I lost my purse, please help!!

  • I am not being able to find my purse. I had it with me today all day, outside. I don't remember were I had it last. just no clue at all. I have a feeling I brought it home but is not here any more. its a red leather little cute purse. I had my big black wallet inside with all important staff in it. Any help any one??

    thank you

  • Did you hang it on a hook somewhere under a coat?

  • Thank you AuntBuck.

    but no, I have checked every where. I have e feeling someone stole it from my apartment, while they might have pass by my door, up the stairs. its easy to do it because I have a litlle table next to the door and I live it there all the times. its easy reachable from the out door.

    I put a sign outside to call me if they find it, and I would pay them for that. let see.

  • did you check your car?

  • Do you have a daughter? I think a younger girl may have been playing grownup with it.

  • Thank You Animalcrazy and Serious,

    I don't Have a car 🙂

    And no I don't have a daughter. 🙂

    thank you!!

  • NO prob! You'll find it!

  • I haven't found the purse yet. I am kind of confident that someone in the building stole it. But another slight believe is that I will find it. it doesn't fell lost to me yet. I am putting a pic of it up if someone can see something. thank you, art

  • It just flashed to me that maybe you set it down when you were looking or checking your mail? I'm getting a picture of a row of mailboxes and you had a lot of stuff to carry or something so you set it down and neglected to pick it up OR it's sitting on the floor next to a table or something in an entry way. Tucked under a chair, up against the wall. Hard to miss color so it would seem really obvious if it was sitting there but for some reason it's not. Could be completely off but that was what flashed to me when I looked at the purse.

  • Ah...just re-read your post. That's where I got the table from. However, I'm seeing like a little cafe table with two chairs around it. Cream colored walls.

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