Need advice on Cusp love match

  • I'm a Libra/scorpion cusp born on Oct 23 and I'm dating a Pisces/Aries cusp born on March 22.. I'm terrified that the Aries side of him means we are doomed. Anyone know if this match is doomed. I want honest advice and i'm not afraid to hear the bad news. I would rather know then not know. Thanks guys

  • anyone? 😞

  • Well I will try to give my insight, if anything. In fact, maybe we could help each other out a little bit. Although it will take me a while to gather all my thoughts I'll see if I can... I don't know, enlighten a little at least to how I think as an Aries Pisces Cusp. (March 21st, by the way)

    (I really wish that 'Compatibility' checks payed attention to the cusps more than they do.)

  • Eh, I gave up on this guy. I think he plays games or wants me to make the moves.. I'm a lady and expect to be treated like one, this guys seems too modern and I'm really old fashioned.. In the past week i've attracted 3 Aries and 1 Sagg.. I have no idea why all these fire signs keep getting attracted to me. I really want to find a water sign but never ever meet any. I guess the water signs stay at home and cuddle while the fire signs go out and party

  • Well, that's just the thing. An Aries-Pisces is both a fire sign AND a water sign. He might also make moves, but if you aren't making moves too or frequently then he'll assume the worst. With the best aspects of both Aries and Pisces, you'll find they receive the curses of both ends as well.

    If you don't play his games he'll probably forget about you because of impatience or... perhaps he may become regretful and try to come back, or perhaps he might not and think that he'll be rejected upon trying to return, or perhaps... Okay well, to be fair, I have Libra Rising so I'm already indecisive, so nevermind me.

    But if I were in his shoes? I think I'd know what's going on. If I disappear suddenly it is because I am actually playing a little game... I want to see if someone will go after me. It's hardly a case of 'Being treated like a lady'. Honestly, it's the only way I know to get a definite response of whether someone misses me or not and how much.

    ...But I suppose it's your call. I'm not going to tell you that you should go back or continue to investigate, or that perhaps it might not actually be anything like it seems. Whatever you decide I hope you do stick to it, and whatever your outcome may be I hope it is a good one, hmm?

  • And I'm still young, so that's a rough translation and representation still. I could be COMPLETELY wrong so take my statement with a grain of salt. 😄

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