Odd/even simple question

  • I didnt want to surf the enttire forum to see if this has been posed before..... I need to know something......about birth charts. (never been an expert there but wish i were right now).

    Is my birth chart still relevant after i die?

    i have at least 56 reasons to ask.


  • This Is A Interesting Question,

    I've never been Interested so much, Or never gave much attention to

    Birth Charts, but this question really caught my attention.


  • I just Googled it and there is a forum where someone addressed this question. It seems to be that there is something to be said about the relevance after death.

  • Logically thinking, someones birthchart I would assume cant be repeated & really holds no importance after death.. which shows'the significance of each born person, Im not sure though since I happen to have a Twin..Im not sure how that would effect the situation since we were concieved at the same time but born about 5-10 mins apart.

    eeeehh. ;-/ I dont know much about birthcharts, but its a very interesting topic already.

  • I have to conclude a resounding yes. Read pisces for today. He is here. He is very very much......,here.

  • The forum seemed to indicate in some situations...particuarly with famous people...their birth charts continue to still hold significance. I know we have people here that do birth charts. Maybe one of them could weigh in on this.

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