The Wisdom of the Cosmos/Acension

  • The Wisdom of the Cosmos by Sanada/Channled by Michelle Coutant

    In the Now Moment, the Cosmic opportunity is here for every soul on this planet to ascend. It may not seem, to many of you that this is possible, yet it is possible, and all your help is needed at this momentous time of awakening and ascension. We ask you at this time, to listen to your inner wisdom, to listen to your inner guidance. It is a time for you to become more autonomous, to rely less upon others for your wisdom.

    This wisdom which is perfect for each one of you is within your Sacred Heart, and it is easily accessible to you. Go within your hearts, Dear Ones. Go within your Sacred Hearts, through meditation, and through pausing in the moment during the day, and breathing deeply. You will be able to recenter yourselves, if you will only take this moment to breathe deeply. The wisdom of the Cosmos is within you.

    You now know that you are the heartbeat of the Cosmos. We tell you that not only are you the heartbeat of God, but you are the wisdom of God. Every thought that has been thought throughout eternity is within the Cosmic records. Every concept brought forth through eternity is within the Cosmic records. It is available to you, but you must go within your Sacred Heart to access this wisdom. There is no greater wisdom than that of God. You must believe and know that you are this wisdom.

    Go into meditation, Beloved Ones. Go into meditation within your Sacred Heart. Feel the pulsing of your physical heart and know that this is the heartbeat of God, pulsing through your body. Sit quietly and feel this pulsing. Expand gently and slowly, as you begin to feel the pulsing of the Cosmos. The pulsing within your heart and the Cosmic heartbeat are one and the same. Now feel the Cosmic flow, feel this expansion, as you begin to feel the flow of Divine wisdom. This wisdom flows freely through the entire Cosmos, throughout all Creation. Allow yourselves to expand into this wisdom. You have, recorded within your Cosmic banks of wisdom, all the knowledge of Creation. Access this wisdom. Gain the knowing, the understanding that it is available to you. You need not rely upon another. Claim your personal power and regain your direct connection to the Cosmos. You are the Cosmos, now and always.

    It is a time of great expansion. You may choose to grow upon the wave of this expansion, or you may limit yourselves and remain with the lower dimensionalities of pain and suffering. Dear Ones, take this Cosmic opportunity. Expand your awareness, expand your consciousness, and all that no longer serves you will fall away as if it had never been. In the expansion of the Cosmos and the light of all Creation, there is no room for lack and limitation, and pain and suffering.

    It is a most wondrous time of expansion for you, on earth. Pay close attention to the areas of your life where you are limiting yourselves, through the thoughts that you think. Dear Ones, what you think today, you will live in the near future. As the light upon the planet increases, your manifestations are coming to you much more quickly. What do you wish to live in the coming months? Choose the expansion into the Cosmic wisdom where all is available to you for the asking. Harness this power, this heartbeat, this wisdom, and create within the love of your Sacred Heart, for your highest good and the highest good of all Creation.

    Do not limit yourselves, Beloved Ones. There is no limit to the Cosmos and all Creation. God is ever expansive. The love of God is within your Sacred Hearts, wise and all knowing, pulsing through you. This unconditional love flows to you and through you, if you will allow it, and as you expand into the heartbeat and the wisdom of the Cosmos, you are in the flow of the River of Life. This Dear Ones, is what we ask you to focus on in the coming months. As you focus on this awareness, the teachings and wisdom offered to you though the many blessed teachers upon your planet, will be able to be incorporated so much more easily. Breathe deeply and allow the flow of the River of Life to radiate through you, as you shine your God light and radiate it out to the earth and all life forms. If you breathe the expanded awareness of the Cosmos, you will increase your light and your assistance for mother earth and all life forms.

    Start the day in love, live the day in love, and end the day in love. Your expanded Cosmic awareness and your state of beingness in unconditional love, is the elixir of life. It is the substance of all Creation. It is that which you seek. It is within yourselves.

    I am here, to assist you and guide you in your return to the higher realms. Go boldly, dear and Beloved Ones. Go boldly. Your success is assured, and I am here to assist you, in the love of your Sacred Heart.

    I am Sananda

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