

    Q: Would it be a good idea for me to go wait for her to come out of a class, at her university?

    A: yes.

    Q: Would it be a good idea for me to NOT go there?

    A: NO!

    Q: Would wednesday be a good day to go?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Is she going through a selfdestructive process (Note: I heard she dyed her hair black.)

    A: yes.

    Any advice?


    Or any words at all?

    I will be going there tomorrow morning or early afternoon, so please reply ASAP, as my time is [california(PST) +8].

  • Follow your instinct. If you think it does not feel right, then don't do it. If you feel it is the only way to get answers to your questions, then do it. What do you have to lose?

  • Wow David, I'd feel anxious too. I agree with paddifluff, you really need to follow your instincts on this one. Let me ask you this, do you have her address? Have you tried communicating to her through written word? You know as well as I do that this could go either way. I don't want to see you get hurt but as they say, "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

    I DO know one thing: If you never try now you may miss your opportunity. You need closure. If things go badly then just know you tried and you have closure but if things go well, what then? Do you know what you want with her? Is it just friends or more than that?

    Good luck tomorrow David, please let us know how it goes cuz I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.


  • Hi HD!

    We haven't spoken in a while, but I believe when you first came to the forum this was the friend that you wrote about. I remember saying something about one day you'll shine .... Still have that good feeling about you!

    I haven't been to the other site in a while so I haven't followed this story of Ines, but every once in a while I check this section of the Tarot forum. I saw your post immediately and feel compelled to respond. Here is my 2 cents ......

    Be aware that you are doing this out of feelings from inside of you. It would be better for your heart to figure out Why you feel alone and blue, and work on that need, privately, instead of feeling Ines will fill the hole. If you do go, I don't feel that anything awful will occur, but I do feel that later, in hindsight, you'll have a revelation of sorts about your inner workings. If you truly feel you must go and see her, GO.

    Ines is not in a phase of what I would label as self-destructive. She is going through a very natural phase of uncertainty and trying to figure out who she is. There is some inner turmoil she is experienceing, but this is something she needs to work out. Alone. In some aspects of her life, she will always experience uncertainty and question who she is or where she is going. Sorry, but you can't be her knight in shining armour. ; ) and 'save' her.Sometimes there are things we must work on alone to grow into who we are meant to be.

    I really feel for what you are going through in your heart and head for her, HD! Yes, she wanted to be kissed ..... yet, it was only a fleeting moment; she really doesn't know which way is up! At this stage, you too have other experiences yet unlived to get through. Be patient. I immediately believed from that first letter you wrote to which I responded that you were an old soul. I believe being an old soul doesn't make this life easier. Instead, there is so much more to learn and live before your light shines forth.

    Anyway, you needed this ASAP : > ) Bottom line: It will do no harm to visit --- She'll probably be secretly flattered and eventually you'll get closure. Whats imporatant is what you learn from examining your heart and why you are doing this.

    I'll keep an eye out for your response and any other questions you may have. Sometimes when this pours out, I know I'm not always clear!

    Hugs, ~ Laie

  • Hidden Diamond One of the things we have to face is the fear of rejection as i grow i am faced with all kinds of test and trying to figure out which one is sometimes very hard but were i am right now is learning to listen to my heart not my head . A simple question to your self would give you the answer ,does my heart think i should go ? And you have already give yourself the answer .Just ask your self how you would feel if you did not go ?

    This will be one against many ? you will have to answer but always beleave with your heart ,and if your like me sometimes i can turn a molehill into a mountain by one little doubt ,listen to your heart our mind changes but the heart stays true Enjoy the experience Tooter

  • Laie I am glad to see you i hope things are ok will try and talk later getting ready to leave going to work fixing to hook up to go to Oklahoma later Tooter

  • Thanks paddi! 😄

    What do I have to lose... not much, I guess. 😉

    Sometimes a Man's gotta do what a Man's gotta do. -I mean Man, not man... meaning men and women.-

    Tyvm for replying 😄

    Elaine, I don't have her adress, although she does have mine. I never asked for hers, because I thought she would give it willingly when the time was right.

    What I want with her? -> More than friends, defenitely.

    PS: Of course you already know this, but it never hurts to hear it one more time: You're amazing!


    OMG Laie!! It's so good to hear from you again 😄 And you remember me also, from the very first thread I posted here! WOW!

    (Your speech sounds so enthusiastic! Awesome!)

    Yeah, this was the girl I wrote about. I have already learned so much from her... to be proud of who/how I am, and not to hesitate. A lot of this I learned after we stopped talking, when I looked backwards and thought what I learned from all this.

