Is it right to ask him to leave?

  • This man that works with me came on to me seven years ago at work. I knew it was wrong because we were both married. I knew he had a reputation to go after all women, but I feel for it. After seven years, I thought it was real. Then I found out about another woman next door where we work and everything was over. I'm te owners wife and asked him to leave. He refuses, why I don't know. I think it's because the woman next door might forgive him and the only other job he has if with his wife. No play time there. He is on the road two times a week with us probably after more women. I've begged for my self repect for him to leave, but he refuses. What can I do to make him leave for my sanity, or am I wrong about all this and should let him stay. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think you should talk to the other woman. Tell her he is married, (if he still is) tell her about his cheating ways. If nothing else tell her about your affair with him, and maybe she'll get him to leave. Or maybe you could try to find ways to make him very uncomfortable at work.

  • She knows that he is married, and I think she wants him to stay because she thinks that he'll come back to her if she admits that she forgives him.. I think she would be wiling to take him back. I'm suppose to sit there waiting and watching for that day to happen. I don't think it's fair to me. I can't concentrate on my work and it's really hard for me.

  • I was once in a relationship with a married man. I saw him on a sexual online "dating" service and I ended up calling him on it. I knew what I was getting into. I came to the conclusion that he is going about his life and allow him to do what he is doing. That is his karma that he is building for himself. It was hard at first to sit back and watch but then again, I finally understand that for him out of my life I am now able to call in the one and focus on what I want. I thought he was what I wanted but in hindsight, I didn't ask for an unfaithful smuck. Focus on yourself and time will pass and it will get better.

  • Reading your replies are crazy. All of you knew what you were getting into when you started. Does anybody have any self respect anymore? Where is the self esteem? If the guy cheats on his wifee what makes you think you're relationship will be so special? Yeah it might start off that way at first, but really Why do you do this? Does any thoughts ever come to you on what if the wife finds out and what the outcome may be!!!! What about the family, stupid question (yeah). I guess you say if the wifee was handling her buisness he wouldn't stray.. Bullsh-- dont believe the hype.. One word of advice KARMA is a MOTHER F


  • Hi Askin: I think you hit the nail on the head. To me..if an individual knowingly sleeps with someone else's spouse or partner, the interest is just superficial. Desire to cheat, the anonymity of on-line flirting...the thrill they get from the fear of, "what if we get caught?", or even the old addage..."The grass is always greener", who knows? But you can bet your bottom dollar that no one is considering the consequence of not what if we get caught, but when.

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