Virgo men, ughhh!

  • I've been with 2 Virgo men, I'm a Virgo too. The Virgo different from the Virgo men! I've read a lot of posts about Virgo men, seem to be pretty consistent. They're sooo critical, non-communicative, cold and unfeeling., but yet so sexual. Seems to be the chase and the fact that we can't have them that really is the appeal. what's the best approach with these guys? If you show too much feeling, they run. If you back off a little, they walk away. Is it really worth it?

  • Dear Rdiana could it be possible that you know deep down this relationship has come to an end but fear the unknown and fear change? Mr Virgo has entered a new phase in his life. He is trying to find himself again, intellectually, he craves mental stimulation and is being very daring in his thinking and actions.I feel maybe you are both heading towards different paths?

  • Gypsy dreams, Thanks for your reply! Yes I think you're right, we've been down different paths all along, I've attempted to go down his path and convert to his way of life while at the same time trying to keep up with my own life too, and I'm exhuasted and drained. I've gotten nothing in return but heartache.

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  • Must you spam the boards, jen jen?

  • I agree, there's other places for that, not here!

  • I was involved with a Virgo for nearly a decade and it was one of the hardest things I ever endured. I don't know if it was his zodiac so much as his actual life situation but his personality pitfalls certainly didn't help. He was very closed off and self-involved so I found it extremely hard to get him to open up to me. My experience was a little different then yours though -- I felt that when I tried to back off or end things or slow things down, that's when he would show affection/attention and try to pursue/win me. It was almost a "want what you can't have" thing but the moment he had me, he'd go back to being self-involved and pretty much ignore me.

    How I won mine Virgo? Being a little hard to get and showing him that I had good Morales and didn't "run around" if you know what I mean 😉 He was also fascinated with my mind. I taught him a lot of things (being a Sagittarius, I love to learn and teach) and it was something he loved at first but towards the end, I think my 'intelligence' just made him feel inferior so that didn't end too well. They're also VERY visual... a lot more focused on appearance (theirs and yours) than they like to admit. Find out what he finds attractive (in terms of clothing, style, hair, perfume, etc..) and work it. He will take notice and won't be able to resist.

    Good luck to you, hope it turns out better than mine did 🙂

  • Hope you are feeling better today, Rdiana. 🙂

  • Hiya, Group!! I just want 2 empathize with those of u who are hurting because of how a man made u feel about yourself. I, too, have been plagued with Virgo's and, needless 2 say, each and everyone - a pathological narcissist - controlling, extremely self-absorbed, living off ego, permiscuous, inablility 2 admit wrongdoings or take accountability, CAN NOT APOLOGIZE, even when they are OBVIOUSLY WRONG. I've been dealing with this abusive man, who sounds exactly like a lot of men I'm reading about here for two years, and I thank god I was blessed with the wisdom to try and understand MYSELF instead of focusing on him. (Although, I'm still devastated). I'm a Leo, EXTREMELY LOYAL, but he ALWAYS accused me of cheating, even though he turned me into a hermit, (and he was cheating, the wole time). Question for those of u having more problematic situations, do u suspect drug abuse with these men? Check it out. Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but it was nice to not feel so alone. Thanks

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  • I have the "pleasure" of having a platonic relationship with an ex-boyfriend who is a Virgo, and have never once dealt with one so closely. This man is the most confusing to my Gemini brain. He says one thing and his attitude toward me emits another. He has insisted since the beginning we have no chemistry, yet for the past two years almost we have maintained an intimate relationship (albeit off and on.) We have had some really bad problems, and he is on the hunt for his future wife....but things he says about me just have me confused. He says he had to have me when he met me, that he was determined to leave with my number.....yet two weeks later he doesn't love me. He's also been helping me out A LOT lately, more so than he probably should after all we've been through. To those with Virgo experience, what's the deal?

  • Can anyone help me please, I'm a cancer female (20/07/1984) my ex is a Virgo male (05/09/1980)

    We've been together for a year and 3 months. He ended it and says he wants to be friends but seems to still want me and is more interested in what I'm doing and where I'm going like its bugging him. We still have to live together until our lease is up in July. He has said that his not happy with his life work or friends and that his lost himself and is planning to go traveling when our lease is up. He has said that he loves me very much but wants to take the pressure of a relationship off of us and be friends and who knows when he gets back we might be better together. Anyway I've said ok if that's what you want as I can't make him want me but he hurts soooo much as I love him.

    So I've tried to get on with things and the other day he came on to me and we slept together. It's only been a week since he ended it. I've been making plans and going out as I am new to London and not got many friends. Whereas his always put his friends first and goes out couple of times a week. But I've pushed myself to go to any invite I get. Ive had a great time and its helped put a smile on my face. He seems to want to know what I'm doing and if I'm out he texted to see if I'm coming home. He looked over my shoulder the other day to see who I was texting. It's like he doesn't want me as a girlfriend but doesn't want to loose me. yet still comes on to me in bed. He put his hand on my bum the other night as my back was to him and I just ignored him.

    I don't know what to think, how to feel or anything. Am I just being used or is he confused and needs space and for me to say no if he comes on to me.

    Please help! X

  • Hello all,

    I have been reading these posts for a good couple of weeks, and finally decided to ask for some help.

    I have been emailing a virgo man for 15 months. We are in different stages of life. I am 39 he is 32 this year. I am separated with 3 children he has none. We have stopped talking 5 times and just keep coming back together. We share a very real connection that neither one of us seems to be able to break. We have never met although of course we have swapped pictures and stuff. Our sexual chemistry is very strong also.

    I care about him and he me, but we, well him more than me, decided that we should just keep what we have as email buddies and not meet. He then let it slip that if we did meet that feelings would get in the way of just keeping it to what we are. So meeting was off the table. Three weeks ago, he said we should meet, even if its just once.

    He has said this before and I believe that he means it at the time. But his fear gets in the way again and comes up with all sorts of reasons why we couldnt get the date finalised. I fear that I have serious feelings for this man, and he me, but he has almost convinced himself that we can never be.

    I try to walk away he comes back. He walks away, I come back. His thinking (I think) is that if we never meet, he will never get out of control and never have to admit his feelings.

    We have started to talk about meeting again, and he will be all keen again, but I doubt that it will happen. Says he doesnt want to lose me.

    I am very confused, dont know how to react or not to react to him anymore, and is this behaviour of denying your feelings a common virgo trait?

    Please help me,

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