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  • The duck was diving all day to fill his need of hunger, but could not reach the bottom. He Dove an dove and dove, until he gave up and Just swam above the sweet fiil. A wave occured where the duck had no choice but to go on land, and when he waddled past some rocks he found his sweet fill washed upon the shore. The trying and failing is not what we intend, but it was we need for an end result. Thank you.

  • serious7,

    very well put, indeed!

    But you are a very strange type of people. You say,

    "I don't want to jump in the ocean. I would like to

    enter the cool water; I know the sun is hot and I am

    sweating profusely, but I can't take a jump right now.

    I do wish to jump, to leap forward, but please wait.

    How can I rush into it? I will do it tomorrow, or the

    day after."

    This stops your growth. By and by it makes you inert;

    you get stuck in the place where you are. You become

    used to this sweating, the heat, and to the nonsense

    that you would like to jump -- but tomorrow. You will

    say the same thing tomorrow as well, that you would

    like to jump the next day. Then you will get used to

    saying this, you will keep on repeating the same thing,

    and all the laws of nature will wait patiently. The sun

    will continue to shine, he will welcome you and invite

    you to enjoy him. While you go on sweating, the ocean

    will keep calling, "Come if you like, it's your

    pleasure. The cool waters are ready to receive you."

    The diving board will keep saying, "I am ready to

    bounce, but you need to make a choice first -- you need

    to take off." This is how the situation is.

  • Beautiful Hans,

    Thank you for this insight.

    While wandering the forest the moss was know where to be found. Stumbling upon a rock I fell into a tree, the tree was asking; where is the moss upon my back? I asked, How can you see your back? When the tree answered he shook. It is not about seeing, but understanding where the moss should be. With a shudder I walked along my path and there was the moss, growing free and without comlication.

    Thank you.

  • not so serious serious7,

    a tree is basically a presence. Even if it speaks,

    it speaks only to lead you towards the wordless. Even

    if it talks, it talks you out of language. It tries to

    talk so that you can be led into a world of no-thought.

    A tree's teaching is a no-teaching. It does not

    propose any ideas so that you can cling to them. A

    tree is utterly destructive; a tree creates a

    chaos. It drives you insane as far as your mind is

    concerned -- because when the mind has been driven

    insane, it stops... and suddenly a new consciousness


  • Like phoenix risen from the ashes.

    It isn't despaired, It is only proclaimed in my heart. It is endless in my heart.

    But the destructive nature tends to leave me astray and not allowing myself to take a soak.

    As you stated the water is fine and is ready to recieve me. I am not on a path, more rather watching from a stump in the woods which I have created to relax. When the wind sweeps past my face it whistles a song I may not be ready to hear, yet the eagle is soaring far above on the breeze spreading it's wings. My path never stops, but always speaks. Thank you again for your wisdom Hans.

    God Bless

  • serious7,

    respect is the

    trick to make you go against nature. Now how can you get away from despair? Hungry, you can manage

    because respectability is there. But respectability is

    not food. Respectability has no proteins, no vitamins,

    nothing that nourishes. It only enhances your ego,

    sharpens your ego.

  • Thank you hans! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us all!

    God bless!

  • serious7,

    wisdom is no ordinary experience. So remember

    neither can I make you wise nor can you make

    yourself wise. Wisdom can give you the direction, the

    incentive, and you have to work hard to exhaust

    yourself completely, not holding anything back, knowing

    perfectly well that this is not going to give you

    wisdom. But in a way it is going to give...

    because when you have done everything that you can do,

    a silence descends on you, the effort drops. You are in

    a state of non-action, and in that state, in that

    moment, the blossoming of wisdom -- suddenly so

    many flowers surround you, so much fragrance, so much


  • Thank you again for your guidence and words Hans! I look at this thread every so often to remind myself sometimes, Thank you.

    God Bless

    With Love


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