What Does Love Mean To You

  • There are so many requests for the readers on love relationships that I felt the need to write what Love means to Me. I have been married for 21 years now and I will tell you that the fresh bloom of the flower has faded into a reality that there is more to love than just the lust or wanting of the intitmate side. If after two to three years of marriage you do not find yourself facing your best friend in you husband or live in lover than I would say that the partnership will make some rough waves of emotiona that no sea sick pill will cure.

    Be ready for illness and loss of family, loss of jobs and taking care of family members and than lonliness at times also which I really never bargained for yet it has given me such inner strength and ability to cope with so much more than I thought I ever could or would have to/

    Love to me means you will have to say your sorry many times over to learn how to grow together yet apart to only meet as one forever. My husband is my best friend and was there for me when no one else was, he is still generous and loving and we say I love You to one another everyday. We respect one another and at times do not see eye to eye as he trys to always protect me when I really do not need it. I know that God sent him to me to help me to grow up and learn about a difftrent kind of love , a more induring one stright from the heart.

    Please young women out there take some advice from a mature woman who also had her share of ups and down with men before I married. Make a man have some respect for you and set some standards on every level, don't cling to a man like he is your lifesaver, he more than likely will run , try to take it slow and get to know your prince charming to make sure your not in bed or giving your life to a toad. Always keep him guessing somewhat , they like a little mystery in a woman. and please do be a woman in everyway. Find a mentor if you lack skill . I mean look for a good woman that has a good decent marriage and ask questions of her wisdom she has to share. Never take abuse or dish it out , I'm not saying be a doormat. Learn and know how to stand up for what you believe is your inner truth, which if he knows you are a strong enough woman to overcome whatever your issues have been, than he should and will respect you and be a man of valor beside you for a lifetime. We need to see our young people start to believe in themselves and love that lasts again.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you for sharing some of your life with us. Your advice is timely and wise, not just for young people, but for ALL people.

    Friendship, Respect, Love, Sex, they all go together. We just have to remember that the emphasis we place on each one will change throughout the course of the relationship.

    Finding balance in our own lives is probably the first step in finding or keeping that relationship we all want. (Yes, I am speaking to myself, as well as to anyone who might read this...)

    So here's hoping we all find the Balance in our lives, so that everything else (the good stuff) can fall into place 🙂

    Love and Light

  • PS. You write that your husband is your "best friend and was there for you when no one else was." My first instinct is to say, "You are so lucky!" but as I read it again, I realize that luck has NOTHING to do with your marriage.

    Yours is the relationship/ marriage we all want for ourselves. Rife with the occurances of daily life (both good and not so good) but sweetened with love everyday by BOTH partners.

    I LOVE YOU - the 3 words that can change you forever...

    Dear Shuabby (and Husband) YOU are my Heroes. Noble, intelligent and KIND (probably fair haired and beautiful too! ) I want to be just like you when I grow up. Ooops, I am grown up...better start now!!! 🙂

    Love and Light

  • Wonderful insight....thank you for sharing.

  • Dear December Girl,

    You are so funny , yes I'm fair haired and once was a looker even though not to hard on the eyes even today. I have two cappy sisters and they are both fun people to a point.

    I wanted to share with you that my husband did not get the much wanted job in TX so he will keep looking as many other people are doing at this time. It is hard to find jobs in this ecomony , in my opinion the job will have to be heaven sent. I love your energy and wish you the best .

  • I have NO doubt that Heaven will answer your prayers.

  • Shuabby, I'm so sorry hubby didn't get that job but I'm sure that means there is a better one waiting for him! You are such good people, it has to be.

    Thank you so much for this post - it is SO true and I see it more and more each day as I get older. Love is not what I thought it was at 18!

    Friendship and respect is the foundation of a great relationship IMO. 🙂


  • Dear Shuabby,

    I have just posted a request for you, but also wanted you to know that I understand that this has been a stressful week for you. I hope that you have found the answers you were looking for regarding your husband's job.

    Thank you for all you do!


    December Girl

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