Can somebody do me a love reading?

  • born on May 29 1993 place of birth Manhattan NY time i think 3 am i know it was early morning but not sure what the exact time was.

  • I dated a Scorpio once, he scared me off Scorpios for life. Once was enough I tell you. I can offer you a reading if you like, I am not an expert, I don't read for myself but I can read for other people.

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  • ok what do you need to noe for the reading?

  • ok what do you need to noe for the reading?

  • I pulled Three of Swords, That indicates you have or are suffering from a heartbreak. Then I pulled the Ace of Pentacles rx, shows that the time has come for you deal with it and move on. Next I pulled the Page of Swords and the Ace of Swords flipped out with it so I read it also. The Page of Swords might indicate a guy that is quick moving, clever and a good communicator and also intellectual communication with this guy. The Ace of Swords with advises you to think clearly about your romantic relationships-an to express your opinions. It may be a good idea to clarify your thinking, perhaps through writing. (I used the Universal Waite)

  • Ok I did a simple 3 card spread on how you can improve your love life and find a compatible mate.

    You need to find a way to give yourself the love and attention you get from your other words, love yourself more, be at ease with yourself. Find a hobby you really enjoy or study something you have always wanted to study but didn't get around to it.

    Secondly you must cherish your spirit meaning, you are not the master of your happiness and joy, you expect others to make you happy and bring you joy and make you feel worthy. Again, do things that make you happy, hobbies, get a hair cut, get a make over, buy new clothes, join a Gym, lose weight, put on weight, etc.. be the master of your body and mind, Be the gate keeper.

    Thirdly stop fighting with yourself and recognize that the only reason you are in turmoil is because your head and heart are not in connection, in other words, you are going against your beliefs and instincts.

    You will meet a man, he is an air sign, you two will hit it off. This meeting will take place in a work environment or some sort of craftsman place.. Keep busy and star getting out there and maybe pick a hobby he is not far away but you will not meet him if you stay home all the time.

  • so does this mean that there is no hope in me and my ex geting back together? your sayin im going to meet somebody new?

  • Do you want there to be a future with him? If he comes back you will still be unhappy because he wont change. He is who he is. You however have a possibility of happiness with someone new if you choose to move on now and work on yourself a little.

  • @ KuriousKat you said i was going to meet a man that was an air sing well i really like my neighborhood but i have never really talked to him that much because he is really shy but i do want to start talking to him a little more to see what happens he his an Aquarius and i am a Gemini can you do me another reading to see what you see. & also thank you so much i am so ready to move on all i want is somebody to love and somebody i can give love back to i always had a l little feeling in my heart that me and my ex weren't going to make it but always ignored it.

  • Sure I can do that. Do you know his birthday at all? It's not really necessary but if you do it would be helpful. 😄

  • Januery 13, 1994

  • The two of you have potential for a good friendship. He has some very interesting ideas on life. A good intellectual pairing.

  • "all i want is somebody to love and somebody i can give love back to"

    You need to give this love to yourself first and foremost.

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  • you suggest i take a brake from dating for a while and then look for somebody?

  • Yes I do. Maybe take up a hobby, study something that really interest you. And also don't look for somebody they will come to you. . Get some books on spiritual growth and self love if you can, you are in a time of intellect and ready to start your journey on this topic. you will meet someone but you wont expect it.

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  • thank you i will do that. i hope this person comes soon 🙂

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