    I'm working on not feeling alone 😛 I have not completely overcome that, BUT I DO notice some major improvement. I now have the company of god and the angels all the time(even though I can't talk to them or feel them, I know they are there and I know they love me, and that is very helpful. I am loved by them, and by myself.

    I now know I am a worthy person, and I know generally I have a good effect on the people I interact with.

    Also... 'Secretly flattered' sounds good to me!

    Very good, actually.

    Even though things seem to point that there wont be any major success or failure if I go there, I will still go expecting a major success, but preparing myself for major disaster, as I believe I have to live my life actively, instead of just waiting for everything to happen to me without moving a muscle.

    BIG hug to you 😄

    Delbertc, the heart and mind say the same thing in this one. The thing is, I don't know if the instinct agrees...but it doesn't seem to disagree, as I didn't get any big negative ''DONT GO'' feeling.

    Thanks for the support! :))

    (I don't know what Tooter means, by the way!)


    PS: I felt inspired today and wrote half a song for my guitar... something I would sing to Ines now(although I of course won't take the guitar there, so I won't be singing it) 😛

  • HD!

    You too sound wonderful! You always were worthy and now you really Know it! I know much of what has brought this home to you has been your interaction here and especially in that ' other place' of faith and love--- LOL ! Every sentence you wrote above speaks of confidence and points to you becoming even more amazing! GO U !

    On my way out the door, but I really need to drop by and say hello to all in that other place..... missing them!

    Go with a happy heart today --- Blessings!



  • Alright sleep time!

    Tomorrow morning, I will go!

    For the worst, or for the best... I will DEFENITELY go!

    Burning with resolve

  • Hi HD, stumbled on this thread and was surprised to find it was you. Lots of good advice for you here. I'm thinking good thoughts for you of course!! So excited that you are willing to be bold and see what happens! Wonderful!!

  • Well, nothing disastrous happened... but I did move closer to try to kiss her... she did not want to ''Hey what are you doing?'', so I said oh, ok. and we kept talking normally.

    Haha I'm sooo awful at reading signs.

    But I am happy, somewhat. I have faced my fear of rejection, and did not run away. Last time(6 months ago) I had not tried to kiss her... this time I did that, because it was something that had stayed as a weight in my conscience.

    (In the end I said... goodbye and well, good luck with everything. She said I was talking like we'd never see each other again. Of course I replied that if it was up to her, we wouldn't even have talked today.)

    The environment wasn't heavy or anything, and the sun was shining. I am happy to have gone there. This time I finally understood that maybe we aren't as similar as I first believed, and can now close the chapter.

    It has been a good chapter, and it didn't exactly end badly...


    Now i'm in a whole new world, where the sun shines brighter and the grass is greener 😛

    And out there there is someone right for me. And in the meantime I have myself, god, the angels, my guides, and also perhaps my friends and family.

    I love my life.

  • Good For You, HD!

    Keep carrying that feeling with you!

    Be authentic! Loving who you are, where you're at in life and being exactly who you are meant to be will always draw the right people and situations to U!

  • Hey HD glad you got a chance to face that fear ,i have went for coffee and took this lady over my daughters house for supper and when i took her home and she kissed me and i back up and just said good night, and later 2 weeks or so we committed to commit, then i seen were she was emailing about five or six different men and i was out of town working and she was telling them she missed them and loved them i said that's it and i stopped it right there i was not willing to go there again with the lying and we had agreed to go off of the dating sights when we committed but she continued, so i stopped it .

    I had enough lying with my ex, this was a year ago and that was the only women i had been out with in 2 years so i to am still very cautious after being married for 21 years and thinking you know someone then find out they have been lying all along makes it hard to trust . But we can not judge all by a few but i will tell you i will not jump into any unless there is trust and i know we have to start some where .

    Oh HD Tooter is my nick name it is what all my family and friends call me .

  • Hello HiddenDiamond,

    I'm glad you went and got the answers you needed and you are taking it as a positive outcome. You really ARE a HiddenDiamond, ya know. I see you growing to be a man that women will take a double and triple look when they see you. Your outside looks match your inner beauty, you DO have a beautiful heart and soul.

    In time you will meet a young lady, maybe a few years older than you, she will make you feel more confident to give that first kiss and even more.

    P.S. Your pretty amazing too, and thanks for the compliment (I don't see myself that way but it's nice to hear/read, lol).

    Warmest Regards,


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