• Would you mind terribly doing a reading for me re relationships? I'm wondering if there is going to be any romantic love for me in the near future? Anything else you pick up would be welcomed also. I would truly appreciate anything you have to share. Thanks very much!

  • Jenlyn, it's time you realised that searching for 'romantic' love is a teenage fantasy - you need to start looking for real practical love, instead of chasing an ideal. Real love is about the day-to-day mundane routine of living - it's not some wild adventurous ride or happily-ever-after fairy tale. It's not a knight in shining armour you should be seeking - it's a real man with strengths and faults like everyone else. Love is hard work even when you've found your soulmate - it doesn't magically happen all by itself. Until you get more grounded in your search for love, what you want is not going to materialize, because it doesn't exist. So unless you change your approach, i see nothing for you on the romantic front except disappointment and disillusionment.

  • I think there may have been a miscommunication here. I termed it "romantic" love so as to be specific about a love relationship with another, as opposed to love of myself and/or a spiritual love development. I feel quite grounded and am actually rather strong in the area of accepting one's faults and very much bask in the mundane, but just have not been able to make time for such a relationship given the demands of a special need child, and devoting time to working on forgiveness and developing my own strengths and weaknesses further. But I appreciate your input nonetheless and will continue as I am in manifesting a relationship that will compliment my path to higher good.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Nope, not going by your words - by your vibes. You may think you are being grounded but your expectations may be a little higher than is realistic.

  • Hi Captain -

    I see you all over the place on these boards; and you are clearly highly regarded. I wonder if you would assist me in understanding the hidden nature of the man I am currently involved with? He's very aloof; and it's simplest to say, "he's just not that into you", "the connection wasn't real", etc. Yet, I feel in my heart that there is something else at play here - and I long to know with specificity what it is. I'm irked that I can't go straight to the source and communicate directly with him; as he's currently non-communicative. I am direct and have been straightforward and honest with him since our first date - I felt he was on the same level.

    I feel like a silly girl to ask: but have I been played - or what's going on with him??

    Let me know if you have time and/or any further details (names, etc.) to assist with a reading.



  • Hi Captain,

    Just bumping this up in case you are around today. Not trying to be pushy - and of course you don't have to tell me anything either.



  • WildPlaces, this is Jenlyn's thread. Please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

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