• HI GypsyDreams, Shuabby, AuntBuck, Pilot ladies gents

    Welcome to forums ( for newbies that is rest WELCOME BACK).

    Ive laid low for quite sometime. Load went on so i pulled myself from the crazymace LOL

    Anyhews I follow other readers works on here and u impressed me. These days not many does LOL anyhews I wonder if I may ask u on what u get of the following persons in my life:

    Me march 10 1972

    Alden Oct 4 2937

    Charlie June 25 1941

    Connor April 7 1962

    Here i especially think terms love relationship kid etc, n well KNOWING i may NOT get anything but a total different message thats more needed to me now than what I requested, am i open for it all. trust me ill be FIIIIINNEEE with what ever u see.

    ps ok ill duck bc some may take a wack at me to say cwb uΒ΄re such a silly goose so duck duck goose LMAO

  • Hello CWB πŸ™‚ Is Alden from the future? πŸ˜› Did you mean 1937?

  • sorry AHAHAHhahaahahahah om word yes sorry 1937 lmao it went tad fast lol

  • Ok I did a reading for you hope it makes sense to you CWB. πŸ™‚

    Non of the men mention will be in your future. You haven't met the man whom you will have a relationship with yet. I feel he will be well off and secure, older than you. He is an Earth sign, I strongly sense he is a Taurus and holds very true to his sign. Stubborn and practical, earthy, feet firmly on the ground. He will be fascinated by you, and your fun, carefree personality. You will balance his seriousness and narrow look on life. You will be his muse of sorts.

    Blockages I sense are a pull and push issue with you. You want a certain life style but you are very afraid to get it for some reason. You know in your deepest of hearts that you can have anything you want, will be a goal or a person. You are very magical, very inspiring. I noticed you also read tarots cards? I would recommend you try to get more acquainted with your deeper self. Try some more meditation, candles, incense, water therapy, I feel you need to relax more so you can have more clarity in your visions, so you can trust your instincts more.

    All the best πŸ™‚

  • Thanx. LOL if i do cards at all its useally oracle cards LOL

    No i read by instincts sweetie.

    thank u so much, taurus eh .................... hmm my bro is one n at times i just wanna bitchslap him. LOLOLOLOL

  • Any more on the taurus???? can it b one who has 1 or more taurus things in his chart?

    anyone else wanna try ??? lol thanx

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