Confusing guys

  • Okay so i've been messing around with this guy for almost a month now i told him i was dating other people and he said that was cool but he's always asking me if i have a boyfriend (i don't) and trying to look in my phone. He gets all hurt at work if i don't run in and say hi to him first thing and god forbid i say hi to someone else in front of him first. I know hes hooking up with other people and I dont ask him what he's doing or who hes on the phone or talking to but He will literally ignore me or be like "keep it up and i'm gonna replace you" so the other day at work i told him "do it already cause i really don't care anymore" We haven't talked for like four days. I texted him yesterday and he replied but ut was short so I didn't text him back. I tried calling him today but he didn't answer. i don't understand why hes being such a baby. Help explain please because i don't get it and i don't know if its even worth trying to talk to him again

  • Lovely_1984, without knowing all the details, it seems to me from what you say that he is the jealous type. Because he doesn't stop seeing the others and ask for a mutually monogamous relationship, this likely means he wants to possess you, but doesn't want the same burden of being true to you. Or maybe he is just incredibly insecure.

    Does he make a point of running straight up to you first thing at work, before saying hello to anyone else? Right now, with his juvenile spite, he is either trying to make you jealous, or is trying to control you, make you beg, make you try even harder to please him (with the added ego bonus for himself of feeling superior to you). It's like that really stupid saying I've heard, "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen". That could be what he is doing to you right now. Or maybe he is just incredibly insecure and in constant need of ego-stroking.

    Whatever the case, if you think it's bad now, just know that it will only get worse, especially if you commit to him. My personal opinion is that you have made a very lucky escape, regardless of the specific reason. It would have only lead to an unhealthy relationship. Write him off and move on. Focus your attention on men who don't play games with you.

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