Message: Your Core of Love

  • Your Core of Love, channeled from Arch Angel Gabriel

    Deep within you is the Core of Love – and it is here, the essence of God dwells. Within each human heart is the desire to be deeply, utterly, and eternally loved. Only a love from the Supreme Being can fill that need.

    The basic truth within all being is Love. It is the Divine Force that carries the patterns of wholeness and life. All that Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be is represented within this force that exceeds all other energies. Divine Love heals, transforms, and creates anew.

    When you provide a sacred space for the Light of Divine Love to enter, it links Heaven and Earth within you. Your willingness to prepare an inner space that is clear of obstructions to the Divine Flow is imperative. An open heart willing to be blessed, knowing you are worthy, provides a fertile medium that your Guardian Angel can use to spread Love throughout your being. When you unclutter the physical space around you as well as within your mind, it allows you to bring a greater sense of freedom with your innocence to God. Set strong intentions to align yourself and your soul in communion with the Divine. Invite your soul into your meditation, and use your breath to sink inward. As you send grounding cords of Divine Light to the earth, you create a strong basis for opening into your Core of Love. When your roots go deep, it enables you to soar high.

    Practice being very still and letting your breath be full. Follow the Divine Light deep into your heart so that Love can awaken within the core of your being. Your attunement with Divine Love is a blessing to the earth. As above, so below is a universal law. Creating an awareness of the Core of Love is a commitment you make within your soul. The silence of the awakening heart beckons you into the sacred space where Love heals and Light prevails within all things.

    This powerful force of Divine Love is available to use as a healing agent, and binds together the souls who join in a focus of energy toward that which needs healing. The primary impulse of all creation is within this loving presence, a most noble strength that unites all beings in love. Come together in love, send love to all areas of discordance on earth and most of all, absorb this love within your being so you harbor no discordance within yourself.

    It is those places of disharmony within each person that can disrupt the patterns of wholeness within and around you. Focus and expand the Core of Divine Love within you and let this transforming light lift away the disharmonious energies thus creating new patterns that can bring healing gifts your world.

    Call Divine Love into your being and anchor it in your heart. As you call Divine Love to you from the Highest Source of Light, your being is permeated with Love, every cell then vibrates to the frequency of Divine Love, and all that is not in harmony with this love is released from your being, transmuted into Light. This Light holds a great power for healing as it carries Divine Intelligence and Love, and can be directed consciously. This is the requirement for these times; join with others in ecstatic certainty of the amplified power of Divine Love to bring healing anywhere. Use Love. Be Love. Focus Love. All is energy that can be used.

    Keep your thoughts and prayers centered in this love and there is no situation that cannot be uplifted to healing. You are not alone. There are legions of Angels and Beings of Light working with you now and awaiting a greater invitation to assist you. Serve the soul of the planet by healing yourselves, and know Divine Love is within you, blessing you and cradling you in the Light.

    And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    For Archangel Gabriel

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  • Thank you, you know once you have experienced this there is nothing to compare nothing comes even close and i am so honored to be used in healing this just confirms more to seek and find the love i seek is to be the love i seek like a rose starting to bud and blooming into the beautiful flower Love Ya Tooter

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  • We are here to share with you Messages received through mystic and visionary Yael Powell in her beautiful daily communion with God. These Messages are calling to humanity to open our hearts to the call of Spirit at this powerful moment on Earth. The most important and most repeated Message is how passionately, how deeply God knows and loves every one of us. We are God’s children, the cells of God’s heart, replicas of God in our ability to create.

    The heart -- not the mind -- is the true instrument of perception. When we are able to live through our hearts, the world becomes magical, full of beauty, abundance and joy. As we open our hearts to God, not only do we draw the reflections of Love into every area of our own lives, but our hearts become magnetic fields for entraining the hearts of all of humanity to Love and only Love. We become pure conduits for the Light and Love of God.

