Scorpios please help me!!

  • my boyfriend who is a scorpio broke up with me ( atleats thats wat i think) we haven talked in a week the day after we broke up i told him to give me any pictures of me i gave him & he said no because they where his and his wasn't going to throw them away. i told him to give them back because we were done and he said he never said that when he made it kinda clear by thee way he had been acting before ( ignoring me, not showing any interest and etc) well its been a week today and i want to try and win him back any help on how i can do that? p.s we been together for a year and 4months and i noe he still loves me because he told his friend last week. in our relashionship when we have a problem i always have to go up to him and fix it or hell think i don't want him -_- i just want to know from a Scorpios view what i have to do to let him know i love him and want to be with him because he also thinks i don't. thanks 🙂

  • first off im not a scorpio .. but truthfully i live will all scorpios and i am dating a male scorpio as well.

    scorps like to play the power game, bottom line. as soon as they sense a weak spot or sensitive spot their automatic reaction is to exploit that.

    If what your saying is true that when you guys fight its YOU who ends up making the effort to resolve things or patch things up.. even when the issue or conflict is really on his side only..thats apart of the "power game".

    secondly with the pictures, I think he's testing the waters to see what he can get away with in terms of how much you are willing to beg and plead and submit to his will. it could also mean that hes not completely over you.

    best way to combat this is to not let him know he has not won. its a power struggle and you need to present a strong face to him as well as a backbone. That doesnt mean being rude or disrespectful but being stern with what you expect from his as a boyfriend and if he doesn't want to be with you, get answers as to why he all of a sudden doesnt want to be in a relationship. he does owe that much to you especially after a year long relationship.. from there you can judge if its worth fighting to get him back or not.

    Also scorpios value trust and commitment dearly. so if those two werent solid in the relationship in the first place that could be grounds for the scorpio to be standoff ish and sometimes distant.

    All you can do is reassure your scorpio that you love him and that you are commited to him BUT those things are also what you should expect from him and definately dont hesistate telling him that.

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