In matters of the heart...

  • Dear Captain,

    How are you? I know that there are a lot of people who need your expertise. I trust your insights and I am here again to seek your assistance.

    I met and know men and personal...Which one of these birthdays and names has serious intentions with meor really matched with me? I am already 50 and if there is really a man whom, is bound to be my partner for life, please help me...shed me some insight.

    I trust your expertise on these.

    September 12, 1959. ..Raymond (Ray)

    March 16, 1959...Aubrey

    February 14, 1965...Larry

    July 16, 1965..Richard

    December 29, 1954...Quince

    Or..he has yet to come to my life?....

    May God shower you His bountiful blessings as you have helped many in search for the right path...Thank you so much..

    My best regards,


  • Sorry Captain, I forgot one more....April 8, 1962..Domingo Mendez Mejia....



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