    "I ask you to place all your trust in your heart. In Love. And in the experiences that you begin to have - experiences of the joyous communion that is the All of Life. I promise you that it is real -- that life is a fluid joyous whole of living dancing molten Love. It is the illusion of the mind that isn't real. As you claim the Love you are in Me, every moment will be filled with wonder; every day a glorious communion with the unity of life. Your days will be filled with grace, your moments overflowing with an abundance never dreamed, an abundance of the ecstasy of life where every second is a universal treasure."

    "I Am here. I come to claim you. You know that once a person is open, absolutely everything becomes a sentence in the message of My Love. Everywhere you look, you will find the perfect message. The very particles of light around you now deliver My truth. When you are here, directly, heart within greater heart, there is no limitation in the perspective, no intermediary for the message. Then, pure light by pure light, I pour upon you the awakening -- cell to cell to cell to greater cell. I Am your everything."

    "It is in giving that you receive. Oh, you have no idea yet of the great and glorious truth of this statement. If only people knew this - that one gift given truly, from the heart brings more good to the one giving than a million searches for the spirit - everyone would stand and serve! Because there is no place in the universe where giving fills such need! No place, not anywhere, where the gift of Love, of hearts in service, fulfills such a longing in Me. No place where every gift holds with it the freedom of My Children and, thus, where the giver's hands are so blessed."

    "Only when your heart is truly filled with longing for the freedom of every precious Child of God - AND NOTHING ELSE - will you be a giver. A giver of life in God. What this means is that every contact, every moment, every potential for an interaction is filled with only this passionate question: 'How can I give God to them?'"

    "The most important Message is My Love for you and your Love for Me. Whether you are deep in the world, enmeshed in the problems and the stresses of the illusion, or you are flying free, boundless energy in the Real of Love – wherever your focus, I Am with you. I Am loving you and bringing you the treasure and the joy of the miracle of our relationship that is the living breath of the All of God.

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  • Messages from God

    Love is all there is. God is only Love. Everything is made of Love. Everything is God. So are we.

    This includes all of the things on Earth that do not appear to be Love or loving. The energy underneath them which supports them is still Love or they would not exist. The transformation now happening on Earth will return our world to Love and only Love. We can play a great part in this.

    Anything in our lives or in our world that seems at this time to be other than Love appears so as the result of our mis-perceptions. We on Earth have seen things as dual -- as either/or, bad/good, black/white, always in duality. This has created a world on Earth that in the Messages is called "the illusion." Most of our planet is living in this illusion. It is an illusion or dream because it is based on the false belief that there is something here other than Love. Our hearts know only Love but our ego or little mind has convinced us that duality is real.

    How did this occur? How did we come to forget that we are only Love? At the Moment of Creation God gave us a great gift, the opportunity to individuate and learn to become co-creators with our beloved Creator. At that moment God moved us "one degree" out of the "Ocean of Love" in which we were all One. This slight movement was to give us the ability to know relationship -- relationship with God and relationship with our Twin Flame.

    Some of us misunderstood this tiny separation from God and felt confused. Some felt abandoned or pushed away by God. Some turned their backs on God, the source of our life. Over eons of time, this misunderstanding has created a false belief in separation from God, in duality in our world and in all parts of our lives. This has led to all of our pain. The false belief that God rejected us has caused all other forms of abandonment, pain, loneliness, loss, sadness, low self esteem and anger. It has created a planet filled with lack, hurt and hardship.

    We are children of God, cells in the heart of God. Our thoughts are creative and every moment our thoughts open endless possibilities and probabilities for our lives. If we think we are separate from God, lonely beleaguered humans, that perception creates our circumstances.

    At any moment, we can return to our original closeness with God. All of God's gifts are waiting for us. We have to decide we want this and speak our desire for it.

    The Love pouring onto the Earth at this time is bringing to the surface everything that is not Love and is making each of us aware of the false heart's beliefs we have been carrying. We are becoming aware of the difference between thought, the mind and ego and the perception of our heart. The heart is the vehicle for pure Love.

    The moment we speak to God, asking for Love to return to our lives, our lives begin to reflect the Love, joy, ecstasy and grace that are the hallmarks of God.

    God is now calling us Home and asking us to remember who we truly are and that we have never been separate from God..


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