• Just curious if a cancer man keeps coming back after a girl pushes him away does that mean he really likes her ? Also since you guys send mixed messages hows a girl to know if your interested ?Is there any ways a woman can keep you ?What are some things she could do should she get mad when you dont call ?If she does will you be creeped out? helpppp any advice is good advice thanx!Btw im referring to those secretive cancer men the ones who are very cautious the ones who are distant but still irresistible hehe

  • @hvr

    1. cancer men will more than likely NOT come back after being pushed away due to the fear/insecurity of being rejected. if he came back, there is a reason! how did you exactly push him away?

    2. as a gem, we don't related to the emotional indirectness of a it's hard to see through the mixed messages unless you know what to look for. it's all in his him. look into his eyes.

    3. cancer men do not deal well with women who are more vulnerable then they are. they need strength and confidence in a partner. it shows perseverance and patience which to them equates to love, security and trust. they must trust you, they must trust that you will be there through EVERYTHING. all of the mood swings, all of the shell time, all of it. when you react - they will run and retreat even further into their impenetrable shell.

    this is a very chemical match (gem & cancer), but in order for this to endure the test of time you must yield to one another. you have to understand his need for space and his reference for time and his focus. cancer men typically follow the finance, family, romance on their scale of priorities - in that order. you will always come second or third, period. if a cancer man is not secure financially, he will not commit - because he can not provide a stable environment for his partner. they fear failure - and if they don't have stability, then they have failed.

    irresistible? yes! for sure...but unless you're willing to both work at this as a PAIR and learn how to communicate with one're doomed to fail. you both have to understand each other's needs and likes and dislikes. cancer's do not like confrontation - we gems can be reactionary sometimes with our silvery tongues and that will not work for them. you have to lay back, think about your response and then morph it into something he can appreciate. do you have the patience?

    it's a learning curve...i'm in your boat too. there's a reason why we're all here: guidance.

  • woohoo ! So informative thanx a million wow you have told me everything i did wrong i totally see now hehe to answer your question i just couldnt take his disapearing acts its like he never understood me its like well i kinda pushed him away i see that now because when he would retreat for whatever reason i would instantly say im over it cant take this anymore you obviously dont care im leaving you alone sometimes with plenty of choice words hehe im just a drama queen is what he made it seem as like he would say things like im not gonna hound you who wants someone calling them every minute blah blah blah he also was very secretive saying things like calm down you will get to know me and that just left my mind to wander not to mention i was not his only so i couldnt tell if he was in his shell or with another girl!you can read some of my other topics to see what happened last

  • So its like they have total control ughhhhh i hate it i kind of want to get him to commit then show him that im not crazy or obsessed because more than likely if he commits to me me being a gem i might not like him anymore but its like i can never get a grip on him if that makes any sense